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A Day in the Life of Tyra Martin

Tyra Martin is a stay-at-home mom and senior consultant with Creative Memories. She and her husband Wayne live in Arlington with their three children: Emily, 14; Gavery, 12; and Lauryn, 9.

6:30AM Alarm goes off and I hit snooze twice.

6:42AM Alarm goes off for the third time, and I nudge Wayne under the covers to wake him up. It’s his job to turn off the fan before I have to get out of bed.

6:45AM After putting in my contacts, I stumble into the kids’ room to wake them up for school. (They all have their own rooms but 99 percent of the time end up sleeping in Emily’s room. Why did we need a four-bedroom house?)

6:50AM Wayne comes around to hand out kisses goodbye. He does this every morning, and I love him for it!

6:55AM We all get ready for the day, and I remind someone to feed the animals. If we’re lucky, Gavery and Lauryn eat breakfast, Emily grabs something to eat in the car and we’re all out of the driveway by 7:45am with no yelling.

7:45AM While we drive to school, I lay out our plans for after school so they will know what to expect. They all kiss me goodbye – we’re big on affection in our house – and head into school.

8:30AM Stop at the grocery store for a few quick things then run to the bank to make a deposit for SonShine Club. (I’m director for our church’s mother’s day out program that meets on Thursdays.)

9:30AM I was going to try the water aerobics class at the YMCA, but the bank made me late, so I decide to swim laps instead. I’ve recently lost 30 pounds but still have a long way to go. I decide it’s easier than the Turbo Kick boxing class I took on Saturday but not as fun. Twenty lengths of the pool later, and I quickly change so I can get home.

10:15AM I pull into the driveway and realize I didn’t beat the baby I’m watching to my house. His mom is almost done with cosmetology school and wants to go in extra on her days off so she can graduate in May. I watch him once a week in exchange for her doing my hair. He is the sweetest thing but enough of a “baby fix” that I still think our family is complete.

10:20AM Baby is sleeping in his seat, so I check my emails. I call my Creative Memories director to brag on my new downline and ask her a question.

11AM I check the baby who is still asleep and realize I have time to do my Bible study. I’m doing a Women of Faith study on my own and I’m trying to make this part of my daily routine, but some days it just doesn’t work out.

11:20AM I assemble the registration packets for SonShine Club that I need to hand out on Thursday and pay a few bills online.

11:45AM I start a load of laundry and hang up the load that is in the dryer. In January we decided to make the kids do their own laundry, and it is working well. But I still can’t seem to stay caught up!

12:15PM I put some chicken on the stove so I can make a double batch of chicken spaghetti. Two of my friends just had surgery, so I’ll take them frozen pans tomorrow that they can heat whenever they’re ready. Then I make the kids’ lunches for tomorrow and make myself something to eat (turkey, avocado and skim milk).

1PM I feed, change and play with the baby. He is so content and really easy to watch. I run upstairs to switch over the laundry.

2:45PM I leave to pick up the kids and run the carpool kids home.

3:15PM I love this time of day in the car. The kids tell me all about their days, and we get a chance to really connect.

4PM We make it home and the kids get a snack and start homework.

4:45PM I take Gavery to gymnastics. I usually stay to watch for a while then go home and cook dinner. Wayne picks him up on his way home. Tonight I’m relieved that I already made the spaghetti, so it just has to be warmed and the salad made.

5:30PM Load the dishwasher, help more with homework, and I make sure at least one of the kids starts their laundry.

7:30PM We eat a late dinner because of Gavery’s gymnastics. We’re trying to eat together at the table more often than not. This is the time where we tell Wayne about our days and hear about his. After dinner, one of the kids clears the table and puts away the leftovers. We all watch TV together while I check my email.

8:30PM The kids head upstairs to brush teeth and get PJs on. They are also supposed to pick out the clothes they want to wear tomorrow.

9PM Bedtime for the kids. After kisses, I log on to work my part-time computer job as an editorial assistant for a computer science journal. Wayne and I usually watch TV while I work, and I realize again how thankful I am that I get to work these miscellaneous part-time jobs and still basically be a stay-at-home mom.

11PM Bedtime for us. Wayne has usually fallen asleep on the couch. We turn off the lights, check the doors and go to bed before it all starts again in the morning.


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