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A Day in the Life of Kendall Stoy

Kendall Stoy is the owner of Kendall Stoy Photography. She lives in Denton with her husband Brooks and their two children: Mason, 2, and Molly, 2 months.

6:30AM I hear Molly begin to stir on the monitor. Head to her room to feed her, and she heads right back to sleep after that.

6:50AM I try to catch a few more minutes of sleep, but more often than not I end up lying there waiting for my alarm to go off.

7:30AM There it goes – the alarm. I think I got an extra minute or two of sleep, but this mama is not a morning person. I make some coffee, start to get myself ready for the day and make Mason’s lunch for Mother’s Day Out.

8:15AM Since Mason has Mother’s Day Out today, I have to wake him up a little earlier than he would like. I change his diaper, get him some milk and cook him a quick breakfast.

8:40AM Race to put Mason’s clothes on, make sure his bag is all packed and grab Molly from her crib. Throw us all in the car to head to Mother’s Day Out.

9AM The oh-so-fun juggling act of carrying Molly in her carrier, Mason’s bag and nap mat into school – all while holding Mason’s hand.

9:30AM We arrive back home just in time for Molly to eat again. I feed her, change her diaper and get her dressed.

10AM Put Molly down for a little “tummy time.” She rolls over. Put her back on her tummy. She rolls over. Put her back on her tummy. Lather, rinse, repeat …

10:30AM Time for Molly to take a nap; I lay her in her crib. Next I sit down at the computer to try and get some work done. Answer some client emails, return a few phone calls and start to edit some photographs of a recent newborn session.

12:30PM Time to feed Molly. I change her diaper, and we cuddle for a minute before I put her in her swing while I try to tidy up the house.

1:30PM Oops, I just realized I forgot to eat lunch, and I am starving now. Stand in front of the refrigerator for a minute trying to decide which leftover I want to eat. Scarf it down, barely in time to shove Molly in the car and head to pick up Mason.

2PM Got Mason and all of his gear back into the car. We sit in the parking lot for a minute while I read his report card for the day. I love reading what all they did that day!

2:10PM Look at the clock and realize, “It’s Sonic Happy Hour!” My favorite time of day.

2:30PM Since we are all in the car, I know I must take advantage of already being out, so we head to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner for the rest of the week.

2:45PM Feed Molly in the parking lot before we head in to shop. Realize someone has had a blowout. Change diapers in the back seat. We finally get to start our shopping!

3:15PM Try to coax Mason into sitting nicely in the basket and not standing in the back. Biggest mistake I ever made letting him do that once …It takes a trip to the bakery for a free cookie to make everything OK again.

4:15PM All checked out and loaded back in the car. We head home. I unload Mason first and let him go straight to the back yard to play while I finish putting away the groceries. Molly does some tummy time again on her play mat.

4:45PM Mason helps me unload the dryer and move some laundry to the dryer … and then I start another load.

5PM I fold and put away the laundry while Mason plays nearby at his “tool bench.” I put Molly down for a quick catnap.

5:30PM Mason and I head outside (with the baby monitor in hand) to play until Daddy gets home.

6PM Daddy’s home early! Daddy and Mason head back outside to play while I finish getting dinner on the table. Mason would live out there if we would let him.

6:30PM Have to pause on dinner-making – time to feed Molly again.

7PM Dinnertime! Daddy and Mason’s favorite – turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. Mason needs more ketchup to dip his meatloaf in. Too bad he can’t use the pile of it all over his face …

7:30PM The UPS guy arrives. He comes late to our neighborhood, but he is at my house often – delivering clients’ prints and canvases.

8PM Daddy takes Mason to take a bath and get ready for bed. Bath time is probably Mason’s favorite time of the day. I sit down to answer some emails and try to finish up editing what I was working on earlier in the day.

8:30PM Bath time for Molly, while Daddy and Mason read some books and go “night-night.” After her bath we head to her nursery to finish getting ready for bed in the dim light that streams in from the closet. Lotion on … check! Pajamas on … check! White noise turned on … check!

9PM I feed Molly again, this time in her room. I rock her for just a minute after she finishes before I lay her down to sleep.

9:30PM Brooks and I sit down to enjoy some grown-up time now that both the kiddos are asleep. We catch up on the day and a few TV shows.

10:30PM I tidy up around the house so things are relatively neat when I get up again in the morning.

11PM Head off to bed.