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A Day in the Life of Kathryn Feldhaus

Kathryn lives in Saginaw with her husband of four years, Chris, their 2-year-old daughter Addison and 5-year-old pug Daisy. She is a family advocate at Alliance For Children, and Chris works in IT for Systeem Medical.


4:30AM My alarm goes off and I hit snooze immediately, hoping the alarm going off was just a dream.

4:31AM My husband lovingly nudges me until I answer and he tells me it’s time to get up. I grumble as I get out of bed and dress to go work out.

5AM I begin my morning by going to P31 Fitness boot camp. Today, we are doing weights and a lot of running. With the changing of the weather it feels nicer outside, but it makes running more difficult.

6AM Boot camp ends and I rush home to get ready, praying I do not get stopped by any trains on the way home.

6:15AM Daisy, our sweet 5-year-old pug, meets me at the door and wants to be fed immediately, so I feed Daisy and then let
her outside.

6:17AM I jump in the shower and begin to get ready for work.

7AM I put on my makeup while watching Good Morning America. This has become a habit of mine because I love to hear the latest news. The only problem is that sometimes I get too caught up in a news story and get my daughter up late, and then I find myself rushing again.

7:15AM Addison is always less than thrilled to be woken up. I get her dressed, brush her teeth and do her hair.

7:40AM Kiss Chris goodbye. He works from home so he doesn’t have to worry about traffic, but Addison commutes to work with me, so we jump in the car and head to downtown Fort Worth.

7:50AM Traffic is usually pretty bad, but I love listening to Addison in the back seat laugh while she watches Curious George.

8:15AM We arrive at Addison’s day care. Addison has a habit of bringing a baby doll into school with her, but she knows she has to give it up as soon as she gets in class and sits down for breakfast. I kiss her on the head and she waves bye.

8:18AM I walk the baby doll back to my car and go into work. I am lucky that Addison is right across the street from my work; this allows me to be near but also to spend more time with her while commuting to and from work.

8:20AM My day usually begins with checking emails and phone messages. I am a family advocate at Alliance For Children, so I work with families whose children have been sexually or physically abused and help them through the investigative and healing process.

8:45AM Make chai tea and eat a banana while I return emails and prepare for a meeting.

9AM Since today is Tuesday, we have our bi-monthly, multi-disciplinary staff meeting. Today all law enforcement, Child Protective Services workers, Cook Children’s medical staff, district attorneys, and Alliance For Children staff will meet and discuss child abuse cases and what everyone is doing to help the children and their families.

10:45AM The meeting ends and I return to my desk to do supervision with one of my interns. I supervise interns who are getting either their bachelor’s or master’s in social work from the University of Texas at Arlington. We discuss her cases and then talk about an article I gave her to read.

12PM Lunchtime. I run with a couple of work friends to Yucatan Taco Stand. Two of us share their big nachos and we all leave full and ready for a nap.

1PM After lunch, I have a meeting with a parent, child and district attorney in our Crimes Against Children unit because the child will be going to court soon to testify against her offender. I speak with the parent about the court process and introduce myself to the child.

3PM A group of students from a local college comes by to speak with a social worker for a class project. I give them a tour of Alliance For Children and then speak with them about what life is like as a social worker.

4PM We have a child who is being forensically interviewed, so I speak with the parents and see if they have any needs. This family is behind on their rent and needs to find family counseling, so I look for some resources that will help.

4:35PM I speak with the detective, Child Protective Services worker, and forensic interviewer about what I discussed with the family and see if I can do anything more to help at this time. The forensic interviewer tells me this child will need individual counseling, so I go back and meet with the family and set up an appointment for next week.

5PM I walk to Addison’s daycare and get Addison.

5:45PM We arrive home, and Chris has already started dinner (he rocks), so Addison helps me feed Daisy, because she meets us at the door begging to be fed.

6:15PM We all eat a delicious dinner of chicken Parmesan and spaghetti that my wonderful husband has cooked up.

6:40PM Chris and I put on our bike helmets, load Addison into the bike trailer and head off for our nightly bike ride.

6:50PM We stop at the playground around the corner from our house and let Addison play for a bit, and then load back onto our bikes and head home.

7:10PM After we get home, we get Addison into a bath and let her play until the water begins to turn cold. She would stay in the bath all night if we let her, even if the water felt like ice.

7:30PM We give Addison good night kisses and lay her in bed.

8PM Chris and I finally get some time to relax, and we turn on the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory. I fold clothes while we watch, and Chris loads the dishwasher and cleans the kitchen on commercial breaks.

8:30PM We get in bed and I read until my eyes cannot stay open any longer.

9PM Lights out. It’s been a long day! 

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