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A Monday in the Life of Anne Ingwalson

The Addison mom of two runs her very own babysitters’ club

Anne Ingwalson is a selfdescribed “mompreneur” whose company, Sitter Sweet, provides babysitters for over 700 families in Dallas-Fort Worth. The Minnesota
transplant lives in Addison with her 11-yearold son, Alejo; 9-year-old daughter, Isabella; and their cats, Marshmallow and Oreo.

5AM Wake up. I check text messages, emails and social
media for any overnight Sitter Sweet activity. Next, I read my daily devotional on my Fellowship app. Alejo has been up for an hour— he’s dressed for school, fed the cats and is playing Roblox.

6:30AM I’m fixing breakfast—eggs, hash browns and fruit for the kids. My breakfast consists of a glass of water with apple cider vinegar and lemon and a quick bite of eggs straight out of the pan.

6:45AM Isabella is a slow riser like her mama, so I take a few minutes to make her smile as she greets the day.

6:47AM Throw last-minute laundry into the dryer. I forgot to check for clean uniforms last night, which happens more often than I care to admit.

6:50AM Time for a quick cold shower. I know, but studies show it’s really good for you! It wakes me up, obviously, but also my skin and hair feel softer. I tell the kids that if they hear me scream, I’m OK; it’s just the initial cold shock.

7:00AM Breakfast is served. My bedroom is next to the kitchen, so I run between getting ready and helping the kids get ready and pack up their backpacks.

7:20AM I fix Isabella’s hair into the style of the week. Today, we debate braids versus side ponytails.

7:30AM I pour coffee into a thermos, finish my makeup and yell at the kids to hurry up when it’s really me running late. Alejo torments his sister just by looking at her.

7:40AM Out the door and off to school. During the drive, I turn on Spotify and we all sing together. In moments like this, I take full advantage of the fact that I don’t embarrass them yet to have fun together.

7:50AM Arrive at Isabella’s school. I tell her I love her and will see her after her Robotics club.

8:10AM Pull up to Alejo’s school. I tell him I love him and that I’ll pick him up from his after-care program.

8:11AM On my way to work, I switch from music to a podcast. I love the ones from Ed Young and Rich Wilkerson, but my favorite podcast is Unshakeable by Tony Robbins.

8:35AM At the office, I immediately hunker down to work. I have one intern who helps me with the business side of Sitter Sweet. The company is in a big transition, so budgets are tight and many hats must be worn until I can hire more full-time staffers. I check emails and then confirm how many open shifts we have that need to be filled.

10AM I draft a few Sitter Sweet social media posts, check my email again and respond to a few requests and inquiries from parents.

12PM Desk lunch is the norm for me. I need to take full advantage of my time
before I have to pick up the kids from school. I made a big batch of soup for dinner this weekend, so I slurp some leftovers while reviewing bookkeeping and budgets.

1:15PM Over the past six months, I’ve been focused on relaunching the Sitter Sweet website to offer parents a whole new experience. I talk to my web developers to check on progress and share updates about new pricing models and upcoming marketing campaigns. Then I make a note to set up a training session for all of our sitters to learn about the new web service. Trying to coordinate a meeting with over 40 college students who all work remotely is like herding
cats. It’s not easy, but they are all sweet girls and do a great job.

4:45PM Back to the schools to pick up the kids. Isabella always lets me know after Robotics that she’d prefer to be at soccer or in hip-hop class. Mondays are easy for Alejo—it’s the only day that he doesn’t have any practices for band, hockey or baseball.

6PM Home again. I begin making dinner. We’re on a health kick so I’ve been
making a lot of soup, but tonight I opt for something more solid: salmon and
chicken tacos. While I cook, Isabella does her homework. Alejo finished his
homework at his after-school program, so he watches a little TV.

7:30PM Dinnertime, shower time, snuggle time. I check to make sure
that homework is done, and then we watch some TV together. The kids pick Nailed It, a Netflix show in which normal people who love to bake attempt to re-create a professional cake in an hour—the results are mostly epic fails. It’s hysterical.

8:30PM Kids are in bed reading and hopefully about to snooze. I clean
the kitchen and remember to check whether the kids have clean uniforms
for tomorrow. I throw some clothes into the washing machine and then head off to get ready for bed.

10PM Finally in bed. I check on Sitter Sweet activity and make sure all of the sitters are OK. All is good, so I decide to indulge in my guilty pleasure
by turning on Bravo. I fall asleep with visions of Real Housewives dancing in
my head.