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A Friday in the Life of Emma Burgher

Emma Burgher lives in Fort Worth with her husband Ford, a natural gas engineer, and four children: Lewis, 4, Teddy, 3, Archer, 2, and Addie Cate, 1. She is both a biological and adoptive mother and wouldn’t have it any other way. When she’s not buying diapers in bulk or feeding a baby, she enjoys reading, sleeping and cruising in her minivan with the windows rolled down and Beyonce turned up.

7:05AM I hear my 4-year-old and 3-year-old calling me from their room.

7:07AM I make coffee and get the boys from their room. I change both of them and put underwear on Lewis.

7:15AM My 2-year-old and 1-year-old babies are awake too. I change their diapers and dress them for the day.

7:25AM I put babies in highchairs and cut up a kiwi for them to eat while I scramble eggs and bacon. The boys talk and bicker some while I am cooking, but eat contentedly when breakfast is served.

8AM Lewis and Teddy are dressed, and I send them out into the backyard to play. I then make two bottles of formula and feed Archer and Addie Cate. After he finishes his bottle, Archer crawls into the backyard to find out what his older brothers are doing.

8:15AM Addie Cate bounces in a jumper while I unload the dishwasher and tidy up the kitchen. I change into my mom uniform: yoga pants and a J. Crew T-shirt. I brush my teeth and put on moisturizer with SPF. This is the extent of my toilette most days.

9AM I put the babies back in their highchairs while the boys get situated at the kitchen table. The babies munch on Cheerios while the boys work puzzles and draw with colored pencils.

9:30AM Addie Cate goes down for her morning nap. I put Cinderella on for the boys to watch, and I pull out my laptop to check email and work on a post for the Fort Worth Moms Blog where I am a contributing writer.

10AM Teddy climbs into my lap, so I put away the computer and cuddle with him as we watch the movie. We all snack on string cheese and crackers.

11AM The boys play at the water table while I feed Archer a bottle and put him down for a nap.

11:15AM I fix lunch: cheese and bean tortillas.

11:40AM We sit down to eat together. During this time, I help the boys with a Robert Louis Stevenson poem they are memorizing.

12:15PM The boys are wet from playing at the water table, so we change clothes and Teddy goes down for his nap.

12:30PM I read to Lewis. We read a few longer books since it’s just the two of us and he’s starting to enjoy more complex story lines. Today we read Little Red Riding Hood.

1PM Lewis lays down for a nap. I’m hoping to take a short nap too, but just as I close my eyes Addie Cate starts to cry. I change her diaper and make a bottle.

1:15PM I bottle-feed Addie Cate while trying to watch an episode of The Good Wife on my iPad. iPad battery goes dead after just a few minutes though, so I end up just enjoying the quiet of the house while all the boys are sleeping.

1:30PM I spend a little more time working on a blog post then read Garden & Gun magazine while Addie Cate scoots around on the floor. Even if I can’t nap during this time, I at least try to lie down and rest.

2:30PM Lewis wakes up. After I remind him to use the bathroom, he has a snack and I turn on a TV show for him to buy myself some more time. Addie Cate goes down for her second nap. I make a mad dash around the house, picking up wet clothes, starting laundry, washing lunch dishes and prepping for supper.

3PM Teddy and Archer are now up too. They have snacks while I help Lewis put on shoes. After snack, I change Archer and Teddy’s diapers then put on their shoes.

3:30PM Addie Cate is awake. I load the kiddos into the minivan one at a time. There’s a lot of car seats to buckle.

4:15PM We drive to downtown Fort Worth to meet Ford at his office. Since it’s a Friday, he is able to leave work a little early. Once we’ve unloaded, Ford pushes both boys in a double stroller and I wear Addie Cate in a carrier and push Archer in a single stroller.

4:30PM We arrive at the splash grounds at the downtown plaza, and the boys go crazy.

5:15PM We head home. Once back at the house, Ford and I both quickly feed the babies.

5:45PM Both babies are down for the night. We are halfway there. The boys eat leftovers for supper.

6PM Ford supervises bedtime for Lewis and Teddy, and I cook supper for Ford and me.

6:30PM Ford and I sit down to eat our meal: shrimp sauteed with peas and spinach over gluten-free pasta.

7PM I take a long, hot bath while Ford cleans up the kitchen. Thank goodness for helpful husbands.

7:30PM We sit down to watch an episode of Justified. I indulge in dark chocolate.

8:45PM We’re both in bed. I read a few articles in The Economist but am quickly sleepy.

9PM Lights out for us … and not a moment too soon.

Published August 2015