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A Day in the Life of Madeline Edwards

Madeline Edwards is a stay-at-home mom. She lives in Benbrook with her husband Jesse and their two boys: Waylon, 5, and Jackson, 4.

6:30AM Alarm sounds, and I hit snooze a couple times before rolling out of bed. Ten more minutes makes a big difference, right?

7AM I speed-walk down the icy hardwood hallway wondering where my slippers are as I head to my first morning meeting with my boss – a breakfast options discussion with my 5-year-old. We decide on Greek yogurt and blueberries, and we're up. Here comes the sun.

7:15AM Little brother wakes up to the sound of cartoons and coffee brewing. Meeting No. 2 is underway … banana oatmeal and chocolate Ovaltine it is. We catch Daddy before he's out the door. Hugs and kisses for everyone.

7:30AM We reluctantly peel off our warm jammies and get into “real clothes” for our trip out into society (school). I barely remember to sign my son's behavior chart from the previous day as we load into the car.

7:55AM Little brother and I take our schoolboy to his classroom and load back into the car. Like gravity, we end up at Starbucks for Round 2. I love/hate that it’s two blocks from our house.

8:15AM We arrive back home, and I sit down. This lasts for about 30 marvelous minutes before my son is bored with The Octonauts.

8:45AM I clean up breakfast leftovers and gather the trail of jammies throughout the house. I notice the cats pawing at the back door. I let them in for their breakfast.

9AM I throw something, anything into the washing machine so that I feel like I'm making progress. I usually start with anything that smells like pee, and with two little boys, that's basically a full load. Also, my little one likes to take a morning bubble bath, so I usually make his bath around this time.

9:30AM During bubble bath/play tub time, I usually check Instagram and Facebook. As a stay-at-home mother, this is pretty much my social life these days.  I take this time to let my friends know that I think their kids are cute and their hair looks fabulous, and I “like” some crockpot recipes and screenshot them in an attempt to decide on a dinner plan for the night. But that can wait; we've got time and Pinterest for that later.

10AM Is it only 10? It feels much later. I start to muster up the courage to make a Walmart trip. Paper towels are not a sufficient substitute for toilet paper for more than one day.

11AM Victory! Where's my trophy? We make it back from Walmart with groceries and necessities galore. Now it's time to prepare lunch for the two of us in celebration. Tuna wraps and edamame sound good.

12PM We head out to the backyard for some Vitamin D and free time. I end up on the phone paying bills, scheduling check-up appointments and confirming our follow-up appointment with the asthma specialist.

1PM Crap! I just remembered to switch the laundry from this morning to the dryer, and there's probably a load in the dryer waiting to be put away.

1:30PM It's rest/snuggle time with little Bubba. There are probably dirty dishes in the sink. And did I forget to clean up our lunch mess? Who cares? We've got some serious cuddling to do.

3PM We head to pick up big Bubba from school. We’re excited; we missed him all day! I love spotting his smile approaching me from the line of kiddos. Those three seconds outshine the chaos and monotony. I ask him about his day and listen to my little person. This is my “checkpoint” of the day.

3:30PM Snack time and then playtime for the little brothers while I do the dishes and throw something into the crockpot.

5PM We await Daddy's arrival. I feel like a queen being saved by her king when I see his truck pull into the driveway. I think I'll have a glass of wine in celebration.

6:30PM Dinnertime. We test out my newest Pinterest crockpot concoction and then do a little homework while our schoolboy is still for five minutes.

7PM Bathtime for the boys while my husband and I get laundry out and ready for the next day. This is when I remember I forgot juice boxes earlier at Walmart and head to CVS to save the day.

8PM Bedtime is comin’ in hot. We get our jammies on, have a banana for bedtime snack and brush teeth. Monkeys will be monkeys.

8:30PM The boys lie down and are usually asleep by 9, after I make three to five trips down the hall to let them know I'm not coming back down the hall. I bust them jumping from bed to bed, tackle them with bear hugs, snuggle them up nice and warm in their blankets and cover them in goodnight kisses.

9PM I peep in to check on the boys and find them sleeping peacefully. It's been five years and still, sometimes I can't help but cry unexplainable tears when I watch them sleep. Parenting is such a challenge. It's easy to become consumed by your role, and it's nice to stumble upon those real-life, raw, precious moments. Bedtime for me feels a lot like crossing a finish line. Some days I feel like I've won. Others, maybe not. But that's the name of the game. “Life’s a game made for everyone, and love is a prize.”

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Published March 2014