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A Day in the Life of Kathryn Loftin

Kathryn Loftin lives in Flower Mound with her husband Garrett, who works for Kimberly-Clark, and their three children: Carter, 10, Ashlyn, 7, and Landon, 4. Kathryn is a substitute teacher for Lewisville Independent School District.

6:15AM Time to wake up.

6:20AM Carter hasn’t already awoken and showered, so I wake him up. Garrett wakes up Ashlyn and gets her dressed for her busy day. On gym days, she has to wear the appropriate attire (from the mouth of a competitive gymnast).

6:25AM I go downstairs and prepare breakfast, lunches, snacks and water bottles for the day. On some days lunches might be something hot, depending on what we had for dinner the night before. Today it’s lunchmeat, yogurt and granola. I begin putting away clean dishes from the day before.

6:45AM I transfer the load of laundry from the washer (I started it last night) to the dryer. As the kids are eating, I fix Ashlyn’s hair. My goal with my daughter is to continue looking for new styles so that fixing her hair does not become a battle in our house. She will still let me fix her hair, so I take advantage of this opportunity because I know someday it will come to a very sad end.

7AM I remind the kids to clear their dishes. I have to teach them to be self-sufficient and clean up after themselves sooner rather than later.

7:15AM The kids brush their teeth, put on shoes and zip up their backpacks.

7:25AM It’s time to go. Since Garrett is in town, he takes the kids to school so that I don’t have to wake Landon up.

7:30AM “Momma, Momma.” In walks Landon. He wakes up in a good mood and wants to cuddle until he is awake (which takes all of three minutes). “Are you not subbing today?” “No, honey, just volunteering!”

7:40AM Time for Round Two. I feed Landon and myself and make a cup of coffee while figuring out the day’s agenda.

8AM I finish cleaning up the kitchen and prepare Landon’s backpack for school, then clean up the clutter from the morning and the night before.

8:30AM I shower and get ready for the day. Afterwards, I dress Landon and fix his hair to the best of my ability.

9:20AM Landon and I are on our way to drop him off at Faith Lutheran Day School.

9:30AM I head to school to volunteer for my children’s teachers, make copies and organize room representative information for PTA. Sometimes, my volunteering lasts 45 minutes and sometimes it lasts three hours; it depends on what the teachers need me to accomplish so that they can teach. The other day, I made calendars, cut out 24 eight-page booklets (and hole-punched and bound them), made copies, and laminated vocabulary cards, school helper cards and privacy folders. Sometimes I make intervention folders for children that need that extra help at home.

12PM Lunchtime. While eating, I answer emails. I coordinate 29 room moms and help them organize volunteers, parties and Teacher Appreciation Week, so I get questions regarding ordering T-shirts, PTA dues, volunteers and more.

1PM I fold the load of laundry that I transferred this morning and put another load in the washing machine.

1:30PM It’s time to pick Landon up from school and then we go home and get dinner cooked for that night, since I didn’t put anything in the Crock-Pot this morning. Sides are completed and dinner is ready in the fridge.

2:30PM I pick up Carter and Ashlyn from school and immediately go home and do homework, snacks, math, reading and flash cards with my littles. Oh, and I sign their behavior binders.

3:30PM Ashlyn changes into her gymnastics suit and Carter changes into his swimsuit. I gather snacks, water bottles and backpacks for gymnastics and diving.

4PM I take Ashlyn to Best Gymnastics where she spends all her free time. Then I take Carter to diving at the LISD Natatorium.

7PM We go home and I heat up dinner. We eat and talk about our busy day.

7:30PM Time for the three B’s in the Loftin house: bath, brush and bed. (Carter loves to read at night, so that’s when he does his reading.)

8:15PM The last door closes and I take a very deep breath. I go downstairs, clean up dinner dishes, clean out lunchboxes and go through each child’s work that they brought home today. I file it all and get ready for tomorrow.

9PM I get back on my computer to answer any room mom questions that might have come through after school.

9:30PM Time for bed. Lights out at Casa de Loftin.

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