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A Day in the Life of Linda Darjean

Linda Darjean is a stay-at-home mom of four kids: Hannah, 6; Abigail, 5; Joshua, 3; and Levi, 5 months. She lives in South Arlington with her husband Eric.

4:15AM Abigail comes in my room saying she had a bad dream. I tell her it’s OK and walk her back to her room.

5:30AM Wake up because Levi is fussing and ready to be changed and fed.

6:15AM Levi is finished nursing, and I lay down to try and sleep a little bit more.

6:45AM Hannah comes to me in tears, saying there is a bad guy in her room. I’m so tired at this point I just tell her to hop in bed with me.

7:30AM Abigail and Joshua come in my room saying they are hungry for breakfast. After fixing them breakfast, I get Hannah's folders and backpack ready for school and make her lunch.

8:15AM Hannah gets up and I get her some breakfast. After she finishes eating, I get her dressed for school while the other two watch Curious George. The baby is still sleeping.

9:15AM Daddy walks in the door from an all-night shift, barely able to kiss us all good morning before he passes out on the couch. I clean, sweep and mop while the kids play quietly.

10AM Carpool arrives to pick up Hannah for school. I throw a load in the laundry and empty the dryer from the day before, thinking I will get it folded. Nope! Baby wakes up hungry. Only problem? I realize we have 30 minutes to make it to Mansfield for Abbie's dentist appointment.

10:20AM I tell Abbie and Josh to put on some clothes and shoes and I quickly throw some veggies, fruit, yogurt and ice in the Vitamix and blend my breakfast. Throw baby in the car seat (unfed) and hope the car ride will keep him happy a bit longer and that I can find a place to nurse while we wait for Abbie at the dentist. Insert meltdown by Joshua at the door, because he doesn’t like the shoes I made him wear. Also, in the process I drop my smoothie cup. Thankfully, it has a lid, but smoothie still goes everywhere. I want to cry and scream at the same time!

11:05AM Arrive at dentist and they get her back immediately. I beg her to be a big girl and go on her own for her cleaning, but today she wants me. So I get Joshua and the baby and we follow sister back to watch her get her teeth cleaned and examined. Baby is crying now, so I take him out of the car seat and rock him.

11:50AM We load up to leave the dentist and I debate whether I should nurse over-hungry baby or just make it home and do it there. I choose to go home. Bad choice.

12:05PM Almost home when my chiropractor calls to make sure we are still coming in at 12:45pm. Yikes!

12:40PM We arrive at chiropractor and I nurse baby on one side.

12:50PM I rush in and get my adjustment, and Levi gets his adjustment. Then Eric goes back for his treatment. The other two will have to wait until Wednesday.

1:10PM We leave the chiropractor, and all the kids fall asleep on the way home (Eric does too). When we get home all but Abigail stay asleep. So, I fix her some lunch, finish my smoothie from the morning and boil some eggs to eat.

1:20PM Baby wakes up screaming from hunger. So I sit for the first time all day and just nurse him until he is satisfied.

3:15PM I call Abigail's gymnastics to confirm her spot for the year. They say she is a “go” but has to be at class by 4pm. Ah! I dress Abbie for gymnastics, pack her bag and water, make sure the diaper bag is properly stocked, wake up Joshua, dress him, make him go potty and tell Eric that we are leaving.

4PM Class starts. The boys and I sit and watch Abbie in her element.

5:20PM Finally out of there and headed home with three tired, hot and hungry kids.

5:30PM We get home and I immediately start making dinner. In between chopping and sautéing and stirring, I nurse Levi and give the kids a small snack.

6:15PM Eric finally wakes up, just as dinner is ready. Levi is screaming because I put him down to finish up and get the food served.

6:30PM We sit down to eat as a family, and I get to enjoy my people and hear about Hannah's day at school, Daddy's night at work and Abbie's new gymnastics friends. Levi cries, so I hold him and eat with one hand.

7:05PM I clean up dinner dishes (kids help), and we wipe down the table and clean the kitchen. Then Abbie and Josh get some screen time and Hannah and I are off to do homework with Levi too, of course.

7:45PM Finished with homework, and now I’m getting the kids ready for bed while Eric gets ready for work.

8:15PM Been repeating myself over and over and no one is obeying. I’m done! Eric steps in and we are ready to settle down and have family devotions.

8:45PM Lights out for the kiddos (except for Levi). Levi and I head to my room, and I do half of a workout.

9:15PM Attempt number one to put the baby down; he isn’t having it. I decide to take him in my shower with me (which happens most days). We have a nice, relaxing warm shower.

9:30PM Forgot to mention that Eric left during that time. Clean Mommy and clean Levi crawl into bed, and we snuggle and he nurses on and off for a bit.

10PM Respond to emails and Facebook messages. It’s 11:30pm now, and my eyes are heavy. I still want to read a little of my Bible study and pray. I better get off the computer, because who knows what the night will hold.