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A Day in the Life of Stacey Lynne

Stacey Lynne and husband Nick have been married for more than five years. They met as freshmen in the marching band at Purdue University and are transplants to Texas from the Windy City, Chicago. Stacey is mother to two little ones: Mackenzie, nearly 2, and Ashton, 4 months. Stacey works full time as a registered nurse. The Lynnes currently reside in Keller.

6:10AM Paci-check for little Ashton and send Mackenzie back to bed after finding her attempting to get into the pantry for cookies. I was in bed at 3am—there is no way we’re getting up now …

7AM Real wake up call for everyone. On this particular day, big sis has nursery school, so I get Mackenzie dressed (only partially because she is notorious for getting her oatmeal on her shirt—even with her bib on). Little brother is wiggling around, letting me know he’s ready to be changed and fed.

7:30AM With both babies dressed, I nurse Ashton while Mackenzie is watching a little TV and coloring.

7:45AM Little Ashton’s tummy is full, so he will play under the lights for a little while. On to Mackenzie’s breakfast: oatmeal, yogurt and milk—all on her own now (I wince as some hits the floor!). I make Mackenzie’s lunch and snack for school, getting everything, including the diaper bag, near the door for a quick exit later. I take a few swigs of the coffee my loving husband has left in the pot for me before his trip to work.

8:10AM Mackenzie and Ashton are playing (she in her playroom with blocks, while he is in his new exersaucer!), and I am taking 15 minutes for the mommy essentials: shower and brushing teeth.

8:35AM Chase Mackenzie around with her shoes and jacket—she doesn’t want to get ready to go outside until I remind her she’s going to school. It is rodeo day! I get Ashton into his car-seat carrier, bundled up against surprisingly cold temps. I am finally ready to head out!

8:45AM Mini unloading of the car: stroller, backpack with diapers, lunch box, folder and two babies (check, check, triple check). Drop of big sis at nursery school with a big hug and kiss, and I’m out the door to run one errand before the morning nap for my little man.

9AM Made it to the store to pick up a few things for this week’s dinner menus and a birthday card for my hubby. My little guy loves the store and he loves people telling how adorable he is (of course, I do, too!).

10:15AM Home again. I nurse my little guy and put him down for his morning nap since he’s rubbing his eyes and looks exhausted from his morning adventures.

10:30AM Having worked the night before until the wee hours of the morning, I am faced with the toughest decision ever: Take the much-needed/deserved nap? Or do house work? I decide to compromise and do one load of laundry and clean my pumping supplies from work last night and take a nap.

12:30PM Little Ashton is telling me my slumber is over, so I wake up and have some lunch (grilled cheese because it is awesome, and a salad sans dressing because I still need to lose a little baby weight) and play with my little guy. We play on the play mat—working on our new rolling over skills.

1:15PM Little man is hungry again, so I nurse him, and he’s content as can be!

1:30PM Lace up my running shoes and take little bro for a walk to pick up big sis from nursery school. It still a little chilly, but the bright Texas sunshine makes it lovely and mild enough for a short walk. Ashton falls into a blissful food coma as I walk to get Mackenzie.

2PM Pick up Mackenzie where she greets me with a point, saying, “Hi Momma …” and my heart melts! I have a brief talk with her teachers about what she did today, and how many of her chicken nuggets she ate, and how many of her carrots she didn’t eat. Then it’s off to walk home. Mackenzie is excited to see the stroller and is happy to be chauffeured through the neighborhood on the way home.

2:30PM We’re home now, and Ashton is being fussy. I can’t tell if he’s hungry, bored, tired or a combo. I walk around the house with him crying, and now Mackenzie is desperate for my attention, pulling on my pant leg, crying, saying, “up.” I encourage Kenz to go color and show me her crayons—this is a winner!

3:30PM Ashton finally goes down for a nap, and Mackenzie—like clockwork—asks for the TV remote so we can watch Yo Gabba Gabba! I finally have a minute. Woohoo! I check my e-mail, Facebook and favorite gossip mags.

4:15PM Ashton is awake again and ready to eat. (Didn’t I just nurse him!?) He’s smiling with happy anticipation that he’s going to eat. Mackenzie brings over her book of words and pictures—and tells me her favorite things. Today it’s: ball, bike and cookie. Then she brings me all three—so she did manage to get into that pantry. Note to self: Get a knob cover for pantry door.

4:30PM Daddy’s home. RELIEF! Mackenzie runs to the door for a hug and kiss. Nick and I talk briefly about Ashton’s day and if either baby pooped today (and who says the romance is gone?). Nick takes our little boy and both light up instantly.

5PM Cooking dinner (it’s Mexican lasagna, hubby’s fave). I hear Mackenzie’s destruction in the other room. Nick goes in to tell her to stop throwing her toys. She proceeds to have a little meltdown. Nick gives me Ashton who is as happy as ever now, and he takes her into her room for her time out/calm down time. Mackenzie naps at nursery school, but fatigue makes her a bear!

6PM Dinnertime. Mackenzie is eating her beans and rice (without any help again) and little brother is sitting, drooling all over himself in his Bumbo chair with the family.

6:30PM Bath time. Mackenzie and Daddy’s favorite time. I follow along with Ashton and wait for our turn, making googly faces in the mirror together.

7PM With both babies clean and dressed for night-night, it’s story time, prayers and time for bed. We kiss Mackenzie goodnight, give her paci and lovey to sleep with, and she nearly puts herself to bed since she’s so tired. I wrap up Ashton, then nurse and rock him to sleep.

7:15PM All is quiet. Nick and I decide what program to watch—being Thursday, Grey’s Anatomy it is. In the meantime, we snuggle on the sofa and banter on who had the tougher day.

9PM I pump before bed and surf the Net for a bit.

9:30PM Kiss my hubby goodnight (who stays up a little later to play a few minutes of PlayStation and to catch up on Purdue basketball stats).