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A Day in the Life of Wyatt Davis

Wyatt Davis runs a small business that does management consulting with nonprofits across North Texas. He lives in Dallas with his wife Janet and their three children.

4:20AM I’m up. Right into some sweats with no lights on so I don’t wake up my wife and business partner, Janet. Wheeler, the black lab, accompanies me to the kitchen where I open up my MacBook and make some coffee.

4:30AM I put on some walking shoes. That’s Wheeler’s cue that we’re headed for the greenbelt, and he’s very excited.

4:50AM Upstairs to “The Observatory” – the home office for our management consulting firm Clarkson Davis. I prepare for the day.

5:50AM I hear Will bumping around in his bedroom. He is 12 years old, autistic and will want orange juice and an episode of Clifford the Big Red Dog very shortly.

5:52AM I get some green tea going for Janet, get a “wapple” (waffle) into the toaster for Will and go get him out of bed.

6AM Janet is up and into the kitchen making lunches for Alan, Claire and Will. Alan and Claire are both 14 and in eighth grade.

6:05AM It’s time to feed the herd.

6:15AM I wake up Claire so she can make flute sectional practice by 7am and then hit the shower and get ready to leave for the day.

6:35AM Alan is downstairs. He and Will immediately begin negotiating over Clifford vs. SportsCenter on the TV. Janet and I stand in the kitchen and talk through the day’s schedule and enjoy watching the whole crew getting up and going.

6:50AM Claire comes downstairs. She grabs her lunch, and we are off. On the way to school, we talk about each other’s plans for the day and the sunrise. At school, I get a smile, a quick kiss on the cheek and she’s off.

7:10AM I arrive at Clarkson Davis world headquarters in Lakewood. The lights are on, and our associate, Stepheni, is already hard at work.

8:25AM Janet arrives after meeting Will’s bus and dropping Alan off at school. The other members of team Clarkson Davis start walking in. There are eight of us. We work with nonprofit organizations throughout Dallas and nationally.

9:15AM I am off with a Clarkson Davis team member for a meeting with Camp Summit, a nonprofit organization serving adults and children with physical and intellectual disabilities.

11:20AM I leave the client meeting and go to lunch with a prospective client. On the way, I give Janet a quick call to see how her morning has gone.

1:15PM One last meeting for the day, with the Volunteer Center of North Texas. We work on general business and fundraising plans for the organization.

3:10PM I am off to pick up the kids from school and meet Will’s bus. Janet does this most days, but today she has a Clarkson Davis client meeting.

3:35PM I pick up Alan and one of his friends at school. The guys are usually pretty quiet on the ride home, but with a little prompting I get some of the basics on their days.

3:45PM I check in on email and review a presentation sent from one of the team members while Alan gets his soccer gear together and gets a quick start on his homework.

4:25PM Will’s bus arrives, and he comes toward the door with a big smile and says … “Orange juice!” We go straight to the kitchen and get him juice and a snack.

4:35PM Alan, Will, Wheeler and I jump in the car and drive Alan to soccer.

5:20PM Janet and Claire arrive home. Claire sits down at the kitchen table to work on her homework. Janet and I start dinner together.

5:55PM Wheeler, Will and I run to get Alan from soccer practice while Janet finishes dinner.

6:10PM When we get home, dinner is almost ready. Claire is setting the table, and Janet is just finishing up one of her famous curries – it smells fantastic in the house. We sit down, Will says the blessing and everyone digs in.

6:55PM Claire and Alan are off to finish homework. Will and Wheeler are out in the back yard romping. Janet and I do the dishes. We finish up in the kitchen and head into the F-Stop (our family room) for a little TV.

8:25PM It’s bath time for Will, and we always do the same thing. First, he gets a big, steaming bubble bath and gets to stay in and play for about 10 minutes. Not long after, it is up to his room to read his two favorite books, Just Me and My Dad and Just Go to Bed.

9:15PM Claire and Alan start getting ready for bed. Janet and I tuck them in and then we get ready for bed ourselves.

9:35PM It’s dueling iPads for about 10 minutes. Sometimes we play Words With Friends; sometimes we just read. Tonight as we go to sleep, we talk about the kids and remember when they were “just 3 or 4 years old” and what it was like “back then.” Seems like yesterday …

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