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A Day in the Life of Lisa Tordesillas

Lisa and her husband Manuel have been married for over 14 years and have two little girls (Michelle, 4, and Meredith, 1). Lisa works full time in the healthcare field. The Tordesillas family currently lives in Fort Worth.  

6:00AM Time to wake up and get ready for the day! I have never been a morning person but after having children I love getting up earlier than everyone else to have time to get myself ready without interruption.

6:30AM Meredith is babbling and ready to start her day. Right on time! I get Meredith out of her crib and change her diaper. It is cold outside so I am going to keep her in her footed pajamas to help her stay extra warm during this morning’s schedule.

6:45AM I get Michelle’s lunch and clothes ready for school.  

7:00AM Wake Michelle up and help her start the day. My husband Manuel helps with the getting ready for school part. It is so helpful. (Thank you honey!) Michelle gets dressed for school and tells me she wants pancakes for breakfast. After getting her hair brushed and teeth brushed it is time to be going out the door to get her to school. Where does the time go? I tell my husband thank you for helping get the kids into the car while I pack the car with Michelle’s backpack and Meredith’s diaper bag.

7:30AM On the way to school. Michelle is excited because she has Library today and can check out another new book. And they are eating breakfast on the go! They both love to eat their pancakes on the way to school. Sippy cups in hand, Meredith and Michelle make each other laugh just looking at each other. It makes me smile so early in the morning!

7:50AM After finding a parking spot and getting the stroller out of the car, it is time to hustle to get into school before the tardy bell rings.

8:00AM I am on my way to run errands as I worked all weekend. Oh, I also have a doctor’s appointment. I can go to a couple of stores before my appointment. I never realized how much I could accomplish in 15 minutes until having children. You can get a lot done in a short period of time!  

10:30AM Finally back at home, it is time for Meredith to take a morning nap. After getting her settled in, I find more things to do around the home that need to be done. I keep telling myself that one of these days I will be caught up so that I can also take a nap at the same time as Meredith but there is so much to do and so little time.  

12:00PM Time for lunch. Meredith and I eat while watching the news. Meredith is not impressed with the TV until I turn it to Sprouts when the news is over. She plays in the living room. Toys scattered everywhere. Didn’t I just pick those up? Oh, yes, I did.

1:30PM I get a chance to talk with Manuel briefly. Meredith wants to babble so we give her a second to chat on the phone. She waves when she says hi. It is so cute!  

2:30PM Get Meredith ready to get in the car. She is busy playing and has her own agenda until I tell her it is time to go get her sister from school. Meredith claps her hands and squeals in excitement. She heads towards the door smiling and without delay.

3:00PM Pick up Michelle from school! Michelle is happy to see us and I ask her how her day went. Her favorite part of the day was Recess! But she does talk about Math and Spanish briefly. Michelle asks for antibacterial wipes before eating her snack in the car. I am so thankful she is keeping her hands clean before eating.  

3:30PM Time to do homework. Michelle is focused to finish her homework so she can have a play date with the neighbors’ children.  

4:15PM Play date time! At least it has warmed up in the afternoon so that the kids can play outside. They love every minute of it. I am glad they are running around and releasing energy. It truly helps at bedtime. Mommies get a chance to talk and have some adult conversation while we watch the kids play in the yard.  

5:30PM Time to start preparing dinner. Kids are very hungry after playing.  

5:45PM Dinnertime! Michelle and Meredith eat dinner. I get them ready for bed but they aren’t going to bed yet. The kids play some more in the living room.  

6:15PM I start getting myself ready for work. This way Manny and I can eat dinner together before I am heading out the door.

6:30PM Meredith is rubbing her eyes and pulling at her hair. It is time for her to go to bed. I get Meredith down for the evening just prior to Manny getting home from work.

6:45PM Manuel and I get a chance to eat dinner and talk briefly about the day. Then it is time for me to go to work for the evening. Michelle and Manny give me a hug and a kiss.  Michelle loves a family hug!  

7:00PM Manuel reads Michelle stories before bedtime.

7:30PM Michelle is in bed. Manuel can unwind from the long day.

10:00PM Get back from work, relax for a little bit then get ready for bed.