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A Hipster Home

Walking into Christine and Steven Visneau’s mid-century cottage, nestled only a few minutes away from White Rock Lake, it makes sense. Being a follower of her online pub, Small Magazine (smallmagazine.com), and a regular at the couple’s store, Little Bean, in Junius Heights, the family of four’s home is the culmination of the couple’s style statement.

Unlike fickle creatives, these two entreprenurial brains stick to their guns and are true to themselves in every aspect of their aesthetic (and actual) lives. Elements of the former Brooklyn resident’s editorial love of illustration, and her propensity toward vintage floral patterns in her children’s clothes designs, the home is as comfortable as it is cool and parallels her persona.

At a single glance, it’s evident that this 1950s home wasn’t furnished from a one-stop shop. Instead, the Visneaus prefer browsing estate sales and Ikea for a look and design that’s completely theirs. A white bookshelf—originally meant for the store—now sits to the right of their sofa, boasting only part of Christine’s burgeoning magazine collection, which includes one of her favorite magazines, the now sadly defunct Domino. In addition to the crisp white walls, another common thread that runs through each room in their home is nature. Accents of pinecones, a wooden owl, shells and even a small collection of geodes in the room shared by Miette, 7, and Amelie, 4 ½, enhance the already neutral pallete.

Scented candles lit, fresh white flowers on display and camera and lights in place, out comes the youngest Visneau, Amelie, announcing the arrival of her older sister, Miette, modeling her latest sartorial styling prowess. Like their mother, the girls both have a knack for fashion, which becomes increasingly evident throughout the home, from the girls’ photos on their room walls to the clippings from Lucky and W magazines posted on the fridge in the kitchen amidst family photos. When asked how the working mother (with two jobs none the less) keeps her house pretty in the face of two young girls, her answer is simply, “Carefully.”

But the design of the home wasn’t totally left up to the adults. Both daughters have a creative outlet: their room. There was no plan for the room shared by the girls, and for that reason, “It’s the best room in the house—it’s real.” The Rikshaw pillows and comforter, a line carried at their shop, was Visneau’s only insistence, and underneath the boho-chic patterns are Disney princess sheets, complemented by a Hannah Montana poster above one bed and a mountain of stuffed animals on top of both. Still, sophisticated accents like paper lanterns and pennants hang from the ceiling, while a poster of Audrey Hepburn (one of many Hepburn images throughout the home) and a painting by an unknown artist are prominently displayed on their wall. The ultimate goal of letting the girls have free reign of their room, says the crafty mom, is to learn to “respect their own space, and treat it well.”