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A Day in the Life of Sarah Brockway

In addition to being a full-time mom, Sarah teaches kindergarten in Crowley ISD and runs a small photography business. She and husband Jimmy have been married nine years. They are parents to 5-year-old Jacks, and they have two dogs, Wendy and Tinkerbelle. They currently live in Fort Worth and love to experience new things and have fun together.

6am Fight the urge to hit the snooze button; get up and get ready for the day; check emails and send any needed responses for Photography SJB, my photography business. 

7am Jacks is up and eating breakfast (pigs in a blanket or a Nutri-Grain bar); I give him a kiss on the way out the door. My husband covers getting him dressed and to school in the morning. Glad for that because I am NOT a morning person. 

7:30am My workday begins—taking care of 19 kindergarteners! They keep me on my toes and laughing! I LOVE this age. We start with breakfast in the classroom—who spilled the chocolate milk?

8am-1pm I do a million different things, including teaching math and language arts; soothing feelings; listening to stories; and discussing science and social studies. My favorite part of the day is probably “calendar” where we talk about what is going on in our lives. I must confess I love recess too—who doesn’t like watching a 5- or  6-year-old enjoy the simple pleasures of play time?

1pm Lunchtime! A much needed break with “adult” conversation! I check my business email again in case I need to respond to anyone. I am always surprised by what my husband packs me for lunch. He packs lunches every day for the three of us—I am so grateful that he helps me out in the mornings and doesn’t have to be at work until 8am! 

1:30-2:35pm Back in the classroom with the kiddos—more teaching. We are learning about plants right now and getting folders ready to go home.

2:35pm Bye kids! See you tomorrow!

3pm Respond to important emails from co-workers, straighten up room and get ready for the next day, wrap up any planning I need to finish, visit with co-workers. Count down the minutes until I get to go pick up my sweet 5-year-old. 

3:30pm Pick up Jacks from school. I go through the carpool line and he is so cute. “My mommy!” he yells as he spots my car. He gets in and I listen to all the fun things he did in pre-K that day.

3:30pm I really like to use this time just for Jacks and me—if it’s nice we go to a park, or if not, we read books, play board games or just be silly together. I am so thankful for my son—he makes me smile every single day, and I miss him during the day.

4:30pm Dad gets home! This is always a fun time, because he is WAY more fun than I could ever be (at least during the phase we are in now!).

4:30pm Family time. We spend time together playing outside if it is nice, playing the Wii together if it is not, or playing Jacks’ current favorite game: Candy Land. We also get dinner together during this time, and sometimes I have to be on my laptop finishing up editing a session/blogging/emailing a client. I try to limit that to 30 minutes.

6pm Dinnertime! We try to have no electronics during dinnertime: no phones, computers or TV on. It’s hard, but I feel like it will be worth it in the long run. We also like to talk about the best parts of our day. This is always amusing coming from Jacks. Once a week we (try) to have a family dinner with Jimmy’s mom and twin sisters—they live very close to us and it is a fun time, always.

7pm Bath time for J/story time. Jacks loves this part of the day and always has to be pried out of the bathtub. He has a list of at least four books that we have to whittle down to two.  His dad reads him stories at night—this is one of their special times together. I try to pick up the kitchen/do the dishes and then do a general pick-up of the whole house. I am a slob, but I can’t stand a cluttered house. A contradiction, I know …

7:30pm Jacks goes to bed. I feel like it is a little early compared to some of his friends, but he normally wakes up around 6/6:30am when our alarms start going off!

7:45-8:30pm We might both be found with our laptops—especially if it is a busy season for my business. Sometimes, though, we are watching TV together, getting stuff ready for dinner the next day, playing with the dogs, talking about our days, etc.  

9pm Jimmy and Sarah time! We both make a conscious effort to put all the stuff away (phones, laptops, etc.) and just spend time together. I am toying with no TV at all this summer (like no TVs in the house!). Maybe we will discuss that tonight! 

10:30pm Hit the pillow, ready to do it all over again the next day. I hope to maximize all the time I can with my family. Because life is sweet, and too short!