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A Monday in the Life of Bethany Handy

It’s a family affair for Bethany Handy, who co-owns ClosedWon, a digital marketing and sales consultancy, with her husband, Chris. They live in Fort Worth with their two children, 3-year-old Harper and 7-monthold Weston.  

4:20AM Weston is stirring. I feed him and hope that he falls back asleep while I get ready to exercise. I’m glad that I set out my workout clothes and put a filled water bottle in the fridge last night so that I’m not running around like a madwoman.

5:15AM Exercise at FIT4MOM in Fort Worth. Even though it can be rough to wake up so early—especially if Weston has been up all night—I love my twice-weekly classes here. They provide me with muchneeded “me” time.

6:15AM Driving home, I feel accomplished and able to set intentions for the day. Plus, I get to choose the music. (No Frozen soundtrack for me!)

6:30AM I take a shower, get dressed and join Chris to work on our consultancy. I review our clients’ live messaging stats from the weekend and assemble progress
reports to send out later in the day.

6:45AM Harper is awake. We have eggs delivered weekly from a local farm, and it’s her job to pick ones to eat every morning. After her selection, I serve the usual breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit and yogurt for Harper and Chris and a slice of toast and a cup of hot tea for myself.

7:15AM Chris gets ready to leave by 7:45 while I dress the kids. Weston just hangs out while I help his sister. Harper likes to choose her own outfits—let’s just say she takes some interesting fashion risks.

8:30AM Off to school. The process of getting packed up and into the car can take anywhere from five minutes to 15 minutes, depending on Harper’s temperament and how many things she “needs” in her backpack.

9:15AM Back home. Weston fell asleep in the car so I transfer him to his crib and get to work. Mondays are reserved for planning and business development, so I spend a couple of hours outlining new chatbots and sales email campaigns for clients.

12PM Weston wakes up hungry. I feed him and we play for a while before leaving to pick up Harper from her Spanish immersion preschool.

1PM We arrive at Harper’s school. I catch her having a conversation with a friend in Spanish. I may not have a clue what she is saying, but I’m happy she is able to speak a second language. Harper greets Weston with a kiss and gives me a hug and says, “I love you.” I cherish the fact that she is really happy to see me and share her experiences from the day.

1:15PM We visit Chris at his office. He’s in a master’s program at the University of Texas at Arlington on Mondays until 10pm, so we won’t see him before bed. The whole family looks forward to this quick visit.

2PM Back home. I feed Weston and give Harper an after-school snack, then the three of us have playtime.

3:30PM Harper chooses her leotard for dance class while I check to make sure her ballet and tap shoes are in her dance bag.

4:20PM Load up the car and head to the Studio of MoveMint.

5PM Harper gets her dance on. Weston and I wait in the lobby—he snoozes while I have some grown-up interactions with the other dancers’ parents. It’s a win-win for everyone.

5:45PM We call Chris on the drive home. Harper gives her dad all of the dance class deets and lets him know which sticker she earned from her dance instructor.

6:10PM Dinnertime. We end up having breakfast for dinner, which thankfully Harper loves because it happens a lot. In between bites of eggs, bacon and pancakes, she shares colorful stories about her day. After breakfast-slash-dinner, I feed Weston, and Harper performs dance
moves for me.

6:45PM Bathtime. Weston squeals and smiles while Harper and I wash him. After his bath, we get him dressed and brush his hair—he has a lot of hair for a 7-month-old. If it dries unbrushed, he ends up channeling Martin Van Buren. Next up is Harper. She’s become Miss Independent and doesn’t want any help.

7:15PM Everyone is bathed and in pajamas. Harper picks My No No No Day, Pinkalicious: Tickled Pink and Miss Lina’s Ballerinas for me to read before bed. Both kids really love story time. Harper has two- to three-week obsessions with books, so it’s the 20th time I’m reading these books. I can almost recite them from memory.

7:30PM Lights out for Harper, which means Mommy-Weston time. He does tummy time and we play before he eats.

8PM I put Weston down for the night. The next hour consists of tidying around the house, loading the dishwasher and throwing in a load of laundry. I review my calendar to prep for tomorrow. Thankfully, there is no work to do to get ahead, so I check my work email one last time before retiring for the day.

9PM It’s only 9pm but I’m pretty tired. I brush my teeth, wash my face and slip into bed. I read a few pages of Jim Fay’s Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood, but my eyelids begin to feel heavy, and I drift off to sleep.