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A Day in the Life of Nicole Stidham

5AM Eyes open, pop out of bed! Because that’s what morning people do.

5:15AM Toss the load of cloth diapers that I started last night into the dryer, dishes and general tidying up around the house. Because morning people don’t do so well tidying up at night. At least this one doesn’t.

6:15AM Help Daddy (Robert – we call each other Mama and Daddy, something I thought I’d never do) leave for his first insurance adjuster meeting of the day.

6:30AM Update the online store inventory, check what I missed on Facebook last night, respond to overnight emails, make some decisions on upcoming Cloth Diaper Awareness events and look over the Excel list of shipments that need to go out today.

7:30AM Wake up Victoria and Calvin to complete assigned chores.

8AM Our second oldest and typical middle child Andy wakes up and comes out to help me water the veggie and herb garden. He is my little agriculturalist.

8:30AM Victoria, our aspiring chef, makes fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast. Mmm.

9AM “Mmmaamma!” Adaline finally calls out from her crib that she has had adequate time to sleep and would like to be picked up. She gets a diaper and wardrobe change, morning breastfeeding, and she is ready for the day.

9:15AM Playtime with some blocks and Chutes and Ladders, and get the older kids started on their “seat work” for homeschooling. This is our first year homeschooling, using the same curriculum that our private school uses. No real reason we decided to homeschool this year, just seemed like something we needed to try.

10AM Kids secured with a Montessori-type project. Today it is wooden blocks for Calvin and little people for Adaline. Now it’s time to really get down to some one-on-one homeschooling time.

11:05AM Receive business call to my cell, secure safety of baby then run frantically to the back of the house so I can sound professional while answering the phone.

11:10AM Kids continue school, Calvin continues playing – I mean early learning – and Adaline juggles from sitting in my lap to playing on the floor beside me in the office so some business can be attended to. Then emails, documents faxed, social networking … I mean marketing, etc.

11:30AM Strap Adaline on my back in the Mei Tai so I can finish a custom order and prep shipments.

11:50AM Reminder call from Daddy to cut and mail out subcontractor checks.

12PM The whole gang and I walk packages and checks to the mailbox for pick-up and then lunchtime.

12:30PM Nurse Adaline and put her to bed. Run around like crazy cleaning, sewing and more general business management.

2PM After a quick science project out of Andy’s science book about water tension, school is out. Snack and a little free time, but not for Mommy, who gets a call from the boss man (Daddy) to get price checks on some roofing material.

3PM Get Adaline up, strap her on my back for picking the spoils of our garden. Today’s yield is only a few sprigs of rosemary, a handful of lettuce and some oregano. Dreaming of the day when our family can be mostly self-sustaining.

4PM Daddy comes home, and everyone vies for his attention, giving me a small break.

5:30PM Take a call from a beautiful mama adopting a micro-preemie who would like to be considered for Sewing With Faith, my program that provides cloth diapers to families of NICU babies.

6PM Put chicken and rosemary in a pot for chicken noodle soup; nothing nicer on a brisk day.

6:20PM Wonder what that burning smell coming from the kitchen is. My family has come to appreciate the taste of charred food.

7:20PM Dinner. I was aiming for 7pm, but this will do.

7:45PM Carry food-covered baby to bath while beckoning toddler to follow. Leaving older kids to tidy up table. Wishful thinking, I know.

9PM All people under 30 to bed.

9:30PM Relax, trying to convince myself to get up and clean the kitchen, but the only domestic enthusiasm I can muster is to put a load of laundry in the washer. Oh well, reading a little from my herbalist schoolbook is a better use of my time, since I’m trying to complete the first part of my herbalist certification by April.

10PM Just a few more emails, and I arrange for package pick-ups for tomorrow: lots of babies getting new carriers to be close to their mamas soon.

11PM Fall asleep watching some sort of documentary.

11:30PM My husband wakes me to come to bed with him. We both drift off discussing how our newest addition, coming in late April, will change our family once again for the better. He assures me it will all fit together perfectly in God’s hands.