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A Day in the LIfe of Kate Asay

Kate Asay is the mother of 4-year-old Olivia and 1-year-old Leif. She balances being a stay-at-home mom, and also her career as a Realtor. She lives in Fort Worth with her husband Nathan, a marketing manager for a beverage company.

7:15AM I hear my son rolling around in his crib, I say a prayer that I can rest 15 minutes longer.

7:20AM Grab my blackberry, delete spam, check email, and turn off alarm clock, today I want to wake up “on my terms.”

7:30AM Hear Olivia getting up, she comes in my room to make her first request of the day: chocolate milk (aka instant breakfast). She climbs into bed with us.

7:35AM Get Leif up and begin the breakfast routine: She wants instant breakfast, he wants a waffle. Crack up watching him point to the toaster and say “wooffle.” He does this every morning, and it never gets old.

8:00AM Get showered and dressed while Nathan watches the kids in the family room, he promises not to let them interrupt me getting ready.

8:30AM Make sure everything Olivia needs for school is in her backpack, get her lunch ready (the usual: yogurt, and a piece of fruit). We start locating shoes, and the hairbrush!

8:50AM Take Olivia to preschool. Head to work. Nathan will greet the babysitter, who will watch Leif for a few hours.

9:10AM At my broker’s office. Answer emails. Return calls. Check Facebook. Discuss price reductions for some foreclosure properties that I am helping sell. Run reports for a listing appointment I have next week. Schedule a few previews to go see in the neighborhood of my potential new listing.

11:00AM Previewing three homes. There is no better way to see your competition than to actually go in and preview the other listings. Plus, I love looking at homes; this is why I got into real estate in the first place!

12:00PM Run into the grocery store, grab milk, juice and diapers.

12:30PM Pick up Olivia from school and head home.

12:45PM Back at home, relieve babysitter. Leif gives us a warm welcome. Eat lunch with Leif, before he heads down for a nap. Olivia has given up her nap, so our “deal” is quiet time, while Leif naps. I fold a load of laundry, wipe down kitchen counters and sweep the wood floors. Check email, return a client’s call.

2:50PM Head to ballet. It is always a hustle to get there, without too much drama or sweating! Have to make sure I have books or toys for Leif to play with while we’re there.

3:15PM Olivia’s ballet class. I love this time to chat with some of the other moms and watch her learn, although it’s a total struggle to wrangle Leif during this time.

4:00PM Head back home. I believe this is the hardest hour of the day. I am tired and the kids still have a ton of energy! I begin thinking about the plan for dinner, and about emails I need to check.

4:30PM While kids play I get a status update on a short sale I am doing for one of my clients.

5:00PM Head to the gym, Nathan will meet us there. Our kids really love the kids area, which is wonderful because they will actually ask us to go! Really good to have the kids help hold me accountable on days where I don’t feel like making the effort!

6:10PM Back home, making dinner. I am keeping it simple: grilled chicken, cheesy rice, green beans and applesauce. Nathan attempts to keep both kids out of the kitchen, because he knows how much it stresses me out to cook with them at my feet.

6:30PM Dinner time. Encouraging our daughter to eat, trying to avoid negotiating, I do enough of that at work!

7:00PM Nathan leads with bath time, brushing teeth and hair, while I clean up the kitchen. Put Leif down for the evening.

7:20PM We let Olivia settle in to our bed to watch a couple of her shows. She likes this quiet time, and so do we! Nathan and I relax a little on the sofa, flipping the channel hoping to find something we both like. We settle on watching Nancy Grace.

8:30PM Nathan puts our sleeping daughter into her own bed.

8:45PM Checking my Facebook. I text my babysitter to finalize her hours for the rest of the week.

9:00PM Pick up toys, throw a load of laundry in the washer.

10:00PM Switching the channels between the news, and Chelsea Lately.

11:00PM Realize I am starting to snooze. Turn TV and lights off, double check that my alarm is set on my blackberry.