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A Day in the Life of Jill Walter

Jill Walter works in global logistics for TransTrade, Inc. She has been married to Jason Walter, executive director of the Cross Timbers YMCA, for 13 years. Jill and Jason live in Flower Mound with their two children: Avery, 8, and Blake, 4. 

6:45AM Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Dogs finally persuade us to get up. Baxter is a huge, dopey, lovable yellow lab and Lucy is our new puppy — a chocolate lab and Australian Shepherd mix. She is a firecracker and was appropriately named after Lucille Ball for her spunky personality. They would really like breakfast. Now. Jason heads to the kitchen and his furry pals follow.         

7AM Shower with a mermaid Barbie and a nice collection of boats and trains that always seem to find their way into our bathroom. Daydream about finally being able to decide on a paint color for the walls (and find the time to paint!) as I dry my hair.   

7:20AM Waffles and strawberry yogurt for both kids. Blake takes me up on the offer for some fresh blueberries too. Avery gives me a, “Gross, no way Mom!” look without saying a word.    

7:35AM Jason walks Avery to school and little brother tags along. I watch them round the corner, and it hits me that our baby will be joining her next year as he heads to kindergarten. I had a tough time ordering him pants from the “big boys” section online yesterday. If I can’t handle leaving the baby section of Children’s Place, what the heck am I going to do next fall?  

7:40AM Pack a gym bag because if I don’t plan ahead and bring clothes with me, I will never make it back out once I am home. Get dinner in the Crock-Pot. Blend up a chocolate banana protein shake to drink in the car on the way to work. Start the dishwasher.   

8AM Hugs and kisses for my boys as they load up to drop Blake at pre-K and then Daddy will head off to work at the YMCA. Blake asked for “an extra big hug to last all day” and I happily oblige.   

8:03AM Yikes! Rush back in the house to give the darn cat her insulin shot.    

8:30AM Arrive at my office. Tackle emails and then the leftover to-do list items from yesterday.   

12PM Eat a quick lunch at my desk while I text to set up a Skype date with our Finnish “sons” Juho-Antti and Juuso-Mikael. In the past three years, we have hosted two high-school juniors from Finland and now two big parts of my heart are on the other side of the world. Avery and Blake are saving money in their piggy banks for plane tickets to Finland to visit their big brothers. Opening our home to international guests was an amazing experience for our whole family.  

5:13PM Sports talk radio on The Ticket helps pass the time and keeps me in-the-know for fantasy football, as I drive to work out and meet up with the rest of my crew at the YMCA. Call my husband to make sure he remembered to grab the kids’ soccer bags from the house on the way to pick them up from day care.   

5:48PM Arrive at the YMCA and find my kiddos in Daddy’s office, having just finished some beef jerky and working on strapping on shin guards and cleats. I pass out a round of kisses on the top of their heads and inquire how everyone’s day went, while I help tie laces before we all head off to our activities. Jason coaches Blake’s soccer team on the fields out back. Avery’s coach is a friend of ours who also has a little one on Blake’s pre-K team, so the two dads synced up practice and made it a one-stop shop.  

6PM Time to burn some calories in a R.I.P.P.E.D class. I try to make it to the 6pm classes, so that I can balance the mom guilt of taking time for myself by still being home for dinner, baths and bedtime.  

6:58PM Survived class. Lots of friendly faces and hellos as I head through the lobby to catch up with the soccer crew. I jokingly refer to myself as the “First Lady of the Cross Timbers YMCA” when I join my husband at events or volunteer. I am honored to have the title … even if I made it up. I have lived in Denton County since I was 6 years old and am so thankful that we were able to lay down roots here for our kids, too.  

7:20PM Dinner from the Crock-Pot — turkey breast with onion soup mix and veggies. Drink water but really wanted a Pepsi. Kids help clear the table and my sweet hubby does the dishes.   

7:45PM Avery shows me a dance routine she and her friends made up, complete with details of the very sassy costumes they think would go perfect with it. My guess is they are plotting for the school’s talent show that is still a loooong time away. They will change their minds 47 times between now and then.  

8PM Shower time for the kids. I am sure they will enjoy the bath toys a bit more than I did.   

8:30PM Bedtime goal is 8:30pm, but Blake is still coming up with questions that must be asked and answered right then as we get jammies on. Avery reads us all a book and does not need help with any of the words. It’s nice to be able to just sit and listen.   

8:45PM Finally settled in for prayers and Jason’s personalized version of the song “Goodnight Sweetheart” for Blake. Hugs and kisses all around (dogs included) and then off to Avery’s room, where Jason and I sing her an old church camp song, “Sanctuary,” that she has been requesting since her brother entered the picture four years ago and got his own version of Daddy’s bedtime song.   

9PM Quick lap around the kitchen to try to find my countertops again after everyone’s day was dumped on them when we all busted trough the door. Jason starts a load of laundry.   

9:20PM Ah, the couch. A quick check of the DVR and I get to pick the evening’s entertainment because Jason is only kind of watching as he catches up on a few thing on his laptop.   

10:10PM Toss laundry in the dryer. Relocate to the bedroom. Know that I should totally go to sleep, but scrolling through my Facebook and Twitter feeds with Diner, Drive-Ins & Dives as background noise wins out.   

10:55PM Goodnight! Fall asleep planning our football-viewing menu in my head. Go Cowboys!

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