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A Monday in the life of Christy MacMaster

Christy does light accounting for her mother-in-law’s printer sales business, sells supplements through Plexus, a health and wellness company ambassador and volunteers at St. Ann Parish. She lives in Coppell with her husband Scott, a finance director, and their four children, Danielle, 14, Katie, 12, Brian, 9 and Charlie, 4. 

5:52AM This was the time I set the alarm for knowing that I’d want to snooze before waking up the three oldest kids and start the morning routine.

6:01AM First wake-up call for my 14-year-old daughter Danielle. Then I rouse Katie. She’s the first one in the bathroom because she likes to take her time. I wake Brian next. He sleeps on the couch until it’s his turn in the bathroom. Katie finishes and wakes up Danielle again. After Danielle is done in the bathroom, it’s Brian’s turn. Funny — we have a double sink in the bathroom upstairs, but no one uses it.

6:10AM While they are getting ready, I sneak back into bed thinking 20 more minutes of sleep will make a difference in my day. Instead I think about my day and things I need to do. I realize it’s futile to get a snooze in so I check emails on my iPhone. My New Year’s resolution is to try to live more closely to the Gospel. So I open a Gospel meditation email that has points to ponder written by a priest and a simple resolution to live out the Gospel for that day. Then my alarm rings for the third time and I hop out of bed.

6:30AM My kids are half Asian and half Scottish, so breakfast consists of Ramen and brewed tea. I prepare Plexus Slim, a daily supplement for my husband and I. This ritual has helped both of us stay off the blood sugar roller coaster. This time last year, I was taking multiple naps a day. I am so thankful for this new chapter in my life! Now I make lunch — a simple turkey sandwich for Danielle and pasta for Katie and Brian.

7AM Scott takes Katie and Brian to school. I’m grateful for this time before waking up the 4-year-old for preschool.

7:15AM Danielle makes the five-minute walk to her middle school. I jump in the shower.

8AM I wake up Charlie for school. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she attends our church preschool. Charlie has been the easiest of all my children.  She’s the fourth child and she was born at 25 weeks. She stayed in the hospital for four months before coming home. It’s as thought she was pre-programmed to wait her turn. She is the happiest and the most patient child. Within 15 minutes, she has pottied, her teeth and hair are brushed and she’s dressed with little fuss. She isn’t a breakfast eater, so it’s nice that they have morning snacks at her school. Her biggest meal is always right before she goes to bed.

9AM I rush her to preschool, which is five minutes away. 

9:30AM Once I'm home, Bonnie, our dog, gets walked and fed. I make breakfast and watch one of my favorite shows before starting my day.

10:15AM Forcing myself off the couch, I finish laundry and catch up on emails, hoping I didn’t forget to respond to someone. I address my jury summons. I’m trying to be excused. 

12PM Being a Plexus ambassador (sales rep), I follow up with my users to make sure the products are working for them. Everyone is different, so each product will need to be tweaked to work most optimally for each individual. I respond to new leads from my Facebook posts. I like to take my time on my posts so they are personal and filled with informative facts so friends and family can make an educated decision on how they choose to get healthy. After finishing up my work for Plexus, I head to my mother-in-law’s small business. I handle her accounts payables and reconcile statements. It’s a nice change to be out of the house and doing something I enjoyed doing before having children. 

2PM Time to pick up my sweet Charlie.

2:15PM We run to the grocery.

3PM Charlie grabs a snack while I start making dinner. Mondays are busy and kids will have to eat before leaving for their Irish dancing lessons.

3:15PM I just received an email about a funeral at our church. I’m a coordinator for funeral receptions and need to create a sign-up for a potluck reception. This is one less thing the deceased’s family has to worry about.

3:30PM Danielle comes home from school.

3:45PM Katie and Brian comes home from school. I encourage them (really repeat myself over and over) to start their homework. I give them dinner.

4:30PM I ask them to get ready for Irish dancing.

5PM We race out of the house but still battle traffic on the way to the dance studio.

5:30PM We arrive, and Brian heads into his class. Danielle’s class doesn’t start for 45 minutes. I sit in the car and catch up on emails, texts and Facebook, then close my eyes for a few minutes.

6:15PM Danielle goes into the studio.

6:30PM Brian comes out. We run an errand then head home.

7:45PM Scott picks Danielle up from dance.

8:15PM Everyone is home by now and eating dinner. 

8:30PM Homework is checked. It’s bedtime for Brian and Katie. Brian takes daily growth hormone shots. He’s a trooper and not at all afraid of the needles.

9PM Scott takes them up to say a prayer while I feed Charlie. 

9:15PM Scott and I catch up on the day and talk about tomorrow’s schedule.  Danielle finishes her homework and has to be reminded to go to bed because she’s a night owl like me.

10PM Charlie gets her daily meds. I tuck her in bed with her favorite owl that she’s had since her NICU days.

10:30PM I finish the dishes.

11PM I decompress by doing a puzzle on the iPad and try to go to sleep by midnight.

12:30AM I finally settle into bed and set the alarm for the next day.