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A Day in the Life of Laura Vanderslice

Laura Vanderslice lives in McKinney and works for a marketing/technology firm specializing in loyalty and CRM programs. She and her husband of three years, Robbie, have one child: Jackson, 4 months.

5:45AM Alarm goes off. I’ll never be a morning person, despite how badly I want to be. Robbie usually starts the coffee and gets Jackson’s bottle ready while I hit snooze several more times. Once the bottle is ready, I feed Jackson while Robbie gets ready for work. I’ve come to love this little window of time with Jackson. Once Jackson’s done eating, Robbie gets him ready while I change into workout clothes and catch up on emails I may have missed from the previous evening. Robbie is such a big help getting Jackson out the door.

6:45AM Grab some semblance of breakfast (usually a banana or granola bar, despite my inability to be hungry for anything this early in the morning) and leave to take Jackson to Primrose, which he loves – even at 4 months old. He has the biggest smile on his face every time he sees his teacher.

7:15AM I used to loathe the gym, but I’ve come to enjoy this time to myself. I only have 30 minutes to get in and out, so I have to make every minute count. Finding motivation in the morning is hard (a good playlist is a must), but I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish. Plus it helps relieve any stress I’m feeling, which is a good way to start the day.

8AM Back home to shower, get ready for work and grab something quick to eat (again). I’ve come to master the art of getting ready in 30 minutes (though my husband would probably disagree).

9AM Arrive at work, check emails before my first meeting (by now it’s 10am at my client’s office, so they’ve started their day already), organize my to-do list(s) and deliverables for that day. I’m a stickler for organization; if things get too crazy, it’s hard for me to recover.

9:30AM Although I’m in meetings most of the morning, I still have a good balance between time away from and in front of my desk. I’m usually able to knock out a few deliverables before noon.

12PM I usually work through lunch because it’s quieter and lets me get through a lot. If I need to get out, I grab something (relatively) quick with co-workers or from the café downstairs at my office. I get as far through my workload as possible to make sure everything gets done on time.

3:30PM Meetings and work. I was on maternity leave for 12 weeks, so I’m still catching up on what’s happened. Before I leave for the day, I review everything that’s due the next day, what my meetings look like for tomorrow and take care of any quick things I can follow up on.

6PM Head home to get dinner started; some days it’s a full meal, other days it’s grilled cheese and soup (depending on the grocery situation and/or how tired I am). I’m so lucky to have a husband who isn’t particular about dinner. Robbie is usually home with Jackson by this time. I love how Jackson smiles when I get home.

6:30PM Dinnertime. It’s funny how this time changes when you have a child. It used to consist of going out or eating at the table; now we see how far we can get into the meal before Jackson needs something. Unfortunately, eating dinner standing at the kitchen counter is not unusual these days.

7PM This is the best time with Jackson. We love playing with him, especially since we’ve missed him all day. He loves reading stories, listening to his music CD from Primrose and playing with the (many) toys he received for Christmas this year (his favorites include a stuffed teddy bear and anything that lights up). He’s surprisingly interactive for a 4-month-old.

8:30PM We’ve worked hard to establish Jackson’s bedtime routine, and I think it’s finally starting to pay off. We’re so thankful to have a little one who is mostly sleeping through the night. First we give Jackson his bath, which is hit or miss; some days he loves it, others – not so much. We give him his last bottle of the day and read a couple of stories before putting him down for the night (nursery rhymes and Peter Rabbit books are his – i.e., our – favorites), though it’s not unusual for me to catch Robbie sneaking in a Star Wars book now and then.

9:30PM After Jackson goes down, we lay out his clothes, my workout clothes and my work clothes for the next day. I set the coffee pot, pack my lunch and make sure everything is in place for the morning. Some days I feel way too tired, but I have to remember how much easier it makes the mornings. Taking a few minutes beforehand beats 45 minutes of scrambling after the fact. We make bottles, wipe down counters and straighten the house. While this can get daunting, I’ve started to enjoy this time to unwind. Something about being prepared for tomorrow makes the evening feel less stressful.

10:30PM I give myself this hour to get ready for bed and do whatever “I need to do,” whether that “need to do” is catching up on work, reading a magazine, watching reality TV or going to bed early.

11:30PM Make sure the alarm is set, then lights out.

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Published February 2014