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A Day in the Life of Katie King

Katie King is a home-school mom. She lives in Denton with her husband James and daughter Felicity, 5. In her free time she can be found making toys and dabbling in watercolor.

7:22AM Wake up. Everyone is still asleep, so I close my eyes for a few more minutes. I stayed up too late last night.

8:14AM Wake up and realize it’s after 8. Try to pull myself out of bed. Make bed and head downstairs to find James.

8:25AM James is about to leave for work. I help him get his lunch together and get out the door. Felicity is awake and telling me about a funny dream. Make coffee. Cereal or scrambled eggs? Felicity wants cereal so she can pretend to be a dog. Let the dogs outside.

8:51AM I get distracted by a muddy mess in the laundry room and am just now pouring Kix for Felicity and granola for me. Let the dogs back in.

9AM Take breakfast and coffee into the schoolroom to get started on read-aloud time. We’re finishing up The Secret Garden.

9:34AM Make Felicity hot chocolate and pour more coffee, then back to school.

9:55AM Remind Felicity to feed her puppy. Help set up the baby gate. Begin math lesson.

10:15AM Calendar practice and Christmas countdown.

10:40AM Felicity needs a break from school. We decide to go outside and play in the snow (ice). The white stuff is too hard to make a snowman, so we head out for a walk. The dogs are stir-crazy from being cooped up. We start out with the big German Shepherd in tow. He’s overly excited, and the combination of his excitement and the icy sidewalk seems like a bad idea. We decide to walk without the dogs.

11:50AM Home from our winter walk, and Felicity is asking for lunch. PB&J for her and leftover quiche for me with edamame to share. While I fix lunch, she works on sorting the ABC magnets in order. We sing the ABCs at least 20 times. With the alphabet complete, it’s time to sit and eat.

12:45PM As I clear the dishes, I remember the leftovers from last night. I gather all the scraps and take them out to Blacker (the chicken).

1PM Back into the schoolroom to work on our nature journals. We saw a Blue jay on our walk, and Felicity is eager to draw him. Mama/daughter drawing time is one of my favorite things.

2:11PM I can't believe it’s already 2pm. Time for me to take a bath. Felicity continues to draw and then joins me in the bathroom playing with her toy unicorn. She decides to be a unicorn, which leads to another wardrobe change and a homemade unicorn horn. Paper taped into a cone shape with hole punches and a headband make my little unicorn pleased as punch.

3PM The unicorn play continues. My mom calls. Felicity has added wings to her costume and has used one of my belts to attach a laundry basket to her waist, which she uses to pull our small dog. She informs me it is a Pegasus sleigh. I snap a few photos.

3:22PM The upstairs is a mess. I guess I'll tackle laundry first. Sort mountain of laundry and start a load.

3:26PM I put the kettle on to boil for some hot tea. Hot cinnamon spice is my favorite, and it will feel good in my throat. I can't seem to get rid of my cough. I respond to a few texts and post a picture of my unicorn on Facebook.

3:42PM The day is quickly flying by. I take a few minutes to sit down and read the daily books for advent.

4:09PM Felicity is in make-believe unicorn land, and the Chihuahua seems happy in her arms (surprising after the sleigh ride).

4:15PM Load and start dishwasher. I search the pantry for a good dinner option.

4:45PM I just realized tonight is my weekly “night off,” and I'm off the hook for cooking dinner. Yay!

4:46PM I do a quick pick-up around the house and mentally plan my night. I'm working on several toys for the craft show, but I need to work on my handmade presents too.

5PM I'm excited about my night. I check in on my little unicorn and give her some carrots; she wants more. What a great trick to sneak in some vegetables.

5:15PM James calls to chat on his way home. While we talk, I start cutting out legs for the toy deer I've been working on.

5:45PM I haven't been out for days because of the ice and decide to run a couple of errands. The car dash has an error light; it can wait. James and Felicity are outside hunting for icicles. I head up to my workspace.

6:34PM Dinner is ready. James made us tacos.

6:57PM We finish dinner, and it’s time for our advent bag. Felicity opens a bag with a treat, and we have a lesson about Christmas.

7:20PM Back to working on projects. I love hearing the laughs of those two downstairs.

8:42PM Bedtime snuggles with my little one as she talks about Daddy/daughter night and the games they played.

9:25PM Look over possible reading curriculum. Talk with James and try to understand how this curriculum works.

10:34PM Feeling tired. Head upstairs to sit in bed with James. I work on the computer and plan for tomorrow while he reads.

12:28PM Time has gone by quickly. Need to get up and get wet laundry out of the washer, then time for bed.

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Published January 2014