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A Day in the Life of Lisabeth Bowman

Lisabeth is a stay-at-home mom to daughter Kaylin (who is on the autism spectrum), 7, and son Jackson, 10. She is married to Hil Bowman and they currently live in University Park.

4AM My cat won’t stop getting in my face and meowing.
5:55AM I hear my daughter chit-chatting to her favorite stuffed animals in her room. I pray for 10 extra minutes.

6:05AM I get my 10 minutes, but not a minute over. Up we go to see what trouble she will want to get into this morning. Hil gets up to do his daily workout in the playroom.

7AM Now that it’s summer, my son will sleep-in till 10am. I have already fed Kaylin breakfast and given her the morning supplements.

8AM Backpack is packed, clothes are on, hair done, teeth brushed—we get in the car for Kaylin to go to her Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) camp.

8:30AM Drop Miss Priss off and visit with the therapists for a bit. I adore her ABA therapist and am so grateful to have people on Team Kaylin to work with her and love her for who she is.

9:30AM Hil calls. We check in several times a day since things are always so crazy. This time he’s wanting to be sure we have a sitter lined up for a Chris Tomlin concert. Oh yes, I have it all worked out! Don’t want to miss that.

12:30PM I pick up Kaylin. She had a great time with her friends and learned some new games—so we will be sure to try some at home.

1PM We are home! I text our neighbor to let her know, and the boys come over. I fix lunch for Kaylin and myself and allow her to decompress with the iPad and her lunch.

2:30PM We head out to swim lessons. We adore our swim instructor and he’s really taught Kaylin so much.

3:30PM Swim lesson went great. Kaylin is asking for some french fries. It’s like a chocolate chip cookie to her. She loves them. So I find a Chick-fil-A and get her a small fries. Hil calls again to remind me that we meet with our Foundation Group from church this week.

4PM Home again. Everyone is a bit tired. Kaylin works on a puzzle (she’s a whiz at them) while I go see what Jackson is up to and hang out with him a bit. He is very excited about going to camp soon, and so we go over what he needs, has and wants. Lots of interesting wants!

4:30PM I have a phone conversation with Kaylin’s occupational and speech therapists to talk about summer goals and what we want to see happening in the fall. Again, these ladies love my daughter and are such a blessing to us in so many ways.

5PM I get dinner going. I tend to procrastinate on that, and we sometimes end up eating at 7:30. Sometimes Jackson will play hide-and-seek or some fun Wii games with Kaylin to keep her engaged while I am out of pocket. Tonight it’s hide-and-seek, and they are using a doll baby. To see my gentle giant of a 10-year-old running around the house with a curly-haired Rapunzel doll is hysterical!

6PM Hil gets home and changes into “chill clothes.” Dinner is almost ready. Kaylin asks Hil to come bounce on the trampoline. It’s only 102 degrees outside, but hey, Hil does it. Captain Dad rocks the trampoline and provides some of the wiggles and sensory input Kaylin needs!

6:15PM Jackson sets the table and miraculously, Kaylin is going to sit and eat with us because I managed to get her dinner ready at the same time! She is on a gluten-free, casein-free diet so I sometimes cook her something different. We join hands and Kaylin sings the blessing. When she’s done she always raises her hands and says “Woohoo!”

6:45PM Bath time! Well, Kaylin enjoys the shower. That way she can play with the shaving cream and do her math on the glass door. Seriously. It’s a hoot.

7:30PM Night-night Kaylin! We have a whole routine that she loves, but it ends with me lying next to her and 1,000 of her best stuffed animal friends talking about the day and saying our prayers. Sweet dreams Kaylin, sweet dreams mommy. I love you Kaylin, I love you too, mommy. Shhhhh …

7:45PM Jackson, Hil and I decide which crazy TV show to watch together. AFV, Wipeout or History Channel.

9PM Jackson and Hil head up for bed. They are worn out. I am too, but I have a guilty pleasure I enjoy when they are not around. Watch reality TV. I know, it’s terrible, but it’s a time for me to decompress. Just a little bit!

10:30PM I head up to bed. Hil is asleep. Everyone is snoozing and I should be pretty soon as well.