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A Day in the Life of Toni Thomason

Toni Thomason stays home to care for her two boys – Braden, 4, and Blake, 2 – and to run her own craft business, Creative Designs by Toni. She and husband Brad live in Mesquite.

7AM Wake up. Or should I say get woke up by Braden crawling into the bed with me, then quietly tapping on my shoulder to give me his breakfast order. Followed by a loud knock-knock-knock by Blake as he pounds on the bedroom door with a loud “LET ME OUT.”

7:20AM Potty breaks and diaper changes. Always something fun I look forward to each morning.

7:30AM Playhouse Disney time for the boys while I check my emails and any orders for my business that I run from the house.

8AM Orange juice and vitamins – a must for us each morning. Boys ask for it.

8:15AM Breakfast. Since I have already been told what is wanted this morning, I get started on waffles topped with cream cheese and fresh strawberries and a glass of whole milk for the boys. For me, usually a bowl of cereal if I even get a chance to eat.

8:30AM Clean up from breakfast. Brush the boys’ teeth and get them dressed and ready for the day.

8:45AM Finish dishes and clean up kitchen.

9AM Take a quick break while boys play. Check emails once again and start to prepare list for business orders to complete and tasks needed to do for the day.

9:15AM Brush my teeth and my hair while the boys ask, “What are you doing?” at least 10 times each. Then get dressed for the day.

9:30AM Playtime. We pull out some books to read, coloring books to color, and stickers to stick all over every inch of their body. Blocks and trains are the favorite today, and, well, every day.

10AM Snack time. Today’s snacks of choice are grapes, cheese and crackers with a glass of water.

10:30AM Neverland Pirates are on Disney – a can’t-miss show for the boys, and that means Mommy gets a quick break to sit and relax.

11AM It’s lunchtime. Boys have been in a peanut butter and jelly kick lately. So of course I make them their favorite and some cheese crackers shaped like SpongeBob and a glass of chocolate milk. While the boys eat, I clean up the mess in the playroom and wherever all the toys ended up.

11:30AM Another potty break and diaper change, then I prepare for naptime. Yes, I have to prepare for naps, because it can get hectic. They are like little rock stars. They demand certain items in the room and in the bed before they can nap comfortably: their special blankets, Blake’s puppy, Braden’s special train, sippy cup of water with two cubes of ice, and, of course, Blake needs his wubby (pacifier).

12PM Naptime. With the room the way they like it, they head to bed.

12:10PM Time to clean up the rest of the house. Make the bed, clean up missed toys, put away things that are out of place and maybe throw in some laundry.

12:45PM Lunchtime for Mommy and relax while watching a few minutes of TMZ. Just enough time to sneak in a sandwich and some fruit and water.

1PM Work on a few orders for my business and check and answer emails.

2PM Time for boys to wake up.

2:30PM Pack the diaper bag and head over to a good friend’s house for an afternoon play date. We all need to get out of the house for just a little bit.

4PM Headed home from the play date; boys had a good time. Mommy is worn out. Hoping the boys are too.

4:30PM Boys play alone while I prepare dinner. Not really alone, though, because they are usually right under my feet or attached to my leg while I cook. Not to mention that they are the best helpers and always want to help out. So of course I let them.

5PM Dinnertime. Trying to convince a 4-year-old to eat all his veggies is a tiresome task, even if he helped make it. You would think that by watching his 2-year-old brother devour them, he would be more inclined to try them.

5:30PM Clean up from dinner and get the dishes going and clean the boys up.

6PM Bath time for the boys.

6:20PM Dry the boys off, clean their ears, cut their nails and get them ready for bed.

6:30PM Then in the words of my 2-year-old, “It’s cookie milk time.” They each get a cookie and a glass of milk before bed while enjoying some quiet time.

7PM After cookies and milk, I brush the boys’ teeth and then they are off to bed for story time. Both boys pile into Blake’s bed for Blake’s choice, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Adventures.

7:15PM Tuck in Blake and turn out lights. Head into Braden’s room for his choice, Thomas the Train.

7:30PM Lights out for Braden. Finally, it’s quiet time for Mommy. But not for too long.

7:45PM Time to sit down and relax for a few minutes before heading into my home office.

8PM Begin working on orders. Answering emails, printing invoices, filling supplies, making lists, cutting orders, painting wood and packaging orders are all on the list tonight.

10:30PM Time for a break to enjoy some quality time with my husband.

11:30PM Lights out and head to bed. 7am comes really early.