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A Day in the Life of Landry Miller

Landry Miller works as a director of operations for Eco Construction. His wife Amanda Miller is an escrow officer for First Western Title. They live in Highland Village with their two children: Finley, 4, and Hudson, 3 months. They also have three pet pugs, two of whom were rescued.

6:46AM I'm either awakened by my iPhone alarm or by my 4-year-old daughter Finley saying, “Get up, it's morning time.” I've never been a big morning person, but once I get up and get going, it gets easier.

7AM I start my wife's coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker, apart from the occasional caramel Frappuccino. But since my wife is still getting up at night with our son, she's a coffee addict.

7:30AM After taking a quick shower to help wake me up, I let the dogs out and give them fresh water. I get Hudson's diaper changed and get him dressed for the day while my wife helps Finley put her clothes on – dresses only! Since I'm not the best stylist, I leave that part up to Amanda. My wife has insisted on putting a bow on her since she was a baby, so it's second nature for her to get her hair fixed. After talking Finley into brushing her teeth and maybe a little bribery, we are finally out the door.

8AM I stop at the doughnut shop on the way to day care; I promised Finley last night we would go, since she ate all her dinner and she loves doughnuts. Plus, I love putting a smile on her pretty face. I try to take her for a doughnut every week or so. Sprinkles or pink are the only requirements for her.

8:20AM I arrive at Ms. Jan's. We are fortunate to have my wife’s aunt watch the kids. My wife and I feel much better knowing that our babies are with family. She also sends us pictures throughout the day so we can see what they're up to. Finley is happy to see her friend and yells a “Goodbye Daddy!”

8:35AM Every day is different in the construction business, but today I'm starting my morning off checking on cabinetry work at Rift 2 Reef aquatics. I unload my tools to begin some work on the new fish tanks.

10AM Off to the next job, checking on a home remodel in Flower Mound. On the way there I make a phone call to Daltile to place an order for tile. While at the home, I check in with the customer to talk about their next project. After the granite installation, I install the kitchen faucet.

12PM Now, on to grab a bite to eat at my favorite place to eat lunch, Fat Cow BBQ. We recently added more dining space there, and I needed to add a door closer. My wife and I usually try to pack a sandwich for lunch or I'm so busy I have to grab fast food, so today was a treat.

1PM On to our biggest project right now, T's Bar & Grill in Lewisville. On the way there I call my wife to see how her day is going.

1:45PM Arrive at the job site, unload materials and check on the status of jobs going on with the employees.

3PM Head toward a different home in Flower Mound to check on the kitchen remodel progress. As we are finishing up, the customer comes home to their new kitchen. This is the most fun part of the job, seeing the finished project and comparing it to the “before” picture.

5PM After finishing up a meeting with the customers, I head home.

5:30PM I get home at the same time my wife is pulling up with my two kids. The day has flown by; I'm lucky I get to do what I'm passionate about.

6:15PM After feeding the dogs, visiting with my family and making some last-minute phone calls, we start dinner.

6:45PM While dinner is cooking, Finley and I go out front to water the yard. I pick a few weeds. This is a time I really enjoy with her. She's helped me plant all the flowers in our yard.

7:20PM Finish dinner; homemade chicken pot pie was on the menu tonight, and now it's bath time.

8PM While my wife bathes the kids, I send an email to a customer and take the trash out.

8:20PM Snack time. I don't think Finley ever forgets about having her dessert or snack. Strawberries, frozen yogurt or a bowl of cereal is what she wants. Tonight we share some Frosted Mini-Wheats.

8:35PM Read some of the children's Bible to Finley and lie with her until she falls asleep; it usually takes about five minutes before she's out.

9PM Watch the Rangers play with my wife holding Hudson. He's growing up so fast, so we’re really trying to enjoy these moments with him.

10:30PM Off to bed since I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, and I have to do it all over again tomorrow. My wife puts Huddy Bear in his bed, and we peek in on Finley. She’s snuggled up with her stuffed panda. As my wife and I get in bed, I think to myself, “Life is good.”

11:15PM I somewhat hear my wife getting up to get Hudson; he is hungry already.