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A Day in the Life of Megan Belknap

Megan Belknap, 32, and her husband Chris live in West Plano with daughters Ella, 4 ½, and Caroline, 22 months. She works full-time as a CPA and controller for TIGI Haircare (creators of Bed Head hair products).

5:15am Holy moly! Is it already that time? Must get up for brutal spin class … Must do it … Still have baby weight. Husband still snoring…

6am I hate my spin instructor. How can she be in such a good mood when she is causing so much pain?

6:30am So glad I went to spin class. Don’t know why I would say that I hate my spin instructor — she makes my whole day start off on the right page.

6:45am Oh, goodness. Just walked in the door and there seems to be mayhem in the kitchen. Husband dared to fix frozen pancakes when the girls wanted frozen waffles. There’s such a difference, Dad! My husband is sweeter than I am, though, and actually fixes them the waffles too.

7:15am Argue with oldest daughter about what she is going to wear today. “No, Ella, you can’t wear a skirt every day. No, Ella, you can’t do your own hair today – only on weekends. No, Ella, you can’t put lipstick on.”

7:30am Finally, everyone has left for the day and I can now get dressed. Always a little sad when they leave, as I know that they’ll do all sorts of things today without me. Anyway, need to pick up the house, as my housecleaner is coming today. My life doesn’t work without her — I wonder if she knows how important she is to me. I make a resolution to tell her more often.

8am Off to work. My commute is 30 minutes, with just enough traffic lights to pluck my eyebrows and get all my makeup on. Sorry, men of the world — I am indeed one of those women you talk about and have bumper stickers for.

8:30am Get to work, plug in the computer and see that I already have 30 emails in my inbox. Also see that I have way too many meetings today. I know that meetings are a necessary evil, but they are still evil. Arrgghh! Need to get some coffee.

8:45am Must first log my points onto Weight Watchers online. I earned five extra points for that brutal spin class this morning. If I hadn’t gained 55 POUNDS with each of my pregnancies … Oh, well only five more pounds left before I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

9:30am Check in with my UK finance director. All is good, as usual; she does such a great job and I am thankful. I make another resolution to tell her more often.

10am Have a quick phone call with my CFO to check in for the day. He’s the CFO for both my company and our sister company, Toni&Guy. He offices out of the Toni&Guy headquarters, so most of the time a phone call is my only contact with him during the day. He’s wonderful, though, and always seems to get me focused for the week.

10:30am My other boss, our president, comes into my office and asks about my family. I quickly realize that I work for two good men – both of whom make it possible for me to be a working mom. He then asks for a detailed cost comparison for this year as compared to last. He leaves and I worry that I’ve promised to have this to him tomorrow, when really it might be next week. Note to self: Under promise and over deliver next time.

11am My assistant controller (the other person I couldn’t live without) comes in and tells me that she needs to leave, as her childcare has fallen through. I panic, knowing that our large financial meeting with all the bigwigs is only two days away. I then quickly tell her, “Don’t worry. It will all work out.” And I believe what I say. She is a professional working mother, and I know that she will do whatever it takes to get her job done. She always does.

12pm Working through lunch. Must get this cost analysis done.

2pm Meet with sales and marketing VPs to decide our sales prices for the upcoming promotional period. Look around and realize that most of the people in the room are really good friends of mine. Am thankful for this.

3pm Meet with my credit manager. He gives me a detailed look at our receivables position. Then meet with our purchasing director. Need to make sure that our inventory balances are in line for the rest of the year. Must be very careful in this strange economy and watch our cash flow closely.
5pm Dang it! Not going to finish that cost analysis. Will have to take my computer home tonight and work after the girls have gone to bed.

5:30pm Pick up the girls at their school. This is my favorite part of the day. They always seem so happy, and I am thankful that they go to such a great place every day. I’m convinced that having good childcare can “make or break” the decision to continue working. Ella runs up to me and says (referring to her behavior chart), “Mommy, Mommy, I got all green today!” I am ecstatic and realize that my whole worth as a parent seems to be summed up in three different colors of construction paper. Caroline also brings me her report card for the day that details what she ate (and what she did in the bathroom). I am equally ecstatic to know that she is “regular!”

5:45pm Stop at Boston Market for dinner … again. Order the girls the Mac & Cheese kid’s meal. Hope that corn is considered a “good enough” vegetable – worry that it’s not.

6:30pm Raced the girls through dinner and now racing them through their baths. Always seem to be racing.

6:45pm Daddy’s home! Girls jump all over him. I feel a little sorry for him. I can tell he’s had a stressful day at work (he’s also a CPA and controller for a large law firm in downtown Dallas). He’s a trooper, though, and has big hugs for them.

7pm Ella reads Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed to Caroline, complete with all the hand motions. It’s a very sweet moment and Chris and I give each other looks that say, “This is what makes it all worth it!”

7:30pm Put the little one to bed and realize that I didn’t even get two hours with her. I know she needs the rest though and I need the downtime. Go downstairs and watch So You Think You Can Dance?

9pm Chris puts Ella to bed. I laugh when I hear him saying, “Yes, Ella, I will leave the night light on. Yes, Ella, I will fix you waffles in the morning. Yes, Ella, you can wear a skirt tomorrow!”

9:15pm Listen half-heartedly to Chris talk about his day while finishing up that blasted cost analysis. Promise him that I will be a better conversationalist during our date this weekend.

10:30pm Read two pages of my book, but have to stop because the words are starting to blur. I’m so tired. I thank God for my girls, my parents and siblings, my friends, my work … then I thank Him for allowing me to go through this crazy thing called “life” with the man snoring next to me.