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A Day in the Life of Lisa Largen

Lisa Largen is the mother of 4-year-old Lex and a Web Content Administrator at the University of North Texas. She lives in Denton with her husband Tim, a pharmaceutical operations consultant.

5:45AM My son, Lex, comes into my room and asks me to get up. I tell him it’s too early and that he needs to go back to his bed.

6AM Lex comes back in and asks if he can play a game on my iPhone. I tell him no and ask him to go back to his bed.

6:15AM Alarm goes off and I’m up to feed the kid, cats and dog. Lex is already learning how to play hookie. He says that he’s too sick to go to school. He stayed home the day before because he had a runny nose but he’s not really sick.

6:30AM Remind Lex to keep on eating his breakfast even though he’s watching TV more than eating. Do my sinus rinse and take asthma meds.

6:45AM Give first warning to my husband Tim that I’m about to leave. He is still sleeping!

7AM Pack my gym bag, get dressed for the gym and eat breakfast. It would be so much easier if I didn’t decide in vain to keep trying to look like I’m in my 20s or better yet early 30s!

7:15AM Tell Tim to get up, kiss Lex goodbye and then I’m out the door.

7:20AM Call boss on way to gym to see if he’s still sick. Talk a little business.

7:30AM Yay! Find a parking space very close to UNT gym. Some days are harder than others, considering university parking. Before entering the gym, text another manager to see if he will attend a meeting in lieu of our boss. Arrive at the UNT gym to start the unnatural weightlifting and running. It’s a nice cool morning, though, so it should be a nice run. Luckily, I’ve recently loaded my iPod with techno and public radio podcasts to entertain me during my workout.

9AM Done with stretching and then hit the showers!

9:30AM Arrive at work and noticed plants almost dead from no water. Open e-mail to find flood of messages that have accumulated since I went to Austin for a 4-day weekend.

9:45AM Call doctor’s office to micromanage because they sent incorrect referral dates after I started allergy shots.

10:30AM Both my employees are sick today. One was sick yesterday and I told her if she is still sick that she needs to telecommute and not spread it around here. So, I call her to discuss some of the e-mails. I start to get stressed and then I realize I haven’t had my tea yet. I tell her that I’ll call her back after I get caffeinated.

11AM Call other people regarding e-mails. I find that it’s so much easier to call people then writing a monster email especially when it can be a sensitive matter.

11:15AM Notice bags of primo chocolate candy in our break room. Settle for snack of raw veggies; it’s the same thing, right? Not exciting but I’m trying to lose that 15 pounds I put on somewhere between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

12PM Update the flu site. Since my son and I have asthma, I’ve been a little worried about the flu. Asthmatics always have it hard during flu season.

12:30PM Heat up some lunch in microwave. It’s almost always frozen food. Catch up on some industry blogs and news from my Google reader while chowing down.

1PM Check more e-mail, work and personal. 1:15PM Get interrupted by a manager while I’m on the phone. Grateful he came up with money for his employee’s baby shower cupcakes. I was retired from being part of the “party planning duo,” but she pulled me back in due to lack of resources. I don’t mind since cupcakes are involved … oh and I guess the baby shower thing, too.

3PM E-mailing back and forth about a new feature prospect and how she’ll be used in other publications.

3:45PM Wash off an apple for an afternoon snack.

4:35PM Go back to my e-mail to track anything noted for “to do” or “follow up.” Oh good, a “to do” from two weeks ago. Unfortunately, this won’t be the first time or the last.

4:50PM Call Tim and remind him I’m working late and to pick up Lex from school.

5:25PM Hungry … again! Put things on hold to make some cooked broccoli with raw garlic and olive oil. Exercising really builds an appetite. Still staying away from chocolate mediocrity in the break room. It’s slowly rising to the ranks of chocolate ecstasy, but I will resist.

6:40PM Leave work to go meet up for open house at Lex’s school.

6:50PM Talk with his teacher and check out all the fun projects they’ve done. Also, read in his journal that he writes in every day. Couldn’t make out half of it but enjoyed deciphering his markings. Apparently, Lex is a math wiz and Tim quickly takes genetic credit for that.

7:10PM Finally make it home.

7:20PM Change into my lazy elastic clothes and unwind while Tim gives Lex a shower.

7:45PM Finish doing laundry from my trip while listening to Tim read Lex his bedtime books.

8:05PM Snuggle with Lex while telling him the story about the Land of Nerds (yes, the candy). He improvises and asks me to tell him a story about the Land of Chocolate. He must have had some ESP about my chocolate situation at work.

8:15PM Kid in bed and I take on the task of cleaning the hedgehog cage. Poor Hedgewig doesn’t have a pristine habitat due to me being gone and Tim and Lex going camping last weekend.

9PM Make Sleepytime tea and catch up on Sunday’s episode of Mad Men.

10:15PM Get ready for bed, try to read an essay in a magazine but start dozing off. I haven’t been able to get past this one page for the last week. Turn out light—‘night ‘night!