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A Day in the Life of Tracy Jones

6AM The alarm goes off, and I look to make sure that someone did not change it to 5am as a joke.

6:05AM Reality sets in that it’s after 6am, and I need to get out of my bed to get in the shower.

6:15AM Still having a hard time waking up. I take a quick peek at my calendar and emails. Brandon brings in a Red Bull and kisses me goodbye.

6:30AM I’m still sitting on the floor waiting for someone to dry my hair. I realize that isn’t going to happen, so I dry and flat-iron it myself.

6:45AM I wake up Cole first; he moves at a snail’s pace in the morning. I turn on his closet light to signal it’s time to get the sleepies out. Head into Jake’s room. He is normally awake, but today he is still sleeping so I get him moving. Cole is still snuggled under his moon blanket. I whisper to him … if you get downstairs in three minutes, I will put extra chocolate sauce in your milk. I then offer the same to Jake. I walk downstairs. Cole is dressed and sitting at the table. Jake is quick to follow. It works every time.

6:55AM Grab the monitor to see if Cate is still dreaming. Give the boys their vitamins and make sure they’ve started eating breakfast.

7AM Look over the math lesson and activities that I’m teaching to a third-grade class as a volunteer (Jake is in my group). He quizzes me on what I plan to talk about and makes sure I know it isn’t cool to talk about Justin Bieber in front of his friends. Last week Jake announced that I’m turning 40, so I may have announced that we watched Never Say Never and that Jake danced with me to Justin Bieber at the end.

7:15AM Run upstairs to wake Cate. Change her diaper, sing her a couple of songs and take her downstairs.

7:25AM This is one of my favorite times of the day. I love to see the look on the boys’ faces when they see Cate. Big smiles for all!

7:30AM Grab Cate’s bottle and play cell phone. Jake and Cole put their shoes on, grab their backpacks and we head out the door.

7:35AM While sitting in the carpool line, I remind Cole to go straight to the cafeteria to meet his class. He asks to buy breakfast this morning. I spend the rest of the time explaining that we had breakfast at home.

7:40AM Drop off the boys. Now it’s acceptable to put on nursery rhymes and sing with Cate on the way home.

7:50AM Cate and I sit on the steps in front of our house as she eats her mini-pancakes.

8:15AM Finish my make-up and change clothes. I dress Cate and put on her shoes. By the time I have the second one on, the first one is off, and I start the process again.

8:20AM I drop off Cate at day care. She starts to cry when I drop her off. She just moved to the toddler class from infants and hasn’t adjusted yet, so it makes me linger longer than I should. After reading two books, I finally realize it’s time to go.

8:45AM Arrive at school. I have 45 minutes with my group. I grab the students and take them into the hallway.

9:40AM I realize my time with my math group is up. I assign the next week’s project.

9:55AM Off to Starbucks for a cup of energy to get me through the next few hours.

12PM It’s Taco Stand Thursday lunch with my girlfriend Nicole. She also has three children. We compare stories, and I leave feeling normal.

2:35PM Head to the carpool line. The boys always beg for me to be the first car. I’ve tried – I am now OK with being car 10.

3PM No one’s binder has a bad mark, so we head to Sonic for Happy Hour.

3:15PM Pick up Cate from school. She had a great day and a long nap.

3:30PM I take the crew outside to play; Jake rides his scooter and Cole wants to play hide and seek. I follow close behind Cate as she picks up everything in her path.

4:30PM Brandon gets home from work, we head inside.

4:45PM The boys read. Cole prefers to make up stories with the pictures, which is always fun to listen to. Jake and I work on his spelling words one last time for his test tomorrow.

5PM Brandon makes a quick beef stroganoff for dinner.

6:30PM Cole heads upstairs for his shower. Less than five minutes later, and he is already out of the shower. I remind him that he needs to wash his hair, and I get an “Ohhh yeah, I always forget that.”

7:15PM We all meet downstairs in our room, sit on the floor and say what our favorite and least favorite parts of the day were. We say our bedtime prayers, and I head upstairs to tuck Cole in.

7:30PM Start a bubble bath for Cate, and I decide I will join her. We sing and play with her duckies. She puts bubbles all over my face and eats a few handfuls.

7:45PM Brandon tucks Jake into bed and heads downstairs to dry Cate off and get her jammies on.

8PM Feed Cate, get a few snuggles in before I take her upstairs for the night.

8:15PM Clean up the evening’s mess. Grab my BlackBerry and head for bed.

9PM Watch a bit of TV and chat with Brandon before I call an end to the day.

10:15PM Finally, my head hits the pillow and I am quick to sleep.