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A Day in the Life of Victoria Wise

Victoria Wise is the co-owner of Jewelry Nut Auctions on Facebook and designs children’s clothing for Smockadot Kids. She lives in Fort Worth with her husband Billy Bob and their four children: Rowan, 4; Charlotte, 3; Griffin, 15 months; and Graham, 15 months.

7AM The twin 15-month-old baby boys start chirping in the room next to ours. Minutes later my 4-year-old son comes in and asks where Daddy is. I hug him and ask him what he wants for breakfast.

7:15AM Diapers are changed and the babies are taking their bottles while watching Sesame Street. I start cooking breakfast.

8AM I go upstairs and wake up my 3-year-old daughter, the only good sleeper in the bunch.

8:30AM Lunches are packed, and the nanny arrives. I persuade the children to wear the outfits I selected for preschool. I pick my battles and figure my son can look nice another day.

9AM It’s time for school, and I try to get teeth brushed, bows in place and shoelaces tied.

9:10AM Drive time for me is checking voicemail and making phone calls. I make a call to my business partner, Meredith, to go over the day. I call the office to let them know I will be there after drop-off.

9:25AM Drop the kids off in the drive-through line at school and take up too much time with kisses and hugs.

9:55AM Dr Pepper, laptop and package from jewelry vendor in hand, I make it into the office to work for a couple of hours before picking up the kids at 12:15pm.

11AM I call on vendors to make sure our orders are shipping out on time. I make a call to our featured designer of the night to check on delivery time and to ask for additional photography to use for our email blast.

11:30AM I finalize pricing on our spreadsheet and continue previewing pictures and click through all the other pictures and answer fan questions.

12:15PM I pick up the angels from school, and my daughter’s teacher tells me she has had a “busy” day. I know what that’s code for and apologize for her behavior. I still have fresh memories of her being my easy child, so this news is always tough to hear. My attention-needy son gets an A+ report from his teacher, as always. I wish one day he’ll be just as good for me as he is for his teachers.

12:30PM I drop Rowan off at museum school. Rowan finds his best friend in the class, and I tell the teachers how much he’s been looking forward to today.

1PM I stop at the grocery store to get milk. I let my daughter pick an unhealthy snack, since I don’t stock them at home. She is thrilled with her chips and is very agreeable after that! Sometimes the bribe is worth the results.

1:15PM I arrive home to my favorite 15-month-olds. Their noses and mouths are pressed up against the glass door, and I can see their big smiles.

1:30PM The boys want Ma-Ma, so I ask the nanny to take my daughter up for her nap. She had been totally potty-trained before spring break, but that change in her schedule was enough to make her regress. We should have a potty training fairy that comes down and tackles the task for us.

2PM After spending snuggle time with the boys, I put them in their cribs for naps.

2:15PM Time to pick up the kids from museum school. More phone calls to staff and business partner.

2:30PM I go to my son’s class and pick him and his friend up.

3PM I drop Meredith’s kids off at her house, and we go over details about tonight’s auction. I realize that there is some missing photography, so I head home to take pictures and get them previewed.

3:30PM I edit the photographs I took in the grass in the front yard and get them previewed.

3:45PM The nanny has my daughter ready for ballet class, and I get her loaded into the car. We hit traffic on the way there and arrive two minutes late. Today she decides she does not want to dance, and I have to persuade her to join her friends. A few tears later she joins them in their sashays.

5PM Drive home from ballet to get dinner ready. Most nights I cook, but auction nights are different. I pull out an Italian pasta dish that my mother-in-law prepared out of the freezer.

5:30PM The nanny leaves, and dinner is almost ready. My husband arrives and we get the children cleaned up and ready for dinner. My children were good eaters, but they’re in a phase of taking two bites then getting hungry again at bedtime.

6PM Mother-in-law shows up to take the babies for a walk. My husband takes the other stroller and lets the big kids walk until they get tired.

6:45PM My husband returns to bathe the big kids, and I prepare bottles for the babies. They go to bed at 7pm, and I hop on the computer to preview more pictures, answer questions and finalize the descriptions for the jewelry.

7:45PM The big kids kiss and hug me goodnight. I Skype with my partner, and we get ready to get the show on the road!

8PM Auction begins. This lasts for 45 minutes. The next three hours are spent recording the bidders and creating a list of who’s getting what items.

11:30PM I check my personal Facebook thread and return and send emails from my personal account.

12:30PM Brush teeth and hop in bed. 

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