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A Day in the Life of Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson is the mother of 6-year-old Marshall, 4-year-old Jane Claire and 18-month-old Tyler. She is a non-practicing attorney and stay-at-home mom. She lives in Aledo with husband Seth, who is also a lawyer.

 5:30AM Alarm goes off. Hit snooze because I stayed up too late last night doing home projects.

5:45AM Get up, shower, get dressed, put in load of laundry, water outside plants.

6:40AM Oldest son is up with a smile. Approve son’s chosen outfit, attempt to make front of his hair “look like a motorcycle ramp.” Make son’s breakfast, check dinner menu, don’t have enough fish fillets for five … now must go to store.

7AM Daughter is up with a smile. Smile turns to frown when pink skirt can’t be found. Supervise back-up outfit selection—decide not to fight leopard print socks with purple zebra dress.

7:30AM Kisses and hugs for husband and oldest son as they leave for work and school.

7:45AM Youngest son gets up on wrong side of the bed … four teeth coming in at once and he is a grouchy boy! Chase son around house for five minutes before finally getting clean diaper and clothes on his body. Make his breakfast and watch it end up on floor.

8:15AM Remind daughter to stop carrying youngest son like a sack of potatoes; son’s screams indicate she is still dragging him around.

8:45AM Running five minutes late … again. Daughter suddenly needs to potty—HURRY! Pile kids into car, grab granola bar to silence growling stomach.

8:50AM Take daughter to pre-K, discover at last second that she somehow doesn’t have her panties on, teacher hides laugh and promises she has an extra pair “for emergencies.”

9AM Drive 30 minutes to youngest son’s day school in Fort Worth; forget to eat granola bar; wonder whole way how I could let daughter get to school without underwear.

9:30AM Drop youngest son at day school … how long he will cry after drop-off? Sneak back to listen after two minutes and all is quiet … he saves drama for his mama.

9:45AM Check phone for e-mails, Facebook updates and texts. Quick phone calls to husband, computer repair people and best friend. Drive to yoga class.

10AM Power yoga! Must get on back row so nobody sees how totally inflexible I am.

11:15AM Lunch with a friend. I am really hungry since I only ate crusts for breakfast.

12:30PM Feel refreshed and recharged. Pick up youngest son from day school … he is in a much better mood now, too!

12:45PM Quick stop at grocery store to get fish fillets for dinner and 10 other things I forgot I needed.

1:30PM Drive back to Aledo, use travel time to contact plumber and make doctor appointment.

2PM Pick up daughter from school … love how happy and alive she looks even when wearing playground mulch in her hair and borrowed panties.

2:15PM Back home. Naptime for youngest son … stories, rocking and kisses. Oversee daughter’s latest art project.

3PM School bus arrives—oldest son home from school! Big hugs. Prepare snacks for son and daughter, check backpacks and homework folders. Help with homework, clean kitchen, put away groceries, do another load of laundry, begin preparing dinner.

3:50PM Argument between son and daughter. Reflect that law school did not prepare me for these kinds of fights.

4PM Warn oldest son that playing too much Nintendo DS will ruin his eyesight. Feel a little guilty because I’m not sure this is actually true. Help him build a LEGO skyscraper instead.

4:30PM Youngest son up from nap. Back in car, drive to daughter’s and oldest son’s afternoon extracurricular activity. Today, it’s karate. Yesterday: Spanish lessons. Tomorrow: piano.

5:45PM Return home. Happy greetings for husband who is home from work and helping finish dinner preparations. Feel thankful that I am married to such a great guy!

6PM Dinner with family.

6:30PM Help oldest son practice piano. Start bedtime routines: baths, pajamas on, brush teeth.

7:15PM Books, prayers and snuggle time with each kiddo. Share one another’s best, worst, funniest and weirdest moments of the day. Lights out!

8PM Clean kitchen, straighten house, make lunches for tomorrow, call parents to check in and see how their day went, trade texts with friends. Clean out car, fold laundry, tell myself that the laundry will never all get done. Secure babysitter for date night with hubby on Saturday night.

9:30PM Check and reply to e-mails, verify calendar for next day … note times for volunteer shift at oldest son’s school and evening meeting. Review kindergarten church school lesson.

10PM Hot bath … time to reflect and be thankful.

10:45PM Lie awake hoping kids turn out OK in spite of my daily mistakes … fall asleep wishing I could hold on to these fleeting precious moments.