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A Day in the Life of Mai Swindell

4AM Evan wakes up crying for Mama. Since I had just fallen asleep at 1 a.m., I pick him up and put him into bed between Mark and me. I simply need more sleep and that’s the easiest way to achieve that. The crying woke up our dog, Tank, who “gently” asks to be let out by leaping into our door. After I tuck Evan in between his Daddy and me, he, too, asks to go potty. I’m so proud of him to be accident free two weeks in a row!

5AM The alarm goes off and I am thankful Mark hits the snooze button for me. Yes! Fifteen more minutes of sleep.

5:15AM I wake up (barely), brush my teeth and hop into the shower. Put on my make-up and get dressed.

6AM Remind Mark that we need to head out soon so we can drop Evan off and make sure we get to the airport on time. Daddy has another business trip. Felicia and Preston have no idea we’ve left the house. They are both teenagers and stayed up late, too, and are now sleeping deeply. Need I say more?

6:10AM Drop off Evan and say our good-byes to our sleepy little man. Hip, hip hooray—night pull-up is still dry. Good boy!!

6:15AM Head to the airport. Mark is dropped of by 6:40 a.m. I will see my hubby in a few days. We got there a lot quicker than expected … what to do now that I am really early for work besides listen to the Musers on The Ticket, Sports Radio 1310!

6:50–7AM I am waiting outside of Sprouts to grab a salad for lunch in the event that I am too busy to go out for lunch. Store opens five minutes early. YEAH!

7:05AM Get to work and none of the badge readers are working. Can’t get in. Uggghh ….

7:15AM Stand outside until another employee lets me in.

7:30AM Laptop up and running. Check work e-mails … not too bad for being out the week before on vacation.

9AM Sync up meeting with teammate on certification training that happened last week while I was out. Mental note: Call my sister at 10:15 a.m. to check on Evan. Mental side note: Call Felicia and Preston to see if they’ve woken up yet.

10AM Work on training documentation for advanced certification. Work right until 11:30 a.m. and decide to head out to lunch with two friends for a break.

11:30AM-12:30PM Lunch at Quiznos. YUM!

12:35PM Speak to Preston and remind him to go to karate class in the evening. Make sure Felicia gets him to their aunt’s house before her clarinet lesson.

1PM–4:30PM Continue to work on training documentation.

4:30PM Head out for a one-hour commute home from Coppell to Fort Worth. Listening to the Hardline makes my long drive home bearable.

5:30PM My sweet sister made dinner. Preston and Evan are fed. Felicia is spending the night with a girlfriend. No cooking tonight for me. Score! Now, it’s Mama’s time to eat.

6:30–7:30PM Chat with my sister about Evan’s day while I wait to pick up Preston from karate class. Evan is playing with his cousin.

7:45PM Get home and remind Preston to walk Tank. Remind Preston to eat some watermelon and drink water to rehydrate after karate class. Put in a load of laundry.

8PM Evan wanted a snack but it sounded like he said he wanted a tourniquet … WHAT? He gets frustrated with me because I don’t know what he’s asking for. He was asking for a Nutella spread but he was trying to say chocolate. When I repeated to him what he wanted, his pretty eyes lit up! Just warms my heart that he knew I finally understood him.

8:15PM Give Evan a bath and put him in his PJs. He plays in his Cars tent. We snuggle, talk and Evan touches and squeezes every part of my face. He is tired but does not want to fall asleep.

8:30PM Pay bills. Put laundry into dryer.

9PM Read a few more work e-mails since I have a training class in the morning. Preston wants to watch his Dr. Who on the DVR and Evan is having a huge meltdown. He’s super tired.

10PM Watch the 10 o’clock news while mentally going over all the things-to-do yet to be done: find out where the camera battery charger got misplaced to, research private loans for college vs. Parent Plus loans, more training documentation, work on special family project, upload family vacation photos on backup drive.

11:30PM I think I will have an empty bed tonight—or will a 3-year-old find his way in? Will my mind stop racing so I can actually fall asleep? I hope so! I end every night with a prayer of THANKS that I have so much family support to help me out. I know I am blessed beyond measure!