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A Day in the Life of Mary Wilkinson

Mary Wilkinson is a yoga instructor and lives in Lewisville with her husband Scott, daughter Aspen (20-months-old) and dogs, Rocco and Shiloh.

6:30am Internal alarm clock wakes me up and I ponder a bit on the unusual dream that just went on in my head. I’ll write a book one day with a collection of the strangeness. I roll around a little, pet my dog Shiloh who usually sleeps with me and hop out of bed.

6:40am Boil water for my tea, eat a quick banana, meditate, check email, etc. then begin brainstorming on my classes at Inspire Yoga Studio for the following week.

7:15am Go to Aspen’s room and watch her play with her “nunnies” for a while until she’s good and ready to get out and join me. She finally gets up and tries on about five pairs of shoes until she’s found the right ones and we go outside to work in the veggie garden and water the plants. While I’m doing that, she plays with the dogs, explores the backyard and munches on a leaf of red chard she’s picked from the garden—a little pre-breakfast snack. Afterward, I sit outside and play fetch with my other dog, Rocco, and drink my tea while she plays a little more. This is my favorite part of the day.

8am We turn on some music (usually Red Hot Chili Peppers) and have a dance party in the kitchen while I make breakfast. Today, it’s scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. I tell my dog Rocco for the first time today that I will not throw his ball.

8:40am I hop in the shower (no ball, Rocco!) and watch Aspen try on more shoes, my high heels this time (at least someone is wearing them). Get dressed in my yoga clothes and think back on a time when I worked at a busy advertising agency and would envy moms who ran errands all day in workout gear. I pack up Aspen’s snack bag and head to the studio.

9:20am Get Aspen set up with our receptionist at the studio, Natosha, who watches Aspen from time-to-time while I teach or practice.

9:30am Unroll my mat for the first class of the day. On Friday, I get to take a class before I teach, nice!

11am My class starts. We’re working on shoulders today.

12:15pm Pack up Aspen’s things, talk about her morning, and call Scott to chat a couple minutes since he’s in appointments all day. Drive by our rent house to make sure the lawn guys are mowing the yard and head back home. Aspen has fallen asleep in her car seat, so I carefully scoop her out and put her in bed. She reminds me to take her shoes off, grabs her “nunny” and goes to sleep.

12:45pm Oh gosh, I need to eat! I make lunch, start a batch of black beans in the crock-pot and get some laundry going. Then, I head outside to start mowing the backyard. When I’m done with the yard, I play with the dogs for a couple minutes, and then go inside to finish the household chores.

2pm Aspen wakes up from her nap. We read some books (only the “nunny” books), go through the shoe routine again, and then get her a bite to eat (no ball Rocco!). Today brown rice and beans, sweet potato and a mango are on the menu.

3pm We walk the dogs to the park. I say “heel” a few hundred times more than I’d like to and finally get to the playground. Aspen swings and slides and insists on doing everything herself and then we go home.

3:50pm I have one last class to teach, so I pack Aspen up, and drop her off at Adventure Kids Playcare, which is right downstairs from Inspire. Talk about convenience!

4:30pm Happy hour yoga begins! This class is so much fun (I think to myself), it must be because they’re expecting a little Sangria afterwards (next week, perhaps). I wrap up class and head downstairs to grab Aspen.

5:45pm Aspen and I run to the grocery store for a couple things. We usually go out on Fridays, so I call Scott to discuss where to meet. We go back and forth for about five minutes and decide on Fuzzy’s Tacos.

6:30pm Meet Scott at Fuzzy’s and eat a little too much.

7:30pm Get home and start getting Aspen ready for bed. Put her in the bath, play in the tub for a little while, then we put on her pajamas and read some “nunny” books (beginning to see the nunny theme?).

8:15pm Aspen is in bed. I clean up any messes left over from the day (NO BALL, ROCCO!), feed the dogs, pour myself a glass of wine and settle in for the night. Scott and I talk about our days, and watch a little TV.

9:30pm Change into my pajamas, brush my teeth and head to bed to read a little.

10:30pm I wake up with the book on my chest (I’ll have to read that over again), roll over and put it on my nightstand, lights out!