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A Day in the Life of Leigh Ann Davis

6-6:30AM My Wake up with thoughts of the day rolling around in my head. Spend at least a few minutes in prayer and/or reading the Bible; it’s the only way to ensure a peaceful day.

6:30-7:30AM Take a quick jog around the neighborhood before Jesse leaves for work. Quick shower and get ready for the day. Today I’m running behind, so I quickly put on mascara. This will have to do, but at least I brushed my teeth!

7:30-8AM Prepare breakfast for the older two children (Sam and Faith) while Levi sleeps soundly, allowing for a few more minutes of peace in the home. My husband comes downstairs a bit ahead of schedule, so he takes over and makes yummy applesauce pancakes — the kids’ favorite! I take the time to do the dishes from the night before.

8AM Jesse leaves for work, taking Sam to school on the way.

8:15AM I wake Levi up and try to get him to eat something for breakfast. He’s completely infatuated with Thomas the Train, so he requires some one-on-one time with the train table before he comes downstairs.

8:30AM Check work e-mails while getting Faith and Levi’s school lunches ready, making sure their teeth are brushed and backpacks ready.

8:45AM Review work priorities for the day, check personal e-mails and Facebook.

9AM Get Faith and Levi in the car and drop them off at preschool.

9:15AM Begin the workday. I’m currently working on presentations for two upcoming conferences relating to people with intellectual disabilities. I’m hoping to educate others about the high rate of victimization among people with intellectual disabilities, who are abused at a much higher rate compared to those without disabilities — the statistics are truly astonishing.

11AM Log into Skype to discuss this week’s goals and last week’s accomplishments with a co-worker. (And why her dogs go crazy during full moon!) Random thoughts, but interesting nonetheless. What did I ever do before Skype. I just love it!

11:30AM Return calls for work related to a variety of questions dealing with intellectual disability. One call from California requires my support of the prosecutor in a case in which a person with intellectual disabilities was abused. I remember why I love this job.

1PM Eat leftovers from the day before at my desk. Contemplate what to make for dinner that the kids actually want to eat. Looking forward to trying the “Homemade Gourmet” dinners I just ordered.

2PM Continue writing a $650,000 grant proposal to help educate doctors about the importance of giving unbiased information to mothers whose unborn child or infant is diagnosed with a genetic disorder.

2:30-3PM Pick up Faith and Levi along with their art and craft projects and daily worksheets. They play on the playground for a few minutes, finishing off what they didn’t eat for lunch, before we drive across the street to pick up Sam.

3PM While picking Sam up from school I decide whether or not I should give into his plea to let Jake come over or if he can go to Patrick’s house … this is one social boy! Make phone calls in the car to friends and Jesse to check in and see how his day is going.

4-5:30PM It’s the witching hour. I’m getting tired and it’s beginning to show. Begin cooking dinner. I begin the countdown to when Jesse arrives home; three (children) against one (parent) can get very tiring very quickly, but two parents with three children is much more doable!  

5:30PM Eat dinner and do our “high-low” ritual while we eat. Jesse and I saw this done in a movie and it stuck. We take turns talking about what our high was for the day (what happened that made us happy) and our low (what made us sad or upset).

6:15-7PM Begin cleaning kitchen and ask the older children to help with chores. Play a quick game of Sorry or SpongeBob dominoes with Sam and Faith while Jesse plays with Levi.

7-9PM Go to worship team rehearsal at my church. Nothing is better than singing, songwriting and leading worship at a place where people are hungry for God. This is an outlet I cannot live without!

9-10:30PM Go walking with a girlfriend and solve all of life’s problems of the day. Tomorrow, we’ll start fresh with new ones. Each day truly does have enough worry of its own.

11PM Check in on all of the sleeping souls in our quiet home before going to bed, with a longer glance at the love of my life, Jesse. Another prayer of thanks to God for a supporting spouse and precious children who love me more than I deserve. fwc