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A Day in the Life of Melissa Oberlender

Melissa Oberlender lives in Irving with her husband of six years, Tim. They have one child, Grace, 3. Melissa is a full-time stay-at-home mom and a graduate of Texas A&M University and The University of North Texas. She previously worked in the oil and gas industry and is president of the MOMS Club of Coppell – South. 

6:58AM I hear “Mommy I neeeeeed you” from my daughter’s bedroom. I get out of bed, yell good morning to my husband (who is in the shower after his morning walk) and head down the hall to Grace’s room.

7:20AM My daughter and I have just made our third trip to the bathroom this morning. I love/hate potty training. I’m happy not to have to change dirty diapers but dislike spending so much of our day in and out of the bathroom.

7:43AM My husband is off to work. My daughter is drinking a sippy cup of orange juice and watching Mickey Mouse on the TV. Unfortunately, she has inherited my dislike of eating in the morning. I have all but given up trying to get her to eat a healthy breakfast.

8:11AM I’m getting dressed. Before Grace was born this meant a full face of make-up, hair perfectly coiffed, a suit complete with pantyhose and matching jewelry. Today getting dressed means very little make-up (just enough to cover the “bags” under my eyes), hair in a ponytail and workout clothes. The only thing that matches are my socks and shoes.

8:45AM We’re off to a small group meeting at our church, Highland Park United Methodist in Dallas. The group is called Spiritual Formation for Moms. We are discussing the book The Treasure Tree by John Trent. 

10:10AM During a meeting break I check my iPhone for email and updates to Facebook.  I’ve only recently joined Facebook – I was the last holdout of my family and friends.  I see that my friend and fitness instructor, Farrah, is starting a new workout program called “Mama Wants Her Body Back.” I make a mental note to check my calendar to see if I can participate.

11:20AM Grace and I walk across the tree-lined SMU campus to eat lunch at Chick-fil-A. It’s a beautiful day. One of my favorite things about being a full-time mom is times like these. I know other mothers who’d love to just go for a leisurely walk with their kid during the middle of the day. I need to stop more often and remember how truly lucky I am to have this time with Grace.

12:53PM We’re in the car and on our way back home. I’ve made the rookie mom mistake of bargaining with my child. Mommy gets to listen to what she wants on the radio, and Grace gets to play a game on my iPhone. 

2:10PM Grace is in her room for quiet time or, I hope, a nap. She is in the awkward stage of me needing her to do something and her not wanting any part of it. When did this start? When will it end?

2:23PM I am at the computer firing off emails to MOMS Club members. Reminders for events. Plans for next month. I love being a part of this group. We talk about the trials and tribulations of raising our children. There is no judgment.

3:15PM My daughter and I are off to Allen Road Park in Coppell. We’re hosting the MOMS Club Kids’ Book Club. I started this group earlier this year after our favorite librarian (Miss Stephanie) was transferred across town.

3:55PM I’m reading out loud while the kiddos are working on an art project. I stop after each page and ask questions about the text. I love to hear the kids’ responses to some of my favorite books.

4:45PM Grace and I are back in the car and on our way home. I am silently going over the options for dinner. I ask Grace her opinion and hear that she’d like princess pasta. What is princess pasta? Would my husband be OK if I served him that for dinner tonight? 

6PM Tim is running late, so I start Grace’s dinner. She has settled on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. How original. I cut up some fruit and cheese too. She eats everything – which is always a pleasant surprise. Now … what will Tim and I eat for dinner?

6:52PM My husband is finally home. Grace runs to meet him at the back door. I love seeing the two of them embrace each other. Tim pulls me in for a hug, and we both laugh as Grace yells, “Family hug!”

7:30PM The bedtime routine starts promptly around our house. Grace is brushing her teeth and I’m running her bath. My husband is in the kitchen preparing her medicine.  Grace has a sensitive nose, and it’s always running. We took her to an immunologist a year or so ago and the doctor prescribed some preventative medicines to help with seasonal allergies.

8:10PM I’m in the living room folding clothes. I can hear Tim reading Grace a bedtime story. I peek in her bedroom and see that she’s cuddled in his lap. This is their special time together. They both look exhausted from the day.

9:15PM Tim and I are lying on the couch watching one of our favorite shows, Modern Family. I treasure the little time we have together after Grace is in bed. There are no interruptions. It’s just us. And we both try to ignore our phones (which is easier said than done).

10:20PM The lights are out in our home. My husband and I are both in bed. We talk a little about our plans for tomorrow. Tim says goodnight first. We both blow air kisses at each other and are fast asleep.

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