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A Day in the Life of Kristi Dear

Kristi and husband Alex, a specialist-FSC in network operations for Verizon, have three kids together (Brittney, 10; Saxon, 8; and Cameron, 3). She’s an instructor for Boot Camp Babes and the creator of Get Fit Kids exercise DVDs. The family lives in far north Frisco.

4:30AM Alarm goes off. Push snooze.

4:39AM Alarm goes off again. Contemplate pressing snooze, think about rushing, then get up.

5:30AM Start the first Boot Camp Babes class of the day. I’m awake.

6:30AM Boot Camp is over. Head to the weight machines and give myself an extra workout.

7AM Arrive home and get my children ready for school. My 10- and 8-year-old are already dressed and heading downstairs to help me make breakfast. My 3-year-old is following close behind. I pour myself a cup of coffee, eat my breakfast standing up and start making lunches while I am signing notebooks and reminding my children to get their shoes on.

7:30AM Hubby comes downstairs. All three children are trying to talk and tell their stories about yesterday’s school events and we are saying, “Why didn’t you tell us this yesterday? We have to go. Come on, come on—where are your shoes? Do you have your snacks?”

7:45AM Hubby leaves to take our 10- and 8-year-old to school. I sit down for a few minutes and try to finish my coffee while I check e-mails. I need to leave soon to teach my second Boot Camp class that starts at 8:30 a.m.

8AM Hubby returns and we talk while I am trying to get our 3-year-old dressed and out the door.

8:10AM Drop 3-year-old off at friend’s. Head back to the gym.

8:30AM Greet my next class of Boot Camp Babes and start teaching.

9:30AM Finish class and head to my friend’s to pick up daughter.

10-10:30AM Arrive home; the exercise fatigue is starting to set in.

11AM I am STARVING! Make lunch for my 3-year-old daughter and me.

11:30AM Return Facebook messages and e-mails, check bank account, check my Get Fit Kids video sales, track my invoices, e-mail Boot Camp Gals and encourage them to have a healthy day.

12-12:30PM Finally, take a shower!

1PM Daughter and I snuggle in my bed and take a nap.

2PM Wake up. Notice daughter is still asleep. Quietly tiptoe out of the room. Head downstairs, pour myself a cup of coffee. Turn on the TV. Nothing on. Head to computer. Check e-mails; realize I have an article due in two days and I have just received purchase orders for my video company. I begin working.

2:45PM Hear crying upstairs—“Mommy I want you.” Well, I had a few minutes to myself. Quickly finish up on the computer.

3:15PM Ten- and 8-year-old arrive home. The house goes from quiet to loud, instantly. I fix them a snack, do the dishes, fold towels and pick up the living room, all while holding multiple conversations.

4:30PM Realize that it is Wednesday and soccer practice starts in 30 minutes. Quickly hustle the older two children to get dressed. I text my friend and kindly ask if her hubby would like to take the kids to practice for me—hehe, he’s one of the coaches so he has to go anyway, right?

4:55PM Shuffle kids out the door, chasing after them because one has left a water bottle. While I’m out front, I ask my friend’s hubby if he would like to bring them home as well, then run inside to start dinner.

6:10PM Kids arrive home. I send all three up to take a bath. My oldest daughter is a little babysitter and helps with the youngest. I straighten up the house, again, and put the final touches on dinner.

6:30-6:40PM Kids run downstairs and are hungry. I would like to wait for hubby but he doesn’t get home till 8 p.m. so the kids go ahead and eat. I am hungry, too, but I try to wait for hubby (it doesn’t always happen).

7PM Start kids on homework.

8:15-8:20PM Send older two kids upstairs to read in bed; I head upstairs to read to my 3-year-old.

9PM The house is quiet; kids are in bed. Hubby and I meet in the living room to catch up on our days. I am tired, but am fighting to stay awake to hang with hubby.

9:30PM Watch one of our recorded reality TV shows. If we don’t have one, then we try to find something on TV that we will both agree on … this may take awhile.

10:30PM Look at clock. Tell hubby I am heading to bed, but end up watching television or talking for another 20-40 minutes.

11-11:30PM Finally, in bed! Thinking of the day, I remind myself of five more things I forgot to do, then crash.