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A Day in the Life of Maggie Grayson

Maggie Grayson is wife to Todd, mom to Jackson (4) and Tucker (22 months), with one more Grayson on the way. She’s owner of Fit4Baby/Stroller Strides/Body Back, Organizer of LUNA Moms Club and vice president of Gorbella’s NonProfit.

5AM Wake up and join the hubby for an early morning workout. One of the only times we get to spend together without the boys tugging at our legs. Even if we can’t talk because we are working so hard, we can at least sweat together!

6AM Sneak in a quiet shower while Todd heads out to work.

6:20AM Jackson wakes up and gets his morning banana and waffle while I check the weather for Stroller Strides, make/eat a chocolate/spinach smoothie and some Ezekiel toast.

7AM Tucker wakes up and eats breakfast while I follow up with a few e-mails and plan our Stroller Strides workout for the day and update the daily voicemail message. These moms are in for a tough workout!

7:30AM Fold and stuff cloth diapers for Tucker for the day, pack the diaper bag with snacks, water and toys to keep the boys happy in our BOB Duallie stroller, their chariot. Their favorite snacks this week include the Clif Kidz Organic Z Bar, Just Fruit Munchies and coconut milk kefir.

8:15AM Load the Suburban to the gills and head to Stroller Strides for a great workout with some amazing moms and babies. On the way, we get to catch up [on the phone] with my mom and dad in New York. The boys enjoy talking to Grandma and Grandpa on speakerphone.

9AM Step ups, lunges, sprints, bicep curls, all while singing “Old MacDonald”—what a workout! An hour with around 20 moms/kiddos can be hectic, but to see every mom getting a great workout, pushing themselves to make improvements and the smiles on the babies’ faces while we sing to them is the reason I do what I do!

10AM Stay and play at the park with our LUNA Moms Club playgroup. Sometimes it involves bubbles, chalk or kites, but I can always count on great conversation and support from every mom there!

11AM Squeeze in an errand and then head home for lunch, which is usually only half eaten since the boys have snacked a lot this morning in our stroller (and also scavenged from everyone else’s snacks as well). They are bottomless pits! I am terrified to see how much they can devour when they are teenagers.

12:30PM Nap time for the boys, whew! Business hours for me, which includes returning phone calls, e-mails, writing presentations, following up with the other Stroller Strides instructors. It can be overwhelming at times to coordinate six different locations and six instructors!

2PM The boys are up and head outside to the sandbox. After a short break for apples and hummus, they are back outside chasing our dogs. I turn into boy-mom, getting down and dirty in the sandbox. Don’t ever check out my nails because there is not a manicure out there that is tough enough to withstand dump trucks, bulldozers and 200 pounds of sand.

3:15PM Leave for our ISR swim lessons. What a commitment—20 minutes there, 10-minute lesson and 20 minutes home! Totally worth it for the boys’ safety!

4:30PM Home to start dinner of shish kebabs made with all organic ingredients from Whole Foods Market: chicken, mushrooms, onions, peppers, squash and sweet potatoes.

5:30PM Todd’s home and we enjoy dinner together while catching up. Have to get the boys to try all their veggies by following through with the two-bite rule.

6:15PM If there is T-ball practice, we leave now to get across town in time to watch 11 3-4 year olds play tackle T-ball. They all sprint to the ball no matter where it is hit. In between batters, they can be found twirling, digging in the sand or asking to play on the playground.

7PM Bath time, which means bonding time for the boys and Daddy. All I hear is laughing, splashing and the radio blasting. It warms my heart. While the boys get clean, I clean up from dinner and map out my prioritized to-do list for the evening.

7:30PM Stories and snuggles with the boys and then they are off to dreamland. My second set of office hours begins. I’m back to the laptop, returning e-mails, proposing co-marketing opportunities and creating new social media ads for Fit4Baby, Stroller Strides and Body Back.

9:30PM Office closed for the day, time to enjoy one DVR’ed show (fast forwarding through commercials to save time) with Todd before I fall asleep on the couch.

10:30PM Bedtime. I can hear my Tempur-Pedic calling my name (5:00 a.m. comes early). Lights out in 3,2, Zzzzz ….