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A Day in the Life of Stephanie Suire

5:45AM I wake up before my alarm goes off but hit snooze for 20 minutes anyway.

6:05AM I finally drag myself out of bed and get in the shower. Then I put on make-up, dry my hair and stare at my closet until I find something to wear.

6:45AM Grab my heels and walk downstairs to the kitchen. I am packing my lunch when I hear Sophia’s bedroom door open. Sleepy-eyed and clutching her bunny, she runs downstairs to give me a hug and asks to watch TV. I turn on PBS, make her some oatmeal and then run back upstairs to get my phone. I tell Trey that Sophia is awake, then kiss him goodbye.

7:03AM Tallen is still sleeping when I leave for work. As I put bags in the car, I remember to grab Sophia’s booster seat and put it inside for Trey.

7:26AM Pull in to the parking garage, thankful that traffic was manageable this morning. I put my lunch in the fridge, heat up my oatmeal and head to my desk.

7:35AM Check emails, eat breakfast at my desk and review my schedule for the week.

9:17AM My favorite part of the morning is calling Trey to check on the kids. After I leave, he is in charge of waking up Tallen, feeding him breakfast and getting both kids dressed. Sophia has to be at pre-K at 9am. Afterward he takes Tallen to in-home day care. I love to hear details about their morning, like if Tallen was happy when he woke up and what Sophia wore to school (it is never what I pick out for her the night before).

9:30AM Attend a division meeting, give status updates on current projects and discuss this week’s deadlines.

11:30AM About three days a week, I carpool with some co-workers to LA Fitness, and we work out on our lunch break. Getting my workout in during lunch allows me to spend more time with my family in the evenings.

12:35PM Shower, get dressed for work and drive back to the office.

1PM Read the The Dallas Morning News while I eat my lunch in the break room.

2PM Trey picks up Sophia from pre-K while I attend a meeting with some co-workers to discuss potential meeting dates with a client.

3:35PM I call Trey to ask about Sophia’s day at school, and we decide who is picking up Tallen from day care. I don’t need to work late, so I will pick him up today.

4:30PM Turn off my light and leave work. It takes me almost 40 minutes to drive to day care from my office. Tallen yells “Mommy!” when I walk in the door and gives me a tight hug, then proudly shows me his artwork.

5:30PM Tallen and I finally make it home, and Sophia rushes over to hug both of us. I kiss Trey hello and go upstairs to change out of my work clothes. Both kids follow me and run to Tallen’s room to play. All four of us end up in his room, where we play Little Tikes basketball while Sophia pretends to make us coffee in her play kitchen.

6PM Dinnertime! I usually cook two or three meals on Sunday night, so all I have to do is re-heat dinner during the week. Trey, Sophia and I eat vegetable lasagna, but Tallen is a picky eater so I make him some peanut butter crackers and grapes instead.

6:30PM After dinner we go into the living room and watch Sophia play Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii. Tallen tries to copy his sister’s dance moves while Trey and I try not to laugh out loud.

6:55PM Bath time for the kids. I take them upstairs while Trey picks up the toys in the living room. When I finish Tallen’s bath, I hand him off to Trey, who brushes his teeth and puts on his pajamas. I finish giving Sophia a bath, brush her hair and make sure she brushes her teeth.

7:20PM I read Sophia two books in her room, sing her a song and she tells me about her day. Trey reads Tallen a book, and they watch a few minutes of Scooby-Doo on his phone. Trey and I take turns putting the kids to bed each night, so tomorrow I will do Tallen’s bedtime while Trey puts Sophia to bed.

7:35PM I grab my computer and work on my blog. I am posting pictures and the recipe for a dessert fruit pizza that Sophia and I made the night before.

9PM Trey and I talk about our schedules for the week. On Friday the kids will spend the night with his parents so we can have a date night.

9:35PM I go upstairs and lay out my running clothes for the next morning. I am training for two half-marathons in the fall. I wash my face, brush my teeth and crawl in bed. I read a book until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer and fall asleep.