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A Day in the Life of Julienne Dressel

7AM Monday morning. The alarm on my cell phone goes off. I reach over and grab it before anyone wakes up. It is way too early! Work this weekend was rough, but I’m glad my two days are over, and my “long weekend” is here. I look to my right, where Nicholas sleeps. He always manages to climb into our bed in the middle of the night. To my left Dominic is half-asleep, nursing. I’ll wean him eventually!

7:15AM The alarm goes off again. We lay around in bed for a few more minutes, then I decide we definitely have to get up and get our day started. I put Dom in the highchair, and Nicholas sits at his table. I give them strawberries, Cheerios and milk. I help Nicholas get his uniform on and change Dom’s diaper. He plays in the living room while Nicholas finishes his breakfast.

8AM We are out the door. If we don’t leave by this time we’ll miss the carpool lane.

8:20AM We made it to school. It’s a 20-minute drive one way, but I love the school so much, it’s worth the drive.

8:45AM Dom and I are back at home. I check my email and Facebook as he plays in the living room. My husband Nick calls from work to check on us. He left for work at 6am. He’s a nurse too and works 12-hour shifts three days a week. Those days without him are super-long.

9AM We go to the back yard and play on the swing set. Thank goodness for cooler weather. Usually we try to meet friends for play dates at this time, but on Mondays I’m too tired from the work weekend. We go inside and Dom has a morning snack.

10:15AM He starts rubbing his eyes. I nurse him and then put him down for a nap. He fusses for a few minutes, then silence – he’s asleep! I finally have breakfast – a banana and glass of water.

11:15AM Dom is awake! I turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his favorite show, and I look online for dinner ideas and jot down a grocery list for the week.

11:55AM We leave to pick up Nicholas from school.

12:15PM We walk to Nicholas’ classroom. The other kids in the class are settling down for their nap, but Nicholas isn’t ready for the full day yet. He’s so excited to see us. I love seeing his face light up when I pick him up.

12:30PM We grab lunch at Chick-Fil-A. My best friend, who is also the boys’ godmother, meets us there.

1:15PM We head over to Target and I grab what I need to make for dinner tonight. I need to get groceries for the rest of the week, but Nicholas is starting to get really tired … so maybe tomorrow.

1:45PM As I’m driving home, I see Nicholas in my rear-view mirror asleep. Dom is quiet too, so I know he’s asleep.

2PM I carry Nicholas to my room, still snoozing. Dom, on the other hand, wakes up as I take him out of the car. Darn! I was hoping to take a catnap with both of them. We play quietly in the living room. He’s almost walking, just hasn’t quite gotten it yet.

3PM I start getting dinner ready. Tonight it’s zucchini casserole, my husband’s grandmother’s recipe.

3:30PM Dinner is in the oven, and Dom is eating some grapes. A friend calls to make a play date with us later this week at the mall – our favorite.

4PM Nicholas wakes up. His first request is a smoothie, so I blend some frozen fruit and a juice box together.

4:30PM The three of us go outside and play bocce ball – Nicholas’ favorite activity.

5PM Dom starts to get fussy, so I put him down for a nap. Nicholas watches WordWorld in the living room and then plays with his toys while I fold the laundry from this morning.

6PM Dom is awake. We all sit down and eat dinner.

7PM Nick calls and says he’s on his way home from work, thank goodness. I get the boys in the bathtub and blow some bubbles. They play for a few minutes.

7:30PM Nick is home and helps me get the boys dressed. He takes them to the living room and makes himself a plate while I jump in the shower.

8PM Nicholas asks Nick to play bocce ball. It’s dark out now, so Nick convinces him to play it on the PlayStation Move.

9PM We go upstairs and help the boys brush their teeth. I bring Dom back downstairs to his crib (in our room). He fusses for a few minutes and is out. Nick goes to his bedroom and settles down for the night.

9:30PM Mommy and Daddy time! We watch a few of our favorite shows, recorded from last week. I simultaneously browse the Internet on the laptop and throw another load of laundry into the washer. Nick and I discuss our plans for tomorrow, since he has the day off.

11:30PM Lights out. Clothes are still in the dryer, but they’ll just have to wait until the morning or sometime this week.