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A Day in the Life of Rachel Doig

Rachel Doig lives in North Dallas with her husband, Washington, and their two children: Tristan, 4, and Trinity, who is 2 and has Down syndrome. Washington works as a business analyst, and Rachel works full-time as a senior project operations manager for a Fortune 500 company. They have lived in Texas for nearly nine years.

6:40AM I feel a rub on my arm. “Mommy, it’s a school day!” Tristan says. “Sweetness, it’s time,” says Washington as he passes by with a diaper in hand.

6:45AM I stumble to the kitchen while Tristan puts in his request. “I want yogurt, waffles, eggs, oatmeal and milk!” I tell him to pick two.

6:55AM I start pulling out leftovers from the fridge to make lunches for the kids. Chicken, veggies, fruit and milk – everything into the lunch bags. Wait; don’t forget the straw cup for Trinity to practice.

7:10AM I look up; Washington is getting the kids dressed in the clothes I matched for him. Tristan is watching cartoons, and Trinity is signing “eat.” I cook two eggs, split them on a plate then open two containers of yogurt. I dump one into a bowl and add half of the eggs to disguise them from Trinity.

7:15AM The three of us sit at the kid table. I help Trinity eat, and we watch cartoons and talk about silly things.

7:30AM Trinity signs “all done,” so I start on her hair. Multiple attempts to braid her hair. “Tristan, distract your sister, please – maybe dance some?” It goes into a ponytail.

7:40AM Grab vitamins, brush their teeth, coats on, smooches and reminders to “Be good in school today,” and out the door they go.

7:55AM Time for professional work. Log in; check emails and calendar for any immediate needs.

8:30AM The “cleaning route.” I start in Tristan’s room: straighten rug, open the blinds, shut the closet door, grab the water glass and the few toys left behind. Next is Trinity’s room, the spare bedroom, study and then the dining room, all the same routine and collecting things as I go.

8:45AM I grab a large glass of water and some peanut butter crackers and head back to the living room, which I have set up today as my “office.”

9AM My boss pings with projects to work on. I have a roundtable lunch for 12 and a town hall for 300 people in Simi Valley, California, to help organize, 10 focus groups to set up all in different parts of the U.S., a first-quarter national celebration luncheon for 25 sites to coordinate, a few email templates that need to be created and a team conference call, and I need to come up with a volunteer event for the month.

12PM No time for lunch, so I grab an apple and munch as I go.

12:40PM Brain overload! I throw on my tennis shoes, grab my bike and I’m off to clear my mind.

1PM Back to the computer for more emails and projects.

1:25PM Alarm on my phone goes off to pick up the kids. I have perfected the five-minute ready routine. Shower, hair in twist, get dressed, teeth brushed, shoes on, out the door.

1:30PM Sprint for the car.

2PM Carpool lane to pick up Tristan. We talk about his day. “Mommy, I’m Batman. I jumped off the bookcase today!” Oh boy, I’m sure there’s a note in his folder about this.

2:20PM Park to get Trinity. She is sitting in her chair shoving crackers in her mouth and eyeing those of the child next to her. I scoop her up, kisses all over and a quick “All OK?” with her teacher.

2:30PM Head back home, trying to beat the therapist.

3:05PM Arrive home and shuffle the kids inside. Doorbell rings.

3:10PM I shuffle between Trinity’s feeding therapy and talking with Tristan.

4PM I grab my son’s jiu-jitsu uniform and help him get it on, then go in search of his flip flops.

4:15PM Get an update from therapist and shuffle her out the front door, then grab the kids and head out the back.

4:30PM Watch Tristan in his class and wrestle Trinity off the mat as she army-crawls toward her brother.

5PM Everyone in the car; head for the mailbox and home.

5:25PM What’s for dinner? I go to the fridge and start grabbing meat and veggies.

5:45PM My husband comes home and helps get everything on the table.

5:55PM Tonight Trinity has decided to eat the chicken but not the veggies. Tristan has decided to eat it all.

7PM We clear off the table and head to the playroom for a round of Candy Land and dolls.

7:30PM Tonight we are tired, so both kids go in the tub and my husband bathes them while I put away the food and make lunches for the next day.

8PM The kids and I pile in bed and read a book; my husband joins for prayers and the second reading of the book.

8:30PM Kisses all around, and the kids are off to bed. 

8:35PM Trinity starts crying, so I go back in her room and she is signing for milk.

8:40PM Trinity’s back in bed, and I head for the kitchen, where we clean up and discuss our day.

9:45PM My husband heads off to the living room to watch TV, and I grab my laptop and head for my bed since I still have work for the day.

11:30PM I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

11:45PM I’m finally slipping into my bed. I turn on the TV and I quickly fall asssslllleeee (snore) …