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A Day in the Life of Rebecca Haug

Rebecca Haug participates in the Stroller Strides fitness program and runs a website designed to inform local moms of fun events and programs in the their area (parkercountymama.com). She lives in the Weatherford area with her husband and three children.

6AM Baby Sullivan wakes for his first feeding. He just started sleeping through the night in his room. What a relief for me! Throw on my workout clothes.

6:30AM Trying to enjoy my coffee with my favorite creamer. I usually don’t get to finish a full cup.

6:45AM Riley and Coen wake up. Make two cups of chocolate milk for my little guys. Pull out their clothes and beg them to get dressed.

7AM Time for breakfast, Multi Grain Cheerios for the boys. It’s their favorite. I have a Vitalicious muffin.

7:15AM Change Sulley’s diaper and get him dressed for the day.

7:20AM Get Riley and Coen’s hair combed and teeth brushed. This is the toughest part of the morning. My 6-year-old can’t understand why he needs to comb his hair every day. Finally I pack their bags for school.

7:30AM Grab Sulley from his play mat. Buckle him into the car seat.

7:45AM Load up the minivan and take Riley and Coen to school.

8:30AM Grab Sulley and walk Coen into his classroom. At least one hug and a kiss from my little guy. He will never let me go without it.

8:35AM Head home to check email, possibly feed Sullivan, eat a bowl of Cheerios and make my first post for the day on the Parker County Mama Facebook page.

9:15AM Quick diaper change, grab the diaper bag, stroller and back into the car. Sullivan and I are off to Stroller Strides. Sullivan loves going to work with Mommy. He does a fantastic job riding in the stroller.

9:30AM Sullivan and I start our Stroller Strides class. Stroller Strides is a total fitness program for Mom and baby. One hour of Mommy and baby working out together with our wonderful group of moms!

10:30AM Finish class and have some mommy talk time at the park. We can all relate and share our personal secrets on how to make it through the long nights and exhausting days of having little ones.

11AM Quick stop at Target. Always need something, and it’s nice to just skim the aisles with only one kid.

11:45AM Back home and time to feed Sullivan again. Thank goodness for my iPad. So nice to have while feeding Sullivan on the couch.

12PM Oh yes, I think it’s time to eat lunch.  Usually a quick turkey sandwich or salad does the trick. I sneak in something sweet too. Put Sullivan down for a nap. Has to be ready to get back in the car by 2:15pm.

12:30-2PM Work on updating parkercountymama.com, check Facebook, send more emails, update Stroller Strides paperwork, oh, and feed Sullivan again. Life with a new baby is so much FUN! And yes, change another diaper.

2:15PM Back into the car and off to pick up Coen from preschool.

2:30PM Arrive at Coen’s school. Grab Coen and all of his work for the day – usually a pile of painted pictures or a handmade craft. Head home for a quick pit stop. Drop off Coen’s bag and unload the stroller. Got to have room for Riley to jump in the car.

3:30PM Pick up Riley from kindergarten. Thank goodness for drive-through pickups at school.

3:45PM Home again. Homework time for Riley. Sit on the couch and read his readers and flash cards. Coen loves to sit next to his brother and listen. He’s getting pretty good at learning his wall words too.

4:30PM Free time for the kids. I’m back on the computer checking emails, maybe a little Pinterest for fun. Also getting ready for basketball practice. Both boys change clothes; Riley grabs his shoes and ball, and it’s back into the car to head to basketball practice.

5PM At basketball practice. Trying to keep Coen off the court. Rocking Sullivan back and forth in his infant carrier. Woo-hoo! Daddy just showed up.

6:15PM Home again. Time to feed Sullivan and prepare dinner. I’m a big fan of eMeals – I have all my meals planned out each week. Just pick one off the list to prepare for that night.

7PM Dinner and family time. Lots of fighting over who gets to sit by Daddy.

7:30PM Bath time for all. Grab all the clothes that were thrown on the floor and pop into the laundry room. Always find this to be a good time to start a load.

7:45PM Story time, milk and almost time for bed.

8PM Put the kids to bed. Yay! Two down, only one more to go.

8:15PM One last check of my email, check my posts on the Parker County Mama Facebook page, update the website and feed the baby and change his diaper.

9PM Wow – it has been a long day. Time to relax a bit. Baby fell asleep – now I can try to enjoy some down time. So thankful that my husband cleaned up the dinner mess!

9:30PM Finally, relaxing on the couch with my hubby hoping to catch up on our favorite show Revenge or do a little magazine reading. I have a great friend who shares her People magazine with me. Most of the time I just fall asleep. Morning will soon come, and the day will be just as busy as the one before.

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