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A Day in the Life of Lyn Massey Pollard

Lyn and her husband Bryan live in Dallas with their two children. Their 6-year-old daughter has dyslexia, ADHD and dyspraxia, and their 9-year-old son is on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum. Lyn is a parent advocate, freelance writer and blogger.

6:30AM My iPhone alarm sounds. I hit snooze a few times.

6:50AM I finally roll out of bed and head to the kids’ rooms to wake them.

7AM Kids and I get dressed while my husband makes breakfast.

7:15AM Kids eat and take their meds and vitamins.

7:30AM The school scramble ensues – teeth, hair, shoes tied, backpacks on, rush to get out the door.

7:45AM I grab the “Light It Up Blue” for Autism flyers I printed out last night and my iPhone.  

7:50AM Head out the front door and walk the half-block to school.

7:54AM Drop off kids. Quickly tape flyers on the outside school doors, the cafeteria door and the bulletin board in the main office. Monday is Autism Awareness Day.

7:58AM Run into the school principal as I head down the front steps. Stop to chat for a minute.

8:03AM Realize I forgot my headphones – jog home to grab them.

8:07AM Turn on the live stream of NPR on my iPhone. Listen to the health-care insurance debate while I jog.

8:40AM Get home. Make coffee and listen to a great story on NPR about bullying. While it’s percolating, quickly find the NPR tweet with the link to the story and re-tweet it to my 550+ followers.

8:48AM Pour coffee and re-tweet a few more links about bullying.

8:50AM Hit the shower for my 9:30AM meeting.

9:27AM Realize I don’t know where my Moms In Touch (MIT) group is meeting. Quickly pull up the email with the address, grab my coffee and a granola bar and hop in the car.

9:32AM Facilitate MIT (a group of neighborhood moms who meet weekly for discussion and to pray for our kids).

11:17AM Feeling supported and encouraged, head out.

11:50AM Arrive home. Grab lunch and sit down at my computer to do some work.

12:06PM Send an email to the psychologist and director of the Scottish Rite Dyslexia Center in Austin that I am working with to plan a Speak Up For Kids event along with the Child Mind Institute for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week in May.  

12:27PM Read an email about going to see The Hunger Games with some friends tonight.

12:42PM Send an email to my neighborhood KDDs (Kids with Disabilities & Differences) Study & Support Group about Autism Awareness Day.  

1PM Email my school district’s new executive director of communications regarding the meeting we have set to discuss the district’s efforts to improve communication with parents regarding dyslexia services, special education programming and other concerns.

1:08PM Focus on writing. I have several blog posts and feature articles I’m working on.

2:26PM Phone rings. It’s our daughter’s educational diagnostician calling to talk to me about her recent assessment.

2:49PM Remember that I still need to buy my ticket for The Hunger Games.

2:51PM Realize I forgot to email a PTA board member about a question she has about our district’s dyslexia services – will do it later.

2:53PM Put on shoes, grab sunglasses and my iPhone. Head out the door.

3PM Greet the kids and chat with friends in the schoolyard.

3:21PM Lazily walk home, enjoying the spring weather. The kids run ahead once we are almost to our house and I sneak a peek at my email.  

3:27PM Kids pile in front of the TV with their dad. I tell my daughter that we are leaving in 15 minutes for her play date (and my play date with her mommy, my friend).  

3:53PM Change shoes, comb my hair, grab some homemade dip and a bag of pita chips and head out the door with my daughter.

4:06PM Arrive at our play date. My friend, who has been working from home all day, is happy to see that I brought snacks.  

4:16PM We sit on the back patio while my friend’s younger daughter naps and chat.  

6:45PM After a fabulous chat and play date, I feel energized and encouraged. Help pick up toys, say thank you and head home.

6:50PM Pass by our school playground and wave to my son, who is having a “baseball play date” with his best friend and his dad.

6:55PM Check my email, see that the movie plans are solid, touch base with my husband to make sure he is still OK with me going. Decide what we are going to have for dinner.  

7:59PM My son arrives back home after his play date. Daddy fixes him a hot dog while I rush to freshen up and get ready to leave for the movie.

8:10PM Kiss the kids and my husband goodbye. I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie with girlfriends. I think it was The Help last summer.