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A Memorable Makeover

The results are in and one thing is certain: Moms want to look their best but tend to lose direction after having children. Nearly 300 moms applied for our makeover, but one stole our heart. In fact, her husband, Mike, who is disabled, submitted her entry as a surprise, describing a woman who gives tirelessly for others and is always putting others first. He wrote of how she works full-time, yet “comes home … with a smile on her face.” Though he wanted to pamper the selfless mom of five with a makeover, he closed by saying, “in my eyes, you can’t fix perfection.” After meeting Deená, we can see what he means.

Deená had a good handle on what looked good on her and how to best accentuate her features. I went through the clothes in her closet with her and helped breathe new life into the things she already owned. Deená is 5’3 and wears a size 22. She carries her weight evenly and is straight up and down. My job was to give her some curves. A big girl does not need big clothes. To give her these curves, I suggested tops and dresses that fit close to the body and are more slimming than fuller, flyaway pieces.

She wears scrubs everyday for her job, so I recommended a few classic pieces that would stand the test of time, fit great, and make her feel feminine and pretty. We shopped Nordstrom’s Encore department, which carries a varied selection of plus-size clothing. One reader, who was inspired by the contest, generously donated money towards Deenas new wardrobe. This enabled me to send Deená home with wonderful wardrobe staples.

Every woman should have a fabulous-fitting pair of black trousers to substitute for jeans when the occasion calls for dressy casual — and we found a plus-size, petite version for Deená, pairing it with a black t-shirt. Putting black on black gives her a “canvas” on which to layer jackets and sweaters. I also outfitted Deená with a ¾ sleeve, v-neck t-shirt — ideal for a full-busted, plus-size body — and layered it under a short sleeve shirt for a great jacket effect. We maximized some of the finds in her own closet — a red camisole that she never wore turned into instant chic under an animal print blouse.

To complete her new look, Peg Cribari of Salon 330 cut her long, straw-colored hair to above the shoulder in soft layers to frame her face. “I wanted Deená to be able to have a versatile style that would stand on its own with low maintenance, while taking advantage of her curl for a more casual look. Or, she could blow dry and flat iron it to be straight for her business look,” says Cribari. “I cut her hair in soft layers to frame her face and sweep across her forehead. It really complimented her face shape.”

Colorist Rachael Schneck decided that Deena’s hair needed to be a color closer to her natural color, a golden blond-brown all over. She put in highlights of light beige, honey and pale chocolate and tinted Deená’s hair back to her natural color of golden blond-brown between the foils to make her blue eyes pop.

Lindsay Alexander, national trainer for Susan Posnick Cosmetics, took into account Deená’s hectic lifestyle and gave her a 10-minute makeup routine. Susan’s products are made for the girl who needs coverage, but doesn’t like to look like she has a lot of makeup on. Alexander started with Colorflo mineral foundation and Colorcorrect brightening/correcting pencil to lighten and even out the skin tone.

The Colorme adds a quick and easy burst of color to Deená’s cheeks and brow bones. Finally, a slate Colorcoated mascara makes her eyes look larger and a taupe gel helps define the brow.

She was lovely, gracious and already beautiful when we started her makeover. Now she is even more so.