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A Few Thoughts on Resolutions

how to find the right resolution and stick with it

Resolutions seem to be a tricky thing to uphold. We set goals for ourselves other times throughout the year and keep them, right? But something about setting a goal at the beginning of the year (specifically after the holidays that are filled with food, drinks and sleeping in) makes it extra hard. So we asked one of our mom bloggers to give us her take on resolutions and what you should keep in mind if you’re trying to find one you can actually stick with this year.

Are you an avid goal setter that is still stumped on how to set the best New Year’s Resolution for yourself? Hopefully this quick, and out-of-nowhere profound, read can get you ready for the new year.

I have always found it odd that I am able to make, and achieve, goals that I set consistently throughout the year, but I struggle to hold up my side of the whole New Year’s deal. Isn’t that how it should work? We tell ourselves we will lose that last ten pounds or finally get that promotion we’ve been longing for, and in return the universe will gift us the best year of our lives! Right? Wrong. I spent that later part of my twenties setting myself up to fail with these unrealistic expectations and am determined to find achievable goals for myself and family to follow this year.

Anyone want a history lesson? I’ll be quick. In ancient times, the Babylonians and Romans used this time to celebrate their new crop for survival, promised to return debts and be in good conduct for the upcoming year in order to remain in good graces with their gods. As traditions evolved, humans began to shift the traditions away from religious affiliates, but continued devoting their resolutions to self-improvement. With this in mind, I encourage everyone to take a step back and to really focus on things that make your soul happy, yet better, and strive for goals towards this, in simple forms.

For me, I find myself the happiest when I am spending quality time with my family and working on passion projects, so I have been looking for easy and impactful ways to do this in the new year. Five extra minutes snuggling and reading to Rory on a work night when I am dog-tired will feed my soul. Eating dinner at the table and catching up with my husband, instead of racing in front of the TV to watch the new Real Housewives episode (Hey, don’t judge!), will make us better. Carving out one night a month to work on something I truly love, will make me happier! Remember, I said realistic goals.

So, whether you danced the night away or curled up with your loved ones—in your matching Christmas jammies that needed more than one wear in 2019—to ring in 2020, remember what makes you happy and resolve to do more. Cheers!

Jillian is currently leading Trend at The Michaels Companies, Inc. and has accolades amongst both fashion and trend corporations, having previously worked with industry giants such as Balenciaga, Twenty8Twelve, WWD and JCPenney. In her spare time, she is the editor of Drastically Appropriate, a Dallas based mom and fashion blog that displays her sometimes drastic, but always appropriate, style. Follow along with Jillian on Instagram and Facebook as she tries to keep it real while juggling her dream job, spending time with her soccer-obsessed husband, raising their 21-month old daughter and caring for their geriatric mini Pomeranian. 

Image courtesy of Emilee Prado.