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Make Magical Memories at a Fairy Fest

An ethereal tea party

 Tori Sdao began party prep for her daughter’s woodland fairy tea party six months before Elaina’s eighth birthday.  Elaina requested a fairy-house treasure hunt, chocolate and berries — lots and lots of berries. Sdao’s decorations and Pinterest-inspired homemade crafts adorned the scene in soft teals, glittery golds and nature neutrals. When the pixie dust settled, Elaina and her four guests took home teacup fairy gardens, petal-laden paper dolls and lots of magical memories.

Elaina and her friends began the party by decorating paper doll printables from illustrator Merrilee Liddiard’s blog, Mer Mag. Perched on earthy mats and pillows underneath a DIY-ed tulle chandelier, the girls plucked petals and leaves from carnations and daisies to turn their paper dolls into paper pixies.

Tori earned her fairy wings when she surprised the little ladies with a homemade three-layer vanilla cake topped with edible moss cookies — a recipe from The Cake Blog. She also made chocolate cupcakes garnished with red and white fondant toadstools and dressed them in grease-proof, laser-cut doily wrappers from Hobby Lobby. Surrounding the sweets were teacups filled with pixie punch (Hawaiian punch, raspberry sherbet and ginger ale) and fairy finger foods like raspberry “mushrooms” and pretzel “twigs.”