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A Day in the Life of Robin Kelm

Robin Kelm lives in Flower Mound with Matthew, her husband of 7 years. Robin is the owner of Robin Kelm Photography and Robin's Nest Boutique. Matthew works for Neiman Marcus Direct. They have two daughters: Eva, 5, Simone, 3, and three fur babies – Brodie the dog and Neo and Calvin the cats.

6:30AM Alarm goes off blaring the radio. I push snooze a couple of times.

6:45AM iPhone alarm. I'm forced to walk into the kitchen to turn it off. I walk half-asleep to wake up my kindergartener for school. She's worse than I am in the morning. As soon as we walk from her room to the living room, she makes a mad dash to the couch.

7AM I open the freezer to grab frozen waffles and pop them into the toaster then pour apple juice for Eva and orange juice for myself. The toaster pops with steaming blueberry waffles ready for butter. I wake up my kindergartener for the second time to force her to the kitchen for breakfast.

7:15AM The next task on my list is to struggle to get clothes on a sleepy 5-year-old for school. She complains she's cold. We head to the bathroom to fix her curly, out-of-control locks. She is my tender-headed child, and her curls are a challenge to tame. I have my spray bottle of water and detangler spray ready to soak the curls while I pull it up into a half-ponytail.

7:25AM Grab little sister out of bed, snatch her cereal bar and juice plus the stroller. She's my child who likes to stop and smell the roses when we're in a hurry, so the stroller keeps our pace up.

7:30AM My phone alarm sounds one more time, letting us know it's time to head out the door to walk to school with a sleepy 3-year-old and a half-awake 5-year-old. It's a little chilly this morning, and thankfully we were prepared with lightweight jackets.

7:35AM We pick up the pace to school two blocks away. The crosswalk guards are ready for the crowd with cheerful smiles on their faces.

7:50AM Simone and I head back home to get ready for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

8AM Just as I imagined, my 3-year-old battles with clothing choices for the day. She doesn't like what Mommy picked out for her. She finally makes a choice, and we head to the bathroom to put her hair in braids. It's her latest fashion. I finish getting myself ready, including applying make-up over my sleepy eyes. One quick scroll through my e-mails, including millions of advertising sales to view later.

8:15AM Rush off to MOPS and set up my leadership table. Simone gets to help me place the tablecloth and candy on the table. Her favorite part is stealing a chocolate candy before going to child care.

8:30AM Moms start to arrive in our “coffee talk” area with a sigh of relief, ready to relax and enjoy Mommy time. My job is to greet and chitchat about our day, kids and life.

9AM We head to the sanctuary to enjoy fellowship, brunch, prayer and a speaker. This week's topic is “organic cleaning with kids.” A perfect topic for me. Being a small-business owner working out of your home is a challenge, and I'll take all the help I can get. My children are always eager to help when I pull out the mop. One lesson learned from the speaker: The vinegar-water mix I've been using to clean the floors has most likely ruined the finish on our wood floors, great!

11:30AM Take down the table decorations then pick up my 3-year-old from MOPPETS and head to the playground for a picnic lunch and play.

12:30PM Head home, unload and hang up wet clothes from the washer. Yes, I hang all my kids’ clothes minus undies and socks.

1PM Play a game of pick-up-the-toys-or-they-get-sucked-into-the-vacuum with my little one.

2:30PM Time to get ready to pick up my kindergartener from school.

2:35PM Start walking to the elementary school to pick up Eva. This afternoon Simone decided to ride her tricycle. We see her preschool friend on the way, and they stop to give each other a big hug.

3PM Finally back home and time to prepare snacks for hungry and growing kids. I go through Eva's backpack and talk about her school day. She talks about her best buddy and her favorite center of the day.

4:30PM Check e-mail, edit client images.

5:30PM Start dinner; it’s turkey taco night. At least I won't hear the word “yucky” at the dinner table tonight.

6:45PM Clean dishes, kitchen and prepare school lunches.

7:45PM Bath time, brush teeth, read a story. Tonight's book is Eva's school library book, Arthur's Birthday.

8:30PM Check my calendar of tomorrow’s tasks and schedule, e-mail and quick browse of Facebook.

9:30PM Start watching shows recorded on the DVR, relax and knit a hat.

10:45PM Get ready for bed.

11:30PM Crawl into bed, looking forward to five hours of being child-free tomorrow.

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