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A Day in the Life of Lisa Beck

Lisa Beck lives in Carrollton with her husband Justin and her three children: Brayden, 10; Kyler, 8; and Brinley, 4. Lisa works as a speech-language pathologist for Plano ISD and Richardson ISD, and Justin works for Coca-Cola.

6:30AM This is my favorite time of day, because I get my one cup of coffee and I get to see my three kids and give morning hugs. First, I slap on some basic make-up and get dressed. Next, upstairs to wake up Kyler and Brayden, because they have running club this morning before school. Then I wake up my daughter Brinley, give big hugs and ask her to get dressed. She already picked out a princess outfit before she went to bed. Today it consists of pink shorts, short-sleeve shirt, flip-flops and a multicolored scarf for her neck. I choose not to argue about the shorts today.

6:50AM Down to make coffee and breakfast for myself and Brinley while my husband Justin drives the boys to running club.

7:15AM Out the door to take Brinley to preschool. I drop her off with a kiss, and she physically pushes me out her classroom door. (This is a game she made for herself.)

8AM Arrive at Plano’s Shiloh Center, where I get to teach articulation, language and stuttering therapy to home-schooled children. I print out some Holiday Bingo cards, and I’m off to see my first two students. Love me some fifth-graders working on the /r/ sound.

9AM Off to Torah Day School through Plano ISD. (I also get to go to private schools to administer speech therapy.) It’s so fun to see the Orthodox Jewish children and learn about their culture. I have three students who are working on various things from social skills to stuttering to articulation. As we work, we play. I try out my Valentine Bingo. It's a hit.

11AM Back to Shiloh to eat lunch, check emails and print some social skills game cards.

12PM Two more home-school students arrive to work on social skills. I try out my new social skills cards. Next we play Pictureka while working on pragmatics. I still can't believe that I get to play games while working.

1PM Head to North Star Academy to see some more students. This time I get to work with my darling 4- and 5-year-olds. We get to read Sophia the First on the iPad while working on the /s/ sound.

2PM Drive over to Canyon Creek Christian Academy to see a couple more students. I give them a choice of reading a book about a dog or playing Monopoly Deal while doing articulation therapy. They choose the game and then the book. Boys! I have the best job ever. It's so great that I can incorporate speech therapy into any book or game. I love kids. I love helping kids. And love that I get to read and play games. 

3:15PM Check some emails and email some parents.

3:45PM Go to my daughter's day care. Before I get her, I change into running clothes in their restroom and head out for a 30-minute run. It’s a great part of the day: running around the subdivisions surrounding her school.

4:30PM Swing into Brinley's room and then drive to get my boys at afterschool care.  Brinley and I sing, joke and talk about her day all the way there. We also play a game we made up called “Remember When,” where we reminisce about our favorite family memories. She says, “Remember when we went to the park and it was hot, then cold, then hot, then cold outside?” I say, “Yes, remember when we went to the beach and you got to swim with the mermaid at the hotel?”

4:40PM Pick up the boys and ask about their day. They ask about my day, and I tell them that I got to play games all day. It's true!

4:50PM Check over the boys’ homework and have Kyler read a story to me. Next, I ask Brayden to go practice basketball outside while I watch Kyler practice piano. Brinley plays on the iPad.

5:15PM Contemplate whether to make fish or sausage and sauerkraut for dinner. Sausage wins. I remind myself to expect complaints about the kraut. The boys are off playing at the park, so I do their chore and set the table. Their new love is the park down the street where they can climb trees and bury treasures with my garden tools.

6PM Dinnertime. Hubby arrives home, and we pray and eat at the table. 

6:20PM Justin and the kids clean up the dishes and then go out to play football in the yard. I get to change into PJs and catch the news on TV.

7PM Family TV time. Tonight we choose The Middle and crack up at the funny family on TV.

7:30PM I put Brinley to bed and Justin puts the boys to bed. They’re allowed to read for 30 minutes. I go kiss the boys goodnight. I feel I need (and want) to spend more time with Brayden, my oldest, since I didn't see him as much today, so I ask him if he wants to read to me or tell me about his day. He chooses to tell me about his day. He describes a social studies assignment in which he had to write a paper as a group with some schoolmates.

8PM My time to watch TV, catch up on home emails and look at Facebook.

9:30PM Straighten the house and off to read in bed. And I get to do it all over again tomorrow, only with Richardson ISD. Did I say I work for two districts? Maybe next year I can make it three …

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Published September 2013