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A Day in the Life of Krys Davis

Krys is mom to 6-year-old Jada and wife to Sam. The Mansfield couple (who are both fitness trainers) co-own Metroplex Adventure Boot Camp and SuperMommies Fitness.

4:15AM Wake up. Get dressed in my workout gear and jump in the car.

5:30AM The first boot camp of the day commences. After an hour-long routine, it’s time to head back home to get the family up and ready for the day.

6:45AM I’m happy I ironed Jada’s uniforms this weekend. She easily picks an outfit and gets dressed.

7AM Quickly cook old-fashioned oatmeal and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I mix protein into my oatmeal and add cheese to my daughter’s eggs.  

7:20AM After breakfast Jada turns on PBS. My husband, Sam, joins her on the couch.  Their ritual of cuddling and chatting begins while I straighten up the kitchen.

7:30AM I put two French braids in her hair during Martha Speaks. I want to watch the Today Show or CNN, but this year I’m giving up the news. Too much gloom and doom.

7:45AM Jada makes her own lunch today. She skips out of the kitchen (yes, literally) to put on her coat. Sam gives us each a kiss and we share our daily schedules before I head out.

8:05AM My sweetie begins to fire off questions on our way to school.  “Am I going to karate today?” and “May I have some gum after school?” I answer, that there’s no karate today and that no, she may not have any gum after school. Then I slide in her kiddie gospel and we sing together all the way there.

8:16AM When we arrive, Jada asks, “Mommy, I want to walk to class by myself today, okay?” I regrettably give in after negotiating for a kiss.

8:20AM I make an unexpected stop at home to charge my iPod before going to the gym. While I wait I answer some e-mail. One client wants to know if I can do a private grocery shopping tour.

8:40AM I get to the gym and strap on my heart rate monitor. I warm up in the dry sauna to save time.

8:45AM I run on the treadmill for 5 minutes then walk over to the free weights. To be efficient, I just select one pair of dumbbells and a 40-pound barbell for the entire workout. I complete two sets of two exercises for each body part. Now on to five intense minutes on the stair stepper before a treadmill cool down.

10:50AM I’m home 15 minutes before our Bible study. I suck down a smoothie and jump in the shower. Sam and I sit down for about an hour with a couple of our friends to comb through our Bibles and study scriptures with each other. I excuse myself early because I have to volunteer at Jada’s school.

12PM Jada’s teacher is helping the children with their lunches as I walk through the classroom door. The teacher gives me a stack of workbooks. I begin tearing out pages and sorting papers.

1:15PM I meet my friend, who is teaching me how to apply hoop tape to my boot camp hoops. The campers love hula hooping in between more intense exercises. The hoops look great and will spin better now.

1:45PM I squeeze in a late lunch at Piranha. My favorite sushi chef, Chaca, begins making me a Lotus roll with some healthy substitutions. The new roll contains snapper, tuna, hamachi and more. Normally, I’m joined by girlfriends but today’s impromptu visit was needed.

2:55PM School pick up.

3:15PM We’re home. I’m very thankful that I cooked and refrigerated all of the dinner meat this weekend. It makes dinner a snap. I toss the chicken in the crockpot with barbecue sauce. Jada leaps off the couch when daddy enters the door. He gives me a hug and asks about my day before mixing his protein shake. Jada rams him like a bull and they begin wrestling for 10 minutes.

4PM My daughter plops a game beside me and exclaims, “You’re going down, Mom.”  After two rounds she scrambles off because it’s Daddy’s turn to play Princess Yahtzee. I answer e-mail and post tips to our Facebook page.

4:15PM Sam begins to grill asparagus. I cook “baked potatoes” in a microwave steam bag. Jada scampers in to set the table.

4:40PM Dinner is simple: barbecued chicken, baked potatoes and asparagus, but it tastes good and it’s good for us. Sam tells me thank you before we say grace. Jada recaps her day at school.

5PM Dinner and dishes are done. I give my angel 50 cents to help me fold laundry.

6:30PM Bath time, yeah! While she is in “Bathtub Fairy Land” I sit nearby and chat with a friend on the phone.

7PM We all watch American Idol in bed. We laugh and pretend we are judges.  

7:30PM Sam is off reading Jada a story. I get ready for bed.

8PM I open a book to help me sleep. My hubby complains that I’ve read it many times and the lamp bothers him. He says, “Cuddle with me, Babe.” Lamp off—I fall for that sweet talk every time. We turn on a movie to watch together instead.

9PM I drift off during the movie.