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A Day in the Life of Lindsey Nichols

Lindsey Nichols and her husband of three years, David, own CrossFit Flower Mound and CrossFit Lewisville. David and Lindsey live in Flower Mound with their 1-year-old son, Dawson. 

7AM I wake up to my baby alarm. It’s time to get up and get the day started. First is nursing Dawson. While he eats, I read on my Bible app, since I’m trying to work my way through the whole thing.

7:30AM I cook up some scrambled eggs and bacon for David and me. Dawson gets an egg and some cut-up grapes. David and I like to be silly with Dawson, making funny faces or noises and watching him copy us.

8AM Our business errands begin. We try to get as many things done as possible before 10am, which is Dawson’s morning naptime. This means picking up new printing material, checking in on clients, working on ongoing projects and other errands that need doing.

10AM By this time, Dawson is whining and ready for a nap. He eats and falls asleep immediately. He naps for an hour. I can’t work on the computer when he’s awake because he tries to slam his hands on the computer or mess with the cords. So this is when the bulk of my job can get done. I answer the 20 plus emails I have in my inbox, catch up on blogging and update the social media for the business.

11AM Getting lunch prepped is a huge chore with a baby at your feet. I despise cooking and was blessed with a husband who not only loves it, but is great at it. He normally smokes a brisket or turkey on the weekend, so all I have to do is reheat what he’s made for a healthy meat.

12:30PM David gets home from his morning personal training clients. The three of us eat as a family. This is our “off” time, since the gym is open pretty late. We try to enjoy each other and have some fun before our afternoon begins.

1:30PM I nurse Dawson and get him prepped to go to school for the afternoon. He needs a bottle and some sort of solid food. It’s a mad dash to get that ready.

2PM I drop Dawson off at school. Some days he’s great. But today he screams, which in turn makes me sad all the way to work.

2:30PM I get the gym all cleaned up, which consists of vacuuming, cleaning the equipment and bathrooms and getting paperwork organized that came in this morning while I was away.

3:30PM Our Homeschool PE program begins. About 20 kids and some of their moms allow us to torture — I mean, make them more fit for an hour. David and I coach together, teaching technique, correcting form and choosing appropriate scaling options for each athlete in the class for the conditioning and strength portions of their workout.

4:30PM I rush to pump, in order to have enough milk for Dawson’s bottle for tomorrow.

4:45PM I jump into our 4:30pm class late in order to get in my own workout. It’s hard for some to believe, but even though I’m a personal trainer and coach it is nearly impossible some days for me to get in my own workout just because of time. I love being able to attend a class and sweat next to our clients and let them see that CrossFit is hard for everyone — not just new people. Having an hour to do something for my own health is amazing.

5:30PM Just as my workout is ending I have another class that begins. I teach our CrossFit Kids program, which consists of kindergarten to sixth-grade kids of all different athletic backgrounds and abilities. The class is 45 minutes and is non-stop, working on teaching kiddos body awareness and how to run, making them stronger and more fit.

6:15PM I have to jet. Getting to Dawson’s school on time, which is only about two miles away, is a challenge during rush hour on 2499 in Flower Mound.

6:30PM You’ve never seen a happier baby. We get in the car to head home and he is all smiles.

7PM Did I put something in the oven before I left for work? Shoot! Usually, I’m pretty good about setting the oven to automatically come on before leaving for work in the afternoon. Dinner looks pretty similar to lunch: meat and some sort of vegetable. We try to stay as close to paleo as possible.

7:15PM I feed Dawson some dinner, which is exactly what we eat. Tonight, Dawson and I eat together, since David doesn’t finish his last personal training client until closer to 7:30pm. I try to have Dawson finishing dinner around 7:30pm, since he goes to bed early.

7:30PM David gets home and we have a few minutes to play. We all three get down on the floor and play with toys. We also do Dawson’s bath during this time. He loves bath time.

8PM Story time. This is a family thing. We do this together every night. We read a few books and are super silly. Tonight we read Dawson’s favorite book: Pajama Time! by Sandra Boynton. We even have a special dance we do while reading it.

8:15PM Dawson drinks his bottle while I soak in all the snuggles I can get. David gets to finally eat dinner and have a moment to catch up on Notre Dame football articles.

9PM I update our business social media, answer emails that have been sitting in my inbox since the morning and talk to David about his day.

9:30PM I clean up all the dishes from dinner, pick up all of Dawson’s toys that are all over the house and throw in a load of cloth diapers.

9:45PM I make sure bottles and food are ready for Dawson to take to school the next day.

10PM Time to shower and get myself ready for bed.

10:15PM I lie there for a few minutes and check my own social media and upload cute pictures. Then I set my alarm for 4:20am to start my Tuesday teaching early morning classes at the gym.

10:30PM I’m out!

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