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A Friday in the Life of Denton Mom Lauren Jackson

A look into the life of a full-time student and mother of one

Lauren Jackson is a full-time student training to be an aesthetician. She and her 5-year-old son, Jett, live in Denton in a “wonderfully hectic circus” with her sister and her 3-year-old nephew, Christian (aka Chu).

6:40AM Loud elevator music yanks me from sleep. Ugh, the calm of night is over too soon.

6:45 AM Stretches, pep talk and a quick check of my phone, and I’m up.

6:47AM Wake up Jett with hugs and kisses and my ever-so-wonderful morning breath.

6:50AM Fix some breakfast for Jett. Sometimes I’m awesome and make a nice meal the night before. Today, I’m lazy and he gets a bowl of sugar—I mean, cereal.

7:10AM I make Jett’s lunch while he brushes his teeth. He eats sandwiches religiously for every lunch. Once his meal is packed, I head into the bathroom to wet his head, put some gel in and brush his hair to the side. He’s so handsome.

7:20AM On our way out the door, we grab Jett’s backpack, water bottle and his neon light-up shoes. Load into the car, wave goodbye to Chu in the driveway and head out.

7:26AM Pull into the school parking lot. This year is the first school year that he has to walk to class without me. I’ll admit I cry a little each time. Is there a name for the mom emotion where you feel joy and pride for your precious gift and sadness because the more they grow up, the less that they need you? It’s happening way too fast for comfort.

7:35AM I spend a few minutes collecting myself, then I text to confirm if I am caring for my grandmother today.

7:40AM Home again. I tidy up the living room and throw a load of laundry in the washing machine. It’s early enough that I decide to fix some breakfast and climb back into bed. It’s essential that I make a daily to-do list, but I also like to use this free time to write, read or have some uninterrupted, guilt-free time to watch Gilmore Girls. I choose the last one.

8:20AM After watching the adventures in Stars Hollow, I head into the backyard. It’s nice enough outside that I do some stretching and yoga. I love nature and love to take care of the outdoors as much as I can. I fill the birdbath, water our plants and feed “my” outdoor animals (squirrels, birds and lizards).

9AM I clean out the fish tank and silently hope I don’t kill our fish and frogs.

9:25AM Head to my aunt’s house. I get paid to help take care of my grandmother (aka Nanny)—I clean, shop, organize, cook, run errands and take Nanny wherever she wants to go.

9:50AM Pull up to her house. I get Nanny settled into my car and load her walker in my trunk. She’s ready to go, go, go!

10:15AM We head over to Tanger Outlets. Nanny needs new shoes, and we slowly but surely make our way to Famous Footwear.

10:40AM It’s been almost a half hour. I knew that we were going to leave with the shoes she tried on in the first five minutes and never took off, but I let her continue to stroll through every aisle.

11AM I convince her to get one pair and I will get one pair. I opt for red Nikes, she settles on the sandals she’s still got on her feet from when we first arrived.

11:10AM Walking back to the car, we pass the Vera Bradley store. I suggest popping in because she needs a new purse.

11:25AM We look and look and look. I finally manage to direct her to the handbag section. She picks a rather plain, but very cute and practical purse. I see a mini backpack that I’ve been dying to get for months, along with a matching wallet.

12PM Load into the car. Twenty minutes later, we arrive at Uncle Julio’s for lunch.

1:20PM I unfortunately have to end lunch without a chocolate piñata so that I can make it back to Nanny’s house and pick up Jett from school on time.

2PM Drop off Nanny, unload all her bags from our shopping trip and then head over for school pickup.

2:47PM Park on the curb and walk to meet Jett where his class comes out.

3PM School’s out! Jett tells me about his day while we drive to the nearby public library. We return a stack of due books and check out some new books. In between, we play and talk more about school.

3:40PM Home. Jett puts his new books in a drawer by his bed, which he calls his “library drawer.” Time to get situated and do homework. While he works, I get started on cooking dinner. Tonight
we’re having cilantro lime rice with spiraled chayote and grilled chicken with a strawberry spinach salad on the side.

5:45PM Finish cooking and we sit down together for dinner.

6:30PM Playtime!

7PM Scrub-a-dub-dub, it’s bath time. After he dries off, he puts on PJs and climbs into bed while I give him some grapes and a yellow kiwi for a bedtime snackI leave Jett to prepare his lunch, lay out his clothes and get his backpack ready for tomorrow.

8PM I check in on my little guy, who is long asleep by now. I’m exhausted and tempted to crash right now too, but I decide to take a bath first.

8:35PM Get into pajamas and crawl under the covers. I turn on Netflix to binge on The Blacklist for a bit and fall asleep at some point. I wake up a few hours later, too afraid to look at the clock and hoping that I still have a few more hours before I have to wake up again.