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A Day in the Life of Liz Muder

Liz Muder lives in Lake Highlands with her husband of 10 years, Chris, and their three children: Noah, 6, Pate, 4, and Sophie, 3. She works as a wedding and portrait photographer.

6:16AM Awake to find our almost 6-year-old in bed with us. I thought we bought this Tempur-Pedic mattress for us – you know, the adults that actually have creaky bones.   

6:26AM Chris and I make a quick dash to our living room for our morning devotional. 

6:40AM I rouse the kids to a fresh homemade breakfast (made by General Mills but with organic milk). 

6:56AM Assist Noah with brushing his teeth.  

6:59AM The two younger kids, Pate, 4, and Sophie, 3, make their way to the bathroom and we begin their beautification process. 

7:15AM I gather the children (it's like herding cats) and we do our morning devotional about Joshua and Caleb spying out the Promise Land. 

7:20AM The kids are released to play while Mom works her own miracle. Translation: brush hair, brush teeth, add shimmer powder, blush, mascara and lip gloss.  

7:43AM Harlem shuffle to the garage and say loud things like, “Get in your seat” and “No, we're not bringing Monsters University figurine toys.”  

7:51AM Arrive in the school entry; everyone hugs and kisses big brother as he sets out to master kinder things. 

7:58AM I pre-packed gummy worms (healthy stuff) for the kids to munch on while fellow mom Sylvia and I each sip a cafe au lait at Central Market.  

9:32AM Back home. Turn on The Broadcast, Dallas's gabfest about current events and stuff and hop on my 1987 stationary Schwinn bike that I got from Urban Thrift for $40. Bike for 15 minutes and log my breakfast and workout on My Fitness Pal. 

10:01AM Check Facebook on my phone and glance at emails. 

11AM I’ve now been asked about three times for a snack by Pate. He's my grazer. So, I make my way to the kitchen and crank out two PB&J “sammiches” with a side of banana and goldfish crackers. Sophie opens the sandwich and with her pointer finger draws in the peanut butter, takes one bite and disappears. The next time I hear her voice she says, “Momma, I poo poo.” I look to see her and her pink padded panties are sagging in the bottom.   

11:22AM After recovering from the poop panties, I make my lunch — leftover pretzel hoagie bread with melted mozzarella and tomato slice, plus a side of seven, yes only seven, tortilla chips and salsa (counting calories!). 

11:54AM Hop on the treadmill for another 15 minutes. This time I'm watching House Hunters Renovation.  

12:22PM Head back to the office to edit photos. 

1:35PM Stop in at Half Price Books for a gift card for Secret Pal. SP is a way to bless the teachers and staff at school with monthly gifts from their wish list. There's no way to repay how these folks love on our kids and help them grow and learn.   

1:58PM Arrive at school to stuff folders with Pate and Sophie in tow.  

2:01PM Check out the teacher's boxes to see if they have any essential papers. Make our way to the kinder hallway, grab all five classrooms’ folders and begin our process.  

2:56PM Noah's teacher releases him to me since I'm already there and finished with folders. We embrace (as if we haven't seen each other in an age) and begin a conversation about how his day was as we make our way out to the truck. 

3:08PM Pull up to Audelia Road Library; all the books I've requested have arrived. My kids know exactly where to go to retrieve our reserved books. Then they sit at the table and read — well, actually just mimic reading. So darn cute!   

3:38PM Close the garage door and make a decree before the mass exodus: “Take your shoes off and put them in the hall basket; take your jackets off. Noah, head to your room and get into play clothes.” I find that if I don't manage their expectations and direct them, pandemonium ensues. Shoes all over the place, Barbie's head is ripped off, foaming at the mouth — wait! I'm exaggerating a little.   

4:11PM “It's me again,” I say to the treadmill. At this stage, I'm thinking about dinner plans. Oh, I have leftover pizza dough from Atomic Pie.  

5:06PM Wrapping up more editing and I hear little happy chants of “Naked party, naked party …” What? Naked party? Then I look out of my office door and I see one of my kids run by in a blur. Said kid was naked. I peek into the room and all three kids are naked. I do what every modern-day mom would do. Get my phone, snap photos and text pics to their grandmas. 

6:16PM Fill three cups with freshly filtered water from a filter that probably hasn't been changed in seven months. Pizza it is.  

7PM Valet the car at Savor for my Wallace Moms’ Night Out. Cassandra orders a Rosemary Moscow Mule and my interest is piqued. I stick with water but then decide to splurge. “Yes, I'll have the hot buttered rum,” I say to the waiter. 

7:56PM We’re discussing the absurdity of kindergartners having homework every night and the cool vibe of Savor.  

9:46PM Arrive home to my sleepy little house. All the kids are down; Chris is in our bedroom and I sneak in there to scare him. Chris is a big guy. Well, not really, but I'm only 5'2" so everyone is big to me. It's great to see this six-foot mass jump and scamper because of my shenanigans. 

10:15PM It's lights out in our room. I check my emails and forecast my day tomorrow.  

10:18PM I'll see you in the morni … 

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Published May 2014