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A Day in the Life of Stacey Stabenow

Stacey Stabenow lives in Lakewood with her husband Jason and their three kids: Sloane, 13; Drew, 10; and Georgia, 5. Stacey works for her family’s medical insurance recovery firm, runs an online menu planning business called No More “To Go” and stays active in her kids’ schools.

5AM Wake up to a blaring iPhone alarm. Fumble to get it quieted before everyone upstairs is awake too.

5:10AM First priority – coffee! Then to the computer to check email. It’s pretty quiet this morning; a few questions from the site about nutritional information and upcoming deals. And, a couple of Facebook posts to review.

5:15AM It’s menu-posting day, which is why I’m up at this hour. I only have a couple of quiet hours before the kids are up. So I get to work: Proof the week’s recipes, create an accompanying grocery list, edit the recipe photos and get it all loaded to the site.

7AM Two cups of coffee later and not as much progress as I’d hoped for, I start waking the kids. Drew pops up as usual and barrels down the stairs, his uniform clothes bunched up in his hand, and heads straight for the couch. I open Sloane’s door to find that she’s busy perfecting her hair and singing along to her stereo. I decide to let Georgia sleep a little longer, since her school doesn’t start until 9am.

7:15AM The morning is as noisy as ever. In and out of the kitchen for shifts of breakfast, signing papers that were forgotten last night, making lunches and I’m still attempting to work on the No More “To Go” menu but making more mistakes than anything else.

7:55AM Wake up Georgia. Piggyback ride down the stairs and into the kitchen to join her sister and brother. Now the fun begins. The last 10 minutes before we leave the house – complete chaos. “Are your teeth brushed? Drew, comb your hair! Please stop staring into space and put on your shoes. Let’s go.”

8:05AM Coffee in hand, out the door and into the car. And, I’m still in my PJs! I tell myself that no one can see me through the tinted windows of the suburban – it makes me feel better.

8:15AM Get home, pick up the kitchen, close the door to Sloane’s wreck of a bedroom and make a mental note to add “Make your bed” to tomorrow morning’s list. Start getting Georgia ready for school. Somewhere in there I get a small glimpse of my husband before he heads out the door.

9AM Replace the PJ pants with a pair of jeans, throw on a baseball cap and get Georgia to school 15 minutes late.

9:30AM Back home to finally finish what I started 4.5 hours ago; this requires another pot of coffee.

10:30AM Weekly menu posted to the site. Member emails sent. Menu posted to Facebook. Woo-hoo! Done.

11AM Now, I’m finally to a point where I can get ready for the day.

11:30AM Back to the computer but shifting gears to my other job. Check and send a few emails to make sure we’re on track. Then switch gears completely to tonight’s Middle School Choir Dinner Theater and Silent Auction that I’m co-chairing.

12:30PM Pre-school is too short. Pick up Georgia and head home to get the silent auction ready.

12:45PM My co-chair comes by the house and we busily, with the help of a 5-year-old, print and frame displays, finalize the master auction list and organize all the items on my dining room table.

3PM The house has exploded with remnants from the paper cutter and bits of tape that Georgia has gotten all over the floor in her attempt to “help” by herself.

3:15PM The back ends of two Suburbans are loaded with auction items, and Georgia and I are headed to pick up Drew from school.

3:30PM It’s a beautiful afternoon, so the kids are out back shooting hoops and bouncing on the trampoline. I’m frantically making sure all of the auction paperwork is organized.

4PM Run to the middle school, unload the auction items, pick up Sloane and run her home to stay with Drew and Georgia while I help set up back at the school.

4:05PM Realize on the way home with Sloane that I haven’t eaten today. Not smart. Run through Jack in the Box because it’s about the only choice I have. And, we’re headed home.

4:30PM Back at the school with only an hour before the event starts. These ladies are on fire. The place looks fantastic!

5:30PM Middle School Choir Dinner Theater and Silent Auction was a great success. And, it’s over. Yay!

9:30PM Clean up and head over to a friend’s back porch to enjoy the rest of the night by the fire. Kids are happily playing, and Jason and I are relaxing with friends. The perfect end to a long day.