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A Day in the Life of Lauren Kimmel

Lauren Kimmel is the co-founder of Dallas Moms Blog and full-time mom to 15-month-old son, Kyler. She and her husband Cody are expecting another child in February. This growing family lives in East Dallas.

7AM Wake up to the sound of “Mama” on the monitor. Squirm and stretch because the little baby growing in my belly made me sore all night.

7:30AM After my husband changes and feeds Kyler breakfast, we all head out to the back yard for some playtime. This is usually when I scarf down some breakfast, only to be half-satisfied because my toddler demanded the other half.

8:30AM Husband is off to work and Kyler and I are getting into trouble all over the house. I tell him 5,000 times not to pull all the tissues out of the bathroom, and he chases the dog around giving her unsolicited kisses. We read some books, clean up the kitchen and wait for trucks to drive by the front window.

9AM Two books, three songs, a sippy cup of whole milk and Kyler is down for his first nap. I sort the dangerously large mound of laundry, start a load of cloth diapers (BumGenius, I love you) and catch up on my emails and blog-tending.

10:30AM Kyler is calling my name with that cute little sleepy look from the crib. I greet him with his milk and head to the kitchen for lunch. He eats a few peas, grapes, and if I’m really lucky, some leftover pasta from last night, but the dog eats the bulk of the meal that was thrown onto the floor.

11:30AM If it’s a nice day, we head to White Rock Lake to go for a walk and burn off some energy at the playground.

12:30PM We stop by the grocery store on the way home. I’m hoping the recipes that looked so delicious on Pinterest don’t fail me. Kyler carries the cinnamon the whole time and throws a fit when the check-out lady has to ring it up.

1:30PM Kyler eats a snack while I hurriedly unload the groceries, trying not to eat everything I grudgingly put away.

2PM My favorite part of the day! Kyler is down for his second nap and I’m fixing the lunch that my pregnancy cravings have been demanding all day. Today it’s a caprese salad and leftover baked potato soup with two extra dollops of sour cream. I finally sit down to do nothing and eat my lunch while watching some TV.

3:30PM Kyler is back up and full of energy. After another snack and lots of milk, we go in the back yard and do some exploring. Kyler picks up all the sticks he can find and brings them to the dog. Our dog plays along nicely, even though the sticks are far too scrawny for her taste.

4PM In a desperate attempt to get the laundry folded and put away, I put on Baby Einstein, which sadly but effectively puts Kyler in a TV-locked daze. This is why I don’t have the TV on the rest of the day when he is awake.

4:30PM The episode is over and Kyler is quickly knocking down all my piles and spreading diapers throughout the house.

5PM We all hear the garage door coming up, so the dog runs to the back door followed by Kyler exclaiming “Dada Dada.” I try to shove as many toys and Tupperware pieces into cabinets and bins as one can in 30 seconds. I don’t want Cody to dread coming home to a disaster of a house.

5:05PM Cody hangs out with Kyler while I get dinner ready. I thaw a bag of frozen fajita meat I made a few weeks ago and cook up some black beans that I know, if nothing else, will get some protein into that little boy.

5:30PM I drag the highchair outside and set the patio table because we’ve been trapped inside all summer. This fall weather is too beautiful not to enjoy. We all eat and Kyler points out every bird that flies by.
6PM Cody graciously does the dishes (I cook – he cleans) while Kyler runs around the back yard a little more before bedtime.

6:15PM I see Kyler make the naked dash from his room to the bathroom for bath time with Daddy. I’m catching up on emails once again and checking that we have a blog post ready for Dallas Moms Blog in the morning.

6:40PM Cody and I both read and sing to Kyler before putting him to bed. This is one of the only times he is remotely cuddly with us. We lay him down, spin his bird mobile and shut the door with a “night, night.”

7PM Kyler is sleeping, and we get the house picked up to enjoy adult time with no toys in sight. Most likely we are both tired, so we rest in front of the TV. I’m usually writing blog posts or responding to emails, while Cody is studying or reading for seminary.

8PM Little baby in my belly needs Ben & Jerry’s (at least that’s the excuse I will use for the next few months, even though this is no different from non-pregnancy), so Cody makes a quick trip to the store. Oh, I love that man.

9:30PM On a good night we are climbing into bed to catch up on some reading and chitchat.

10:30PM Before we go to sleep, we sneak into the nursery to stare in awe at our sleeping son. He is at the opposite end of the crib, pushed up against the side, with his giant cloth-diaper bum in the air. Our hearts are swelling with love but also exhaustion, so we pass out in bed.